I don't think I know a single person who didn't at least make some attempt to work the original Sea Ops Duke into a "Torpedo" in their Sigma 6 universe...heck, even I did it in the Battlefiles section! I guess I'm not all that surprised that Hasbro took this tact to give us a Combat Squad Navy SEAL.

When the figure first showed up a lot of folks identified it as a Sea Ops Duke with a v.1 Snake Eyes head, but that's actually not accurate. The entire figure is a Snake Eyes v.1, just painted in a way to more resemble the first G.I. Joe SEAL, and these paint changes end up working remarkably well. $15.00 well? I'm not sure about that, though I am always excited to get new characters in the Sigma 6 universe.

Many people out there have had various complaints about nearly every Combat Squad figure released to date, usually focusing around their identity. Leatherneck as a Long Range repaint didn't work, some folks weren't real happy with Wet Suit's head for Shockwave...don't even get me started on the reaction over Tunnel Rat's head for Recondo! One of the few figures I've seen get no real negative reaction is Lt. Torpedo here, which makes sense, since this particular figure is very reminiscent of his original version (plus he's wearing a mask, so it's tough to gripe about his head sculpt!).

As I said, Lt. Torpedo is a v.1 Snake Eyes from head to toe, which still manages to work pretty well as a Navy SEAL diver, with those split-toed boots and the Sigma Suit "wetsuit" appearence. Using a gray base with the black trim makes a nice, familiar Torpedo paint scheme, but thankfully the gray is a bit duller than it looked in the first pictures, so you end up with a rather subdued paint scheme, which works for me.

If anyone can have any complaints about Torpedo's head sculpt it might be that the facial scars appear in his eyeholes, which is more of a Snake Eyes trait than Torpedo, but really those scars are small and fairly inconsequential. One small addition to this figure that I really like is the shark and Joe logo on his upper right chest, which is pretty neat. A very small touch, but a nice one, none the less.

As always, it's the gear that makes these Combat Squad figures interesting, for the most part...unfortunately Torpedo's gear is somewhat lacking. The choice of gear itself makes a lot of sense and works well, but considering Torpedo really comes with LESS than the original Sea Ops Duke did, and yet retails for $5.00 MORE makes me kind of question the pricing structure. I know Torpedo has a nice submachine gun instead of Duke's oversized spring-loaded spear gun, but ultimately it's less gear than Duke came with at a higher price point. I'm not sure what else Hasbro could have included with this figure, but there's not a whole lot of "bang for your buck".

I do love the holster and twin Switchfires, and the silverish color of the pistols is quite cool to begin with. The miniature scuba tank and facemask all work well, and I love the quality of the gear, there just isn't much there. From what I can tell, the MP5 submachine gun is a 12" scaled weapon, but thankfully it still ends up working perfectly with Torpedo, and it's pretty cool to see some more realistic weapons with these figures.

Ultimately, from an aesthetic point of view, Lt. Torpedo looks great. He is very reminiscent of his classic version, a nice generic looking diver figure, and would actually make an awesome COBRA Eel with some minor modifications. With all of this being considered, I do wish the price point ended up a bit lower (I know Wal-Mart has them for $12.96, but still...) and that may end up preventing some folks from jumping on this figure. He makes a great compliment to my Sea Ops team, but in the end, I can't give him a full-forced recommendation based on the amount of gear. He's a great additional character to add to the mythos, though, so you can always consider that.














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