We first got a glimpse of this guy in concept art form in a Collectors' Club newsletter a while ago, and immediately I know I loved what I saw. Once we got some product images I did hear some negative chirping, mostly because of this figure's lack of resemblance to Gung Ho, the character he's supposed to represent. Personally, not an issue for me. Sigma 6 is a new universe, so to speak, and while I do feel like some passing resemblance is cool, most of the characters who have appeared here are pretty considerably different than their Real American Hero counterparts. The important thing is that the spirit of the character remains, and this is definitely the hardcore Jarhead that we've known since 1984.

Yes, Gung Ho has hair, and no, it's not nearly as tragic as some folks seem to think. He's got a close-cropped crewcut, a menacing glare, and the familiar thick moustache. This all works very well together, and even if it's only a passing resemblance to Gung Ho, it's a fantastic head sculpt and exudes character. The sculpting of the musculature in his neck and torso is a great link between the over animated Sigma 6 style and the more realistic style some of the more recent 8" figures are going with.

Gung Ho's kung fu grip is a little bit different than the others I've run across so far. First of all, they seem to have scaled down the size of the hands quite a bit. He's got much smaller hands than other figures, and the Kung Fu Grip is designed more as a fist, than with the trigger finger. Personally, I like this change, as it makes the hand grip tighter over all. I also love the texture and sculpting on the glove itself, it looks very cool, from the lining to the embossed knuckles. Very neat, and probably the most functional Kung Fu Grip I've seen yet.

The rest of the figure os just as great as the head sculpt in it's own simplistic way. The drab green tank top, padded gloves, and sculpted baggy pants, you have a very basic military figure that really appears non-descript.

At first glance you might think that his pants are reused from Long Range, but that's not the case, they're actually totally different. They're another pair of great looking military pants with nicely sculpted pockets, a great somewhat baggy look to them, and lots of nice detail throughout. I love the small round kneepads, and the thick combat boots set the whole thing off very nicely. So even straight up, as plain as this figure might be, he looks very, VERY cool.

With his armor? With his armor, just forget about it. Gung Ho ranks among my favorite Soldier figures released in the line so far...at least from the good guy point of view. He is GREAT.

While I've always been a big fan of the Sigma 6 concept, it's always skirted that line between military and super hero, but never really dove over to the other side too much. Well, Gung Ho jumps with both feet forward right into the military side of things, yet he continues to blend in perfectly with the rest of his Sigma 6 cohorts. The slightly exagerrated shoulder pads, the trio of pouches on his vest...it all makes for some very cool looking body armor that still retains form and function. His helmet with those sculpted leaves and the camera on the side look awesome as well. His belt just finishes off the look perfectly. He looks like a 21st Century soldier all decked out in the lastest futuristic gear. Something I can totally see Gung Ho wearing. He'd turn down the Sigma Suit, saying he didn't need it...then he'd just pick up his weapons and armor and lead the charge.

Beyond his great armor, Gung Ho also carries around a massive heavy machine gun that is intricately detailed and is a perfect looking Sigma 6 universe weapon. The gunbelt feeds through that center console, and when it's pulled through the front chamber jolts back and forth as if the weapon is firing. A neat aspect, even if I'd prefer a more standard button to do the trick instead. The handle works nicely, the bipod is removable and works well. All told, it's a very cool, realistically sized weapon that manages to work in a gimmick without sacrificing style. His knife and small sheath are also very undersized and very nicely designed, which is somewhat surprising, since the large, overbearing weapons seem to be the specialty with these toys. Gung Ho also comes with a very cool "swiss army weapon" of a sort, which gives you a few different tools that he can use. A very interesting little piece of gear.

Gung Ho is a great addition to the Sigma 6 universe, whether or not he resembles the Gung Ho we first met in 1984. I have no issues calling him by that name and I love the inclusion of both the character and the figure into this world. Excellent work on this one, Hasbro.














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