Adventure Team - The Beauty of the Box

The first thing you'll notice when you see these Adventure Team items is that the packaging is just gorgeous. Simply incredible. Stylized to look like an old wooden crate, the way these figures come packaged and displayed is practically an art form.

From the texture and design of the package "caps" to the aged wooden texture of the paper title insert...even if font used for the "Ages 5+" warning and the "Pyramid of Peril" text. It's simply beautiful. The back of the package is just as nice.

A fantastic diorama shot of the figure in action, and a really nicely displayed "Tales of Adventure" write up which gives you the lowdown on the toy you just bought. It's all so nicely done. Even the top of the box gets into it.

Looking like a crate on all sides, with a stamp on the top dictating where this crate is going. It's such a nice touch. I'm totally and unabashadly a loose toy collector. I'm not a big fan of keeping my figures locked up in their packaging. But I'll be honest here, it was tough cracking these boxes open, I'll certainly be grabbing more to keep MIB simply for display. These boxes look that nice.

Once assembled, this new weapons crate is very cool as well:

Quite similar to all of the other weapon crates we've gotten, only designed like the old school wooden crates we've all seen in the movies. Finally, the whole package wouldn't be complete without the excellent diorama insert behind the actual toys themselves.

I cannot get over how terrific all of this is. It all ties together beautifully and is such a nice display piece. If the toys inside weren't so darn good, I'd be tempted to keep it all boxed. Of course, once you open the box, the fun doesn't end here. You get a very nice Adventure Team "booklet" inside, which is full of information and cool inside jokes.

It looks like a stiched book of some sort, but is paper. Inside it lists a ton of other Sigma 6 product (mostly weapons and accessories that come with past figures) and it's all designed like a sales catalog. There's also a great map inside as well.

Click for a larger image

You can look at this map and probably get a good idea of some other things that might be getting considered for future Adventure Team items. Will these locations be represented eventually, or is this just something they do for fun? I'm not sure, but the design is excellent.

I mentioned above that there are some great "inside jokes" in this booklet as well. Below are two of the best ones.

These are two advertisements that appear in this little booklet that comes with the set. Some very cool homages to other G.I. Joe universes, and humorous to boot.

The packaging is fantastic, the inserts are terrific, and the toys can't be beat. From the start, the Adventure Team looks like the real deal!

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