Issue #3

Featured Characters:

Tunnel Rat, Overkill, Sky B.A.T.s, and Ninja B.A.T.s are the main characters featured here, though Hi-Tech and the R.O.C.C. make an appearence, as does Overkill inside a souped up Pulverizor Mech suit.

Issue Synopsis:

The issue starts off with Tunnel Rat a captive of COBRA at a B.A.T. manufacturing plant in Siberia. We flash back to four days ago and see him and Hi-Tech hashing out their differences. Apparently, Tunnel Rat has stumbled on a huge order of specialized springs that are normally used in robotic limbs, and is certain COBRA has something to do with it. But Hi-Tech informs him that most of the team is off on other assignments, so if he wants to investigate these mysterious spring shipments to Vladivostock, he's on his own.

Next thing we see is Tunnel Rat on a dogsled, where he pretty quickly stumbles upon a massive COBRA factory, buried deep within the ice mountains in Siberia. Before he can make any communications, he is surrounded by B.A.T.s and is taken captive. When Overkill is told about this, he demands that the B.A.T. "prepare the dissection room".

However, when the B.A.T.s put Tunnel Rat in his prison cell, they didn't bother taking the spring from him (although they did take his Sigma Suit and weaponry) and he fashions the spring into a screwdriver of sorts, using it to pull off the panel for the air vent in his cell. He uses this ventilation system to escape his prison, and though he has some run ins with some Sky B.A.T.s along the way, he manages to get to their supply room and grab his gear. He sets off an alert while doing it, though, and is soon fighting his way through legions of Battle Android Troopers, both the infantry kind and the ninja designation.

He soon finds himself trapped by Overkill himself, and has no choice but to bust out of a small window in the room, and he ends up falling quite a distance, landing in some soft snow down below. Overkill wastes no time and boards a modified Pulverizor mech suit and chases down Tunnel Rat, slamming missiles and laser fire towards him.

But Tunnel Rat has a few of his own tricks up his sleeve, and his Sigma Suit springs open a surprise wrist-mounted missile launcher! He lets the missiles fly, and they strike a large ice wall behind the Pulverizor, and bury it in a makeshift avalanche of tons of snow. Tunnel Rat grabs a few spare B.A.T. parts for Hi-Tech to check out, reunites with his dogsled, and rolls off into the snowy sunset.

Points of Interest:

- This story seems to have no bearing on the story before it and no real ties to a "series".

- The Sigma Suits are just full of surprises, as Tunnel Rat apparently has a missile launcher hidden within his wrist panel.

- Overkill evidently isn't limited to only living inside his glass tube, as he is seen in this issue out and walking around with no problems. This is either a departure from his cartoon characterization (who is more or less a head, torso, and spine inside a glass tube) or an additional componant we were not aware of.

- Tunnel Rat is shown more capable here than in the cartoon, which is a very welcome change. When he's not wearing his Sigma Suit, he's got the familiar Valor Vs. Venom togs on.


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