Play features in action figures can be a double-edged sword. Sometimes they're fun and add some neat play value to the toys, but often times they interfere in the basic functionality of the toys and end up actually taking AWAY from the "fun value". Any spring-loaded punching, kicking, or other feature that limits articulation really bothers me, and that was some of my issue with the original COBRA Commander figure.

Asthetically, it was a brilliant figure, in my opinion. A great sculpt, an interesting Egyptian look, and some great gear gave you an excellent looking Commander for your COBRA forces. However, not only did the battle damage chest-spinning function look kinda shaky (it was nearly impossible to get the wheel to rest on the undamaged COBRA symbol), but it also limited the torso articulation that normal Sigma 6 figures have. This combination of limiting functions really hurt how the figure rated in my eyes, as cool as the rest of it was.

Now, though? Now we have a COBRA Commander who is almost as good as it can possibly get.

From top to bottom, this version of COBRA Commander has all of the greatness that the original did. The bulk of the figure is the same sculpt as we got back in Commando Wave 1 (2006), but I have no issues with that because the mold used for that figure was near perfect. From the mostly animated style head sculpt, to the bulky armor-plated torso, to the rubberized Egyptian-style "skirting" and his overall armored look, this COBRA Commander looks like he could be a defiant commander leading from his throne, or at the front lines, blasting away with his "flame core" rocket launcher.

The general look of the sculpt is fairly unremarkable, being mostly smooth surfaces and even armor plating, which works fine. Cartoony styling is typically smooth and undetailed, but Hasbro still manages to work a lot of intricate sculpting in here with nice plate lines on the ribs, cool sculpting around the forearm ports, and other nice little metallic trimming throughout the figure itself.

The proportions are pretty decent, I really like the trimming around both shoulders, and I'm excited to see the intact (not battle damage) COBRA symbol proudly displayed on the Commander's chest. Padded gloves, thick metallic kneepads, and the overlapping armor around the ankles just adds nice little touches to what is already a pretty cool looking figure, giving you a COBRA Commander that looks like he could stand in the midst of battle and dish out some damage.

There aren't really many choices you can make when it comes to the colors used for your typical COBRA's pretty much different shades of blue or black. Other colors have been used throughout the years, but primarilly, those are your main choices. So it makes sense that since the original was blue, this one pretty much had to be black. Black is an effective color for pretty much any figure out there, but it can get somewhat dull and drab. Thankfully Hasbro chose to spice this figure up some by giving him substantial deep red accents.

There are different shades of red, obviously, and depending on the hue you can end up with bright, almost comical figures, or you can end up with dark and imposing figures...well, the Commander's red is definitely on the imposing side. A deep, dark red is applied to each side, and to his inside legs, and it's colored to match his rocket launcher, which is nice. It's always cool to see similar colors used throughout the figure. Somewhat surprising, though, is Hasbro's decision to go with red on the hood. Some folks don't like this design choice, personally, I think it's great. COBRA Commander often has had a different color hood than he does uniform, and the red used here is dark enough that it doesn't stand out obnoxiously, and actually looks pretty menacing. Finishing off the color pallet is a great, subtle metallic twinge used on the kneepads, ankles, forearms, and both of his shoulder straps. All of these colors come together flawlessly and give you a terrific update to COBRA Commander, that will absolutely become my default.

The Commander's accessories are a little on the odd side, but it makes me wonder if perhaps this whole "flame core" thing is a second season storyline. CC's strange solid flame weaponry, Firefly's flame sticks, and the COBRA Firefly's flame-based claws and such, all seem to point to some new technology that COBRA uses, which actually sounds pretty cool. The sculpting on his weapons are just amazing...the double bladed "flame axe" is especially cool. I'm not big on the whole spring-loaded missile launcher, and this one doesn't knock my socks off at all, but the missiles themselves are beautifully sculpted and really look like solidified fire. His wrist launcher is pretty nasty looking, too. Of course we've got his trusty machine pistol that slides easily into the holster on the small of his back, and I LOVE this pistol. Absolutely fantastic. All in all, it looks as if the Commander is stacked up with some pretty impressive new weaponry. Best of all, Hasbro elected to give this COBRA Commander his battle helmet, which is a very welcome addition! It's perfectly designed, looks VERY cool, and is pretty much the only thing missing from the original COBRA Commander, so I love seeing it here. His large red cloth cape is excellently done, too. The only thing I really miss with this Commander are the two forearm machine guns the original came with. Those were some awesome little accessories, and I really wish we had some black ones to go along with this version of CC. If I ever get my hands on some extras, I may dye them black to use them with this guy, but really, that's a minor complaint for what is essentially a fantastic figure, and is the absolute ultimate version of COBRA Commander.

Even if you already own the original, do not hesitate to buy this figure. He's got a great sculpt (unhindered by battle damage action features), a cool battle helmet, some very neat looking (if somewhat strange) accessories, and just a great looking figure overall. He is AWESOME.














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