It didn't take long, but even with his alternative backstory, Firefly has become a fan favorite in the Sigma 6 universe already. The Sigma 6 traitor angle, even though it played out rather obviously in the cartoon, was still a neat twist to the mythos, and the two eight inch figures we got (well, one we're soon to get) have both looked very, VERY cool. The Firefly we get in this set is sort of a strange amalgamation of the two larger versions, but the more interesting part of this set is definitely the vehicle. The Street Razor is an intricate, nasty looking little speed buggy, and ends up being an immensely appealing COBRA urban strike vehicle.


As we've come to expect from the 2.5" line, presentation is key, and Hasbro continues to do great work with the packaging. Gone is the "open box" look of the first wave, and now we have a more closed off box, which ends up looking a ton better. We've got very nice art for the mission manual, but we've also got a nice display of terrific art for the box front and box top as well. Above you can see all of the different art plastered all over the box, which makes for a great display piece.

The "Mission Manuals" continue their tradition as well:

As usual, it does a good job of laying out an operation for the kid buying the toy to try out. The art throughout the manual is all fantastic, I especially love the schematic views of the Street Razor on the last page. It really does an excellent job of showing the toy in action. Instructions are present as always as well:

The Toys

Packaging is all well and good, but how does the toy play? I'm happy to say the Street Razor is an absolute blast. The sleek, futuristic sculpting really makes it look the part of a state of the art COBRA vehicle that can move at blazing speeds, but has the firepower to back it up. Twin front tires plug into the main body using the familiar large-scale DTC junction points (though it would be tough using them for anything other than their intended purpose). Part of the Street Razor's functionality involves rotating those front spokes down for a higher profile vehicle. I'm personally not wild about this mode, but I suppose it works okay.

Along with the moving front tires, there are two missile launchers that flip up and fire with the push of a button. It's an interesting little feature, though it does nothing to make or break this toy. Rounding off the "play features" is a pretty generic friction-powered "pull-back" motor that you can use to propel the Street Razor forward, though I would have liked it better if it moved a bit faster.

All of the play features are just secondary to the overall cool design of this vehicle, though. It looks very mechanical, and exceedingly aerodynamic, which in turn gives it an almost unusually fast appearence. I can really see the Street Razor cutting through side streets, moving insanely fast, almost to the point of driving up walls. The firepower really adds a potent element to this thing, too, with twin cannons on each wheel mount and a nice tri-barrel gun mounted right on the front. Not only can this vehicle move lightning fast, but it's got some serious punch to match.

The side guns are mounted using the smaller junction points, so that lends a bit of customizability to this vehicle, but honestly I can't really think of another weapon I'd prefer in these spots other than the very cool double-barreled cannons that it comes with.

For whatever reason I just really love the fat single tire in the back of the Street Razor, and all three tires are absolutely layered with tread, which also helps give it a real fast and responsive feel.

As I already mentioned the figure included is sort of a combination of both of the larger scale Firefly's. Upon first glance he really has the Sigma 6 version's look to him, but he doesn't have the familiar orange trim, instead is pretty much a straight black uniform with silver trim. His mask is the same, and the overall deco looks pretty decent. He's a straight up, fairly normal action figure, which is a nice change for this line. He's even got the ball-jointed shoulders.

Another nice difference here is the fact that this figure almost seems designed to mix with this vehicle, which is something that not all figures can take credit for. His hands fit the steering column well, and he fits right into the seat of the Razor, which is a nice surprise.

All in all, a nice, fairly straight forward figure which doesn't come saddled down with any silly poseability or play action problems.

3 3/4" Compatibility

From an overall design asthetic, you'd think the Street Razor would be perfectly suited to try and work with a larger scale figure, simply because it's such an unrealistic vehicle, that a difference in scale won't be so noticable. However, this vehicle is definitely designed with purely the 2.5" figures in mind, and there is little that can be done to try and coerce a 3 3/4" figure into the cockpit.

As you can see, the cockpit is pretty narrow and there really is no leg room at all. Perhaps with some heavy dremel-work you might be able to get something going, but straight out of the box, or with little modifications, it just isn't working.

You can see under the steering column that there is a bunch of stuff down in there that would have to be hacked away to make this work at all like you might want to. I'm not saying it's impossible...I'm sure there are plenty of enterprising individuals who could make it work. I'm just not one of them. ;)


It's tough to quantify just how much cooler the second wave of Sigma 6 vehicles is compared to the first. I really loved some of the first series offerings, but this stuff in Wave two simply is a few levels beyond. From the Street Razor to the Winged Fury, to the Iron Hammer and HISS, I am absolutely in love with these 2.5" vehicles. It is really too bad that the figures aren't a bit better and don't incorporate more smoothly into the vehicle line, but overall at least we've got some very cool Sigma 6 themed vehicles to showcase.

I get a little teary eyed when I think that these could have been done for 3 3/4", but I definitely understand the limitations, and I'm pretty happy that we at least have some pretty sweet looking vehicles, regardless of size.














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