Mysterious Stranger here, back again with another guest review for Sigma 6 Central! This time around we're looking at the Samurai Storm Shadow figure and even though its another Storm Shadow its a great concept and very well executed.

Samurai Storm Shadow (Samurai SS from here on out) is a Soldier class figure and is packaged in the familiar bubble on cardboard we've all seen before. A couple changes that are noticable with this newest wave are the new G.I.Joe logo in place of the now "retired" Sigma 6 and the great big red "Kung-Fu Grip" sticker. The rest is pretty much the same as we saw with the Shipwreck wave. His filecard alludes to the "Shadow Master", a rogue ninja and if the rumored release lists are to be believed he'll be appearing in figure form down the line. The story is what really sells the samurai theme for the figure and helps to justify why a ninja would don samurai armor. A nice touch that just makes this cool figure all the cooler.

Samurai SS uses the version 2 Crossbow Storm Shadow mold and while normally I'd complain about this choice, (I don't see it as Storm Shadow), for this version of the figure it fits. The beefed up chest and arms and the forearm wraps really fit the samurai theme of the figure. And when he's sporting his helmet, the sculpted mouthguard really sells it. The only change to this mold is the addition of the Kung-Fu Grip in his right hand. Its really tight and works really well with all of the weapons. I'm quite impressed though there is a problem with using his bladed armor on this hand which I'll describe in the Tech Specs section.

He's molded in white and his only accent color is a light gray on his arm and leg wraps and feet. Usually a bland color scheme like this would just make me crazy but he's not meant to be played with without his armor and the silver armor pieces really make him pop. His head is done in white with silver on the mouthguard and that's it for paint applications. They could have added some more color but with the armor and helmet on it really works.

Samurai SS has a great accessory compliment which I'll discuss in the Tech Specs section but here's a rundown. He comes with the armor and helmet which define the "samurai" theme as well as the Crossbow Storm Shadow forearm and hand armor. For weapons he's definitely not lacking with his katana, two short swords, two sais, bladed nunchucks AND his great big bladed Arashikage Axe. And just to top it all off he's got sheaths for the swords AND a rappelling line and hook. Not too shabby for a Soldier class figure.

All in all I have to say I LOVE Samurai Storm Shadow. I don't care for the Crossbow SS mold for the character but for this version I'll make an exception. The armor and helmet, weapons and story all make for a really well created figure. There are quite a few Storm Shadow figures in this line but Samurai Storm Shadow is unique and I can honestly say that you'll want to add him to your collection.


For a Soldier class figure, Samurai Storm Shadow comes with a LOT of accessories. From the molded armor and helmet to more blades than a Ginsu salesman, he's well prepared for battle with the elusive Shadow Master.

Let's start with the most obvious pieces, the armor and helmet. They are both molded in the same white as the figure and have painted on accents. His helmet has a lot of detail from the armored trim along the bottom to the sculpted dragon head on the top its a fantastic piece. And it fits his head really well. You have to play with it a bit to get it lined up right but once you do it stays in place fairly well. And hidden in the sculpting are two Sigma style weapons ports, one on each side! I'm not sure what you would put on the helmet that would require weapons ports but its a nice touch. I've added the smaller hand armor and it looks okay though I don't think I'll leave it like that.

The armor has even more detail than the helmet with layered armor panels on the lower torso, shoulder pieces, and all four skirt pieces. The upper torso section is more modern and ties in more with the Sigma 6 style we're used to seeing. In addition to this great detailing the armor is fully funtional. There are built in sheaths with weapons ports on the side skirts for his sais, a holder for his sword on the left hip, criss-cross sheaths on his upper back for his short swords and a clip for either his Arashikage Axe or whatever you see fit to hang there. Also on the back are three weapons ports, two molded into the sheaths and one centered below in the traditional Sigma 6 layout. Some very nice touches and a LOT more than I expected with this figure. And the best part of it all is that the armor is flexible so it doesn't restrict movement except if you want to raise his arms straight above his head. Its made of flexible plastic so it molds to his body nice and tight and the pegs on the hips that hold it together work really well. Not bad eh?

He also comes with the forearm and hand armor from the Crossbow Storm Shadow figure, molded in gray with no painted accents. I have to say these really aren't necessary for the figure and though they look cool there is a small problem. The hand armor that fits on the back of his hands doesn't go all the way into his right (KFG) hand so it falls out too easily. I think the hand just wasn't sculpted with a deep enough socket to fit the armor peg. I'm leaving the arm armor off of mine. But its a nice touch to include with the figure.

But wait! There's more! Samurai SS comes with a plethora of weapons. He's got the katana and two of the short swords from his version 1 figure along with their sheaths. And he's got the bladed nunchucks in gray and two of sais, both from his version 1 figure. The blades all have black handles with gold and red accents which tie all the weapons to each other and to the figure.

And to top it all off there's his Arashikage Axe, a great big bladed staff weapon that's just over the top enough to be outrageously cool! Its molded with a black handle, a silver blade on one side and a wider white blade with red stripes on the other. There is a peg built into the center of the staff so he can carry it on his back when not in use. Its a great piece and really adds that extra flair that a bright white samurai/ninja needs.

And just to keep his ninja ties in place lest you forget that Storm Shadow is in fact a ninja, he comes with the grappling hook and line that came with his version 1 figure. A nice addition but not necessary.

For a Soldier class figure he comes with a LOT of accessories. Throw in a big springloaded weapon of some sort and you've got yourself a nice Commando figure.














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