G.I. Joe: SIGMA #6 [of 6]

Frequency of Publication: Monthly, Limited Series.
Action/Adventure, Military/Espionage, Martial Arts.
: Standard Comic, 32 pgs, FC, Saddle Stitched.
Retail Price : $2.95
Diamond Discount : STANDARD
Country of Printing : PRINTED in CANADA.
Ship Date/Month: May
UPC Code: 882142-00116-00601

Author(s): Andrew Dabb
Artist(s): Chris Lie & Grafiksismik
Cover Artist(s): Chris Lie & Jeremy Roberts


(approx 50 words):



Based on the hit Saturday Morning 4Kids TV show!

Once brothers of the same martial arts clan, now the deadliest of enemies! Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow have a rivalry that is legendary, and when Cobra Commander orders Storm Shadow to steal a microchip of unimaginable power, Snake-Eyes is sent to stop him! And when these two face off, you know the sparks are going to fly!

A globe-hopping adventure with incredible ninja action in the Sigma 6 style!


Selling points

Sigma 6 toys sold over 100k units in first month

One of the top boys cartoons on FOX’s 4Kids TV on Saturday Mornings

Quotes from Reviewers: “ One story, one issue, and plenty of satisfaction. Writer Andrew Dabb delivers a complete, exciting and at-times humorous story that should thrill Joe fans of all ages. And artist Chris Lie delivers a sharp looking comic that has that cartoony feel without looking too cartoony." ~ thecomicfanatic.com

Special Notes : Based on the all-new hit animated series on FOX this September!

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