It seems like it's been forever since we've had brand new Sigma products to cover, and technically we still don't. You see, the "Sigma" brand is over at this point and we have now moved on simply to "G.I. Joe" in an 8" scale, or "Kung Fu Grip". The terms seem to be interchangable.

As you can plainly see from this review, I'm maintaining a Sigma 6 "feel" throughout the review (even if I've changed the main page and outlines a bit) simply because I'm firmly entrenched in the "Sigma 6" mythos. To me, a toyline's backstory is just as important as the actual quality of the toys themselves, and I simply love the idea of the Sigma 6 line to this point. From the advanced technology to the super-secretive espionage nature of the team, to the Sigma Suits and things of that nature, I absolutely love the Sigma 6 story and even though these new figures don't have the name on the package, they all still belong to the same universe in my mind.

It helps that the figures coming out for this line are so cool, too... so far pretty much all of the "new" characters have been really interesting, really cool characters, and Lockdown continues that trend in a big way.

Immediately, his head sculpt just screams "coolness" to me. Those great sunglasses, that determined grimace...a terrific head sculpt with lots of character. Originally Lockdown was shown with body armor, and apparently that armor was dropped, but the tooling on the chest actually incorporates the armor exceptionally well and quite a bit more streamlined than the other armor was. The overlying collar is a nice touch, as is the chest-mounted walkie talkie.

The bundled short sleeves, the textured uniform and the oversized forearm musculature, Lockdown looks big and imposing, just as a SWAT team member should, even without any additional armor.

Now there's been lots of debate over the whole "Kung Fu Grip" that we'd be seeing with these new figures. Back in the day, the Kung Fu Grip was simply a "c-shaped" hand grip that could better hold a weapon. In fact, the Sigma 6 figures have ALWAYS had the supposed "Kung Fu Grip". Now, Hasbro has reinvented the term a bit, and Kung Fu Grip now refers to a spring-loaded clasp on the right hand. I'm happy to report the spring is tight and the fist closes VERY securely. The hand is placed in permenant trigger finger (kind of strange that a grip touted as "Kung Fu" is actually more useful for firing a weapon than any kind of martial arts technique) but really it holds a weapon relatively well. The grip doesn't look quite as tight, but it does hold well, and it gives you some versatility with the way the weapons can be held. Ultimately it seems like a pretty successful experiment, though I wouldn't say it adds a ton to the figures' functionality. It's fine, and doesn't detract at all, which is what's really important.

The rest of Lockdown's body looks just as cool as his upper body, with a huge, beefy sculpt. His pants are extremely baggy, but bunch realistically at the kneepads and give him some nice, oversized combat boots. In any other toyline, the proportions might look out of whack and unrealistic, but in the Sigma 6/Kung Fu Grip world the style fits right in and looks very cool.

Lockdown's colors also make a lot of sense while still being very bright and dynamic. The bright blues and blacks match a law enforcement look yet still look vibrant and exciting on store shelves. A great overall look. He really stands out among his fellow team members, and is just full of character. Great stuff.

From a weapon standpoint, Lockdown comes with all sorts of great gear. An awesome SWAT helmet, terrific looking machine gun, nice SWAT shield, powercuffs, and the trusty battering ram. He's got all of the necessary equipment that a SWAT Officer should have and the best part is that the weapons look realistic, yet walk that fine line between real and sci-fi fantasy that Sigma 6 has always done well. More detail are in the Tech Specs as usual, but rest assured, Lockdown's weapons and accessories are great.

Lockdown is another new character in a line that has been terrific at bringing us new characters, and it's another home run. Great new tooling, an awesome head sculpt, lots of great awesome addition to the Sigma 6 universe. The Kung Fu Grip works well, and I really love this figure, head to toe. Very highly recommended, he'll play an important part in my Sigma 6 universe.














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