While most of the positive focus in these reviews has been on the larger vehicles, there are some smaller vehicles in this series that have proven kind of fun as well...it's been interesting getting this Quad about a week after I got the 8" one, and they both have some great positives. While the 8" one is a lot more fun, this smaller version holds it's own for being the 2.5" vehicle that it is.


The package art is a lot of fun here, too, with a fun shot of Duke screaming through the desert on the included Quad, and the presentation is a lot of fun as it is in other packages, too. This has become the norm, as has the included Mission Manual:

So, the package makes you want to buy the toy, but how does the toy itself stack up?

The Toys

Honestly, I found the mini Night Ranger Quad to be more fun than I thought it might be. From a design standpoint, it's remarkably similar to the larger version, with the same wide body, oversized, rubbery tires and paint scheme. It's even got the same rear thruster design and that trademark back rack (with the spare missiles on it and everything).

It's a large and pretty sturdy little miniature ATV, and seems to suit the 2.5" line well. It's blue and black paint apps match Duke color for color, and it just kind of looks like a fun vehicle.

It's primary play feature is a pull back "friction motor" that is remarkably powerful. The Quad rolls far and at a decent clip, and even has enough punch to crawl over some smaller objects that might be in the way. I'm not sure if it's the huge tires or the power of the motor itself, but whatever the case may be, it blasts right over pesky little pencils, doorjams, or fingers. One curious thing, though, is that it has a tab on the rear of the Quad like the Dune Runner, which originally I thought maybe made it compatible with the Dune Runner's dropcage, but that's not the case. It actually works with the drop cage that comes with the Dragonhawk! I think it's pretty neat that they make it compatible with that, and really tie these vehicles together. In fact, at this point, I prefer to use the Night Ranger Quad in the Dragonhawk instead of the included bike, just because it's more stable and rolls farther. I really love how far this Quad goes once you pull it back to its max, and the dropping system ends up working just as well as it does with the Cycle.

A nice little finishing touch on the Quad is the fact that the night vision goggles and missile launchers both raise up just like they do on the full scale version. A pretty simple little thing, but it's neat just the same.

Originally, the Duke figure looked like he might have some great potential. Immediately in the package I could tell that he had ball-jointed knees, which would be great. Unfortunately, even with his swivel hips, the position of his legs makes it impossible for him to look anywhere near normal doing anything but sitting. Ball joint hips would be awesome, and would make a big difference. As it is, eh. I like the helmet, the hips won't let you do anything but sit him on the Quad.

This set also comes with the exact same Sky BAT that the BAT Attack figure set came with, which is kinda disappointing. I wouldn't mind having some Sky BAT's to build my forces with, but this particular BAT is in such an awkward position that it doesn't serve much purpose to have multiples. That's my biggest gripe with this particular figure. When I see some fantastic Ninja BAT poses, I really wonder why these Sky BATs can't have similar success. Their gunarms are twisted strangely, the heads are posed off kilter, and they just don't look quite right, unfortunately. Not to mention the translucent gunfire doesn't work the best as it's kind of rubber and warps easily.

3 3/4" Compatibility

Not too bad here, though a touch on the small side. At first glance, it looks like a 3 3/4" figure will work with the ATV pretty darn well. But once you put the figure on there, you see that Recondo is a touch big on the Night Ranger, but it's not too shabby. Compare this to the Ferrett, and it looks teeny tiny, but in true scale it's not so bad. I'm not sure I'd recommend a purchase, just because you can get other, more suitable Quads for less (or equal) money, but this can be used if it had to be.


Overall, I'd say the Quad is the best smaller-sized vehicle of the Action Sets this first wave. Neither figure has much merit (beyond being the actual Quad driver...he looks good on that), but the set itself isn't bad. The pull back action is fun, the extended missile launchers and the overall design is pretty cool.

It's a nice comparison piece to the larger version and a fun little vehicle to tool around with.














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