Issue #4

Featured Characters:

Scarlett, The Baroness, Buzzer, Machete, Torch, and a small appearence by Duke, Long Range, Tunnel Rat, Heavy Duty, Hi-Tech, Spirit, Snake Eyes, and the R.O.C.C.

Issue Synopsis:

We start off inside the R.O.C.C. where most of the Sigma 6 team is lounging...however, Scarlett is being given a mission by Duke, and one she is not at all happy with. She is being tasked with the protection of Prime Minister Vargas at a fashion show in Central Park. As upset as she is about it, she's not about to disobey a direct order, so the next night, she is there disguised in a suit as his bodyguard.

It becomes quickly apparent that the cheuvenist Prime Minister only requested Scarlett because of her looks...however, Scarlett still takes her job very seriously...especially when she spots The Baroness in the crowd! She gives chase, jumping in a taxi outside to follow her through the streets, not knowing that she just fell for a COBRA trick.

Back inside the fashion show, the Dreadnoks have dropped some disguises and have snagged the Prime Minister without a fight.

Scarlett hits a dead end and quickly realizes that she was foolish leaving the Prime Minister alone at the fashion show...when police scream by, heading back towards Central Park, she follows them, but it's too late. The Dreadnoks and the Prime Minister are all long gone. Scarlett decides to proceed back to the point where she lost the Baroness, and finds that the previous dead end was actually a holographic wall. Inside the hidden room is a discarded hot dog wrapper from Machete...for a place on the New York City pier.

Inside their small hidden base on the pier, the Baroness has Prime Minister Vargas tied up and is about to use some violent methods to encourage his country to pay a hefty ransom to get him back. Outside, Scarlett followed a hunch and is soon spying on the Dreadnoks as they keep watch on the pier. She goes into action, making quick work of the Dreadnoks outside, thanks to her reflexes, martial arts skills, and stun arrows. She quickly moves inside and engages the Baroness in one on one combat, trading vicious blows with the evil COBRA member. The Baroness is thrown threw some oil drums inside, but quickly scoops up her laser pistol and unloads on the Sigma 6 member. Scarlett deflects the blast with a chunk of scrap metal and it strikes the oil pool setting the small building ablaze.

Scarlett scoops up Vargas and escapes the building just as it explodes. The fate of the Baroness is unknown, but Scarlett's mission is a success.

Points of Interest:

- This story seems to have no bearing on the story before it and no real ties to a "series".

- Scarlett's Sigma Suit went through a running change at some point, as it appears completely different on the cover compared to every other picture inside the comic.

- The Baroness has never been shown to be especially adept at unarmed combat, but she holds her own against Scarlett and seems to be a pretty accomplished martial artist.

- In the cartoon, the Sigma 6 "universe" uses a lot of fake cities to establish location. It's interesting to see New York City used as a backdrop in this issue.


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