Issue #5

Featured Characters:

Long Range, Heavy Duty, Duke, COBRA Commander, Ninja B.A.T.s, and the Sigma 6 Ninja Hovercycle

Issue Synopsis:

Long Range and Heavy Duty are watching some football inside the R.O.C.C. on the outskirts of Ibusuki, Japan. Suddenly, an alert message comes through from the Japanese military that COBRA Commander himself has come to Japan. Long Range and Heavy Duty were there on surveillance, searching for an increase in COBRA activity, but neither one was expecting this. With the rest of the team scattered about the globe, Long Range and Heavy Duty decide they must tackle COBRA Commander themselves, and they'll use the Ninja Hovercycle to do it.

The two Sigma 6 members meet up with General Sato outside the Serpent Nightclub where they suspect COBRA Commander is meeting with local Yakuza bosses, and they need to move fast to catch him in the act.

Heavy Duty infiltrates the club disguised as an American businessman, and quickly moves to a hidden corner of the club, where he sees COBRA Commander and two Ninja B.A.T.s meeting with the Yakuza, planning an Asian takeover! Heavy Duty, listening intently, stumbles through one of the thin paper walls and finds himself in the midst of this evil without any recourse, he reveals his plasma cannon and makes short work of the Ninja B.A.T.s. COBRA Commander slips away in the chaos.

The Commander swiftly ends up inside a specialized COBRA sports car, and Long Range takes chase on the motorcycle through the streets of Tokyo. Long Range takes to the air, thinking he's got an advantage, but he soon finds out that COBRA Commander's vehicle can do the same thing! Scorching through the skies, Long Range unloads with his sniper rifle, and strikes the car's console, sending it hurtling to Earth. Heavy Duty is waiting down below with his power gloves, which according to Hi-Tech "absorb and re-direct kinetic energy". He slams the car with his power glove as it crashes to the ground, but is hit hard and taken down himself. He picks himself up just in time to come face to face with COBRA Commander, but a COBRA aircraft arrives just in time, scooping him up and taking him up into the air. He has escaped!

Long Range and Heavy Duty are certain they're in loads of trouble for letting COBRA Commander escape, but Duke surprises them by giving them medals. The Japanese government was able to use pictures they took of the Yakuza bosses to put them behind bars, and were quite thankful for their help! Mission Accomplished.

Points of Interest:

- This story seems to have no bearing on the story before it and no real ties to a "series".

- Long Range is apparently an Arizona Cardinals football fan (or at least wagers on their games)

- Heavy Duty's "Power Gloves" are more than just "super strength" gloves. They apparently absorb and re-direct kinetic energy itself.

- In the cartoon, COBRA pretty much runs as an autonomous organization, working completely on it's own. Here, it's interesting to see that COBRA Commander is enlisting the aid of the Yakuza for his latest plot.

- The familiar COBRA Airship that we see in the cartoon quite often makes an appearence here, rescuing the Commander from Heavy Duty's clutches.


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