Flint, as most Commandos so, comes with a nice selection of accessories, all told. A lot of the different gear is simply modular components of the machine gun, though, so once it's all assembled, it does give off the feel of being a bit lighter in load than you might expect.

The vest is a bit thinner in material than I thought it might be, but it's nicely elastic, feels fairly durable, fits well and the pouches look great. The rubber climbing harness isn't quite as great, being a somewhat flimsy rubber (which really wouldn't support Flint all that well if he was hanging from anything), but from a looks point of view, I think it's still pretty nice.

A lot of folks have had some curious thoughts about the sword, not really sure where it fits in Flint's character. Personally, I like it. If you think of Flint as an "on the edge" character as this new look seems to indicate, then I can see him looking towards alternative methods of combat, including sword play. The blade itself is pretty cool, and I really dig the spike-knuckled handle.

The grappling hook system here is pretty unique and cool as well. The grapple itself moves freely on the joint, and hooks pretty well. It's got a neat pully system too, where you can feed the string back through, hook the carabeener to Flint's harness and make him climb or "repel"...it works pretty nicely, all told.

Flint's weapon is the showcase of this accessory compliment. My personal favorite configuration is the simple long-range high caliber rifle. This weapon has a bunch of different movable and modular parts, with lots of pictures below.

This is the full on long range weapon with the bipod, ammo clip and everything else to make the standard rifle that is my favorite configuration here.

The bipod can be removed and replaced with the missile/suction cup launcher, too. It's a weird thing to fire, but I could see it working with the grappling line so Flint could use it to climb smoother surfaces.

The front barrel can also be swapped out for a more potent "heavy machine gun" format with an ammo case on the side and a barrel configuration reminiscent of a SAW Heavy Machine Gun.

Take off the launcher and put the bipod on there for yet another, smaller format weapon.

The scope can be removed as well, to put the launcher on the top.

And then when you break it all down you get all of these various parts and pieces.

So with the weapon fully disassembled it looks as if Flint comes with a lot of gear, but once everything is put together, it seems a bit smaller. But still, it's a nice group of weapons and gear, and I love what Flint comes with weapon-wise. Big bonus points for the modular weapon.














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