For every "Action Set" I get that makes me somewhat dismayed with the 2.5" scale items and their immobile figures included within, I just have to remember how cool pretty much every other piece of 2.5" scale stuff is. While I was getting somewhat burnt out doing reviews of the 2.5" figures in the Wave 2 Action Sets, I managed to pick up an Arctic VAMP at, and it immediately renewed my faith in the smaller scale items. Even with some only minor differences between this and the Night Ops VAMP, this is one VERY cool vehicle.


As usual, the artwork on the front of the box and the product pictures on the back are simply out of the park. Terrific presentation, a really fun looking piece to check out on the shelves, and you get a great idea of everything that comes with the set. The instructions are fairly simple and straight forward, but just the fact that some sort of assembly is required makes me smile a bit inside.

The Toy

The Arctic VAMP is the first real example of just how versatile these 2.5" vehicles can be with their universal junction system. A lot of folks might not realize it, but underneath all of these addition add ons, the Arctic VAMP is the EXACT SAME MOLD as the Night Ops one. The body shape is exactly the same, the junction points are all in the same place, everything is identical. However, Hasbro is able to add some retooled componants to that body and end up with a completely new style vehicle.

Where the front grille and winch system connected on the Night Ops version, a nicely angled snowplow hooks snugly on this Arctic VAMP. It's an interesting concept, but something that I really dig. You don't see accessories like this every day, and it really makes a lot of sense. Only Hasbro's 2.5" sculpting team could actually make a snowplow look cool!

More significant changes include the retooled front tires that are now sculpted with chains, which is a pretty cool change as well, giving this vehicle a nice air of realism. The back wheels are replaced totally by twi massive tank treads, which succeed in making this vehicle look almost like a completely new one, and I really love that little addition. It gives the Arctic VAMP some "ummph" and makes this version look considerably different from the previous one, even though it's the same underneath.

With the retooled wheels comes a new roof rack/door system which is MUCH improved over the Night Ops version. I wasn't real wild about the way the doors worked on that one, here on the Arctic VAMP, they are nearly perfect. Rounding off the basic structural changes is a new rear piece which covers the back of the vehicle like an armor plated truck cap, designed to offer protection from the elements, and also give the Arctic VAMP an almost tank like appearence.

Mounted on top of this armored cap are twin missile launchers that are massive...this is one of the slight downsides to me of this vehicle. I'm not a fan of over the top, oversized missile launchers, and these seem a bit big. I do like the launching feature, and the rockets give this Arctic VAMP some serious offensive fire power, but they're a tad bit overdone in my opinion. Not so much that it looks rediculous, though.

Like the Night Ops VAMP, the Arctic version has a bunch of different potential configurations. You can snap the missile launchers off fairly easily to give yourself a plain old armored transport, and the turret as a great little hatch that looks cool and seems to offer some great protection. Or if the temperature goes up a bit, you can remove the cap entirely and mount Long Range's sniper rifle on the seat in the flatbed. There are the familiar junction points pretty much everywhere, and this vehicle all in all really makes the most of how well the customizing of these 2.5" vehicles works.

One downside I do have for this vehicle, though, which is something that kind of befalls most of the vehicles of the line. While I love the added compatibility with the Dragonhawk (the Arctic VAMP comes with the same magnetic mounting attachment that the Night Ops counterpart does, only in white), I wish they could make it work without removing a bunch of the componants. As it stands, the Arctic VAMP cannot be carried with the missile launchers attached, or even with the roofrack on. It's a very, VERY minor complaint, believe me, but something I felt needed to at least be pointed out.

Like all of the deluxe vehicles, the Arctic VAMP comes with a pair of figures. First in line is the familiar Arctic Duke, wearing his 8" style winter uniform. The sculpting is pretty nice on this figure, though the paint apps are a little iffy on the face. I can see why, though, with figures of this size. Duke is a relatively standard sculpted figure for a change, with swivel hips and swivel shoulders, and a removable pick axe. His left arm is contorted into a slightly awkward pose, but the figure overall isn't too bad.

Long Range is much the same. A fairly standard looking figure with the typical swivel joints, and a pretty unique and interesting arctic uniform design. It's something that's nicely different compared to Duke, and a design I could see working in the 8" scale as well. I think the translation would be pretty perfect, and it looks neat enough here.

Long Range does come with a removable sniper rifle that we all saw, which in turn plugs into a mount in the rear flat bed of the jeep. It's pretty neat. One thing that I guess I didn't realize, though, is that Long Range has a weapon permenantly mounted in his left hand. It's a minor detraction, but something that does affect how much I like this figure at least a little bit. Overall, though, the design is nice. I'm not real sure why we need two arctic Long Ranges in the same wave (this one and the one that comes with the Mission: Avalanche action set), but I like the Long Range character anyway, so it's all good.

3 3/4" Compatibility

I covered this pretty thoroughly in my Night Ops VAMP review, and since this is essentially the same vehicle with some minor additions, I don't feel a need to rehash it all here. Suffice it to say, this is a pretty darn small vehicle for 3 3/4" figures, but could work with significant structural modifications.


The VAMP itself is a fantastic design, and I never dreamed Hasbro could get some decent mileage out of it with only a few tweaks and additions. However, they have succeeded admirably. The Arctic VAMP is a fantastic update to the original, and is a ton of fun, it's a vehicle I very highly recommend. In fact, I have yet to really be disappointed with any of the deluxe vehicles, which is really saying something.

If you see the Arctic VAMP, don't hesitate to pick it up, it rocks, plain and simple, even if you don't have snow on the ground like me. ;)














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