I must admit, with this being the first review I’m writing for this new series of Commando figures that I am feeling some strange feelings.  Being a toy collector for the past twenty-five years I have lived through the beginnings and endings of more toy lines than I can count, and in recent years especially it has become almost a normal occurrence.  Now as I crack open these toys it starts to occur to me that this might be the last time (at least for a while) that a new Commando style Sigma 6 themed figure will be freed from it’s plastic prison, and that’s pretty much a bummer.  This line was short-lived but was absolutely filled with style, technique, and a very unique concept that really made this a terrific toy and it’s sad to see it come to an end, especially because these figures continue to improve and get better and better.

It may seem strange for me to remark at how great these figures are becoming as we look at this wave in general and see that there’s really only one new figure in this entire series of five figures.  We get two rehashed Snake Eyes, one rehashed Destro, this rehashed COBRA Commander, and then the one new guy, Dark Ninja Master.  Even with so many recycled parts and recycled characters, how does this toyline continue to impress?  Well, honestly, I don’t know, all I know is that nearly every single figure that comes out, whether it’s a new one or not, continues to make me really appreciate just how cool this series was.  What other toyline can make you smile with joy as you open a Destro figure that is, at it’s core, the same one we got last year?  What other toyline can make you really enjoy and appreciate a COBRA Commander figure that has been released twice in the line already?  How is that possible?  Honestly, I have no idea, but I know that I’ve loved nearly every toy that’s been released for this line for the past year and a half, and that continues right on strong with this last Commando wave, in spite of what common sense might dictate.  I think that really demonstrates just how cool this line is…even with rehashed tooling, the improved styles and improved accessories can still make you appreciate what the line has to offer, even with no new characters involved.

So does COBRA Commander ride those waves, too?  Surprisingly, yeah, he does.

I say surprisingly because when I first saw this figure way back when, I was extremely luke warm.  Luke warm might actually be an understatement…I really wasn’t sure why I would even want a chrome-plated COBRA Commander.  The Battlefield General version was pretty much the ultimate rendition of this character, there’s no way they can do better.  And no, they didn’t do better with this version, but they did different, and sometimes that’s enough.

Most of this figure is simply a reuse of the Battlefield General COBRA Commander (the same as the original, only without that pesky “Battle Damage” wheel) only with the Arctic Snake Eyes padded gloves (with included Kung Fu Grip, of course).  So really there isn’t much new to talk about from that perspective.  The design of the figure in his enhanced battle armor does really help this figure work, though, since this “Windfire” armor is designed to harness and utilize the elements of nature.  As neat as the concept was, I just wasn’t sold on the figure itself…but then I got it in hand.

Perhaps it’s because my expectations were low, but this figure just continues to impress the longer I spend checking it out.  At first, the chrome plated torso seems somewhat out of place, but I think it works to a certain extent.  In my twisted little Sigma world, COBRA Commander’s chest plate is a polished Beryllium composite that is designed to actually be the material that draws in residual elemental energy from the natural environment.  It absorbs it, contains it, powers his battle suit, but it can also be harnessed through integrated circuitry in the rest of his suit to the point where he can launch it like a projectile from his hands.  I’ve heard lots of folks have issues with his Arctic Snake Eyes “mittens” but I think they make perfect sense.  If COBRA Commander is harnessing lightning and shooting electricity from his fingertips, it only makes sense that he wear thicker, more “insulated” gloves to avoid the side affects of electricity raging from his hands.  It works for me and I think it looks pretty cool on him as well.

Even though only his torso is chromed, I still think it blends quite nicely throughout the rest of the figure as well. The light metallic silver/gray and very light blue all compliment the chrome plating perfectly and the figure ends up looking really cohesive, even with the different material and different deco.

But the main draw for a lot of folks will still be his air chariot as cool as the figure ends up…and honestly, that’s what I was expecting as well.  I fully expected COBRA Commander to be dumped in my “extras” box while I salvaged the Zeus Chariot for my Battlefield General.  And in the end, that’s probably what will happen.  I love the overall design of the chariot itself, though it is just a tad undersized.  I can appreciate and understand that, of course, considering the size of the figure itself, though if they could have made it a bit bigger that would have been cool.  Still, though, it retains an excellent serpent-like feel, he can hold the flight handles well, and it really captures the feel of a COBRA Commander (or Serpentor…) Air Chariot well.  I like the snake motif, I love the disc launching action…I love all of it (and yeah, it looks great with the Battlefield General, too).

His helmet is a must have, and works nicely, though his staff isn’t much to write home about.

All in all, I was expecting to love the Chariot, but not have any use for any other part of this figure…but in reality the figure ends up being a LOT cooler than I thought it would be, and I consider this a very worthwhile purchase.  If you think you’ll just like the Chariot itself, you might be pleasantly surprised…at least I was.














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