Issue #1

Featured Characters:

Duke and Destro are the two main characters, although there are also appearences by Hi-Tech, Long Range (and the R.H.I.N.O. Chopper), COBRA Troopers, and B.A.T.S.

Issue Synopsis:

Three research scientists are exploring underneath the Pacific Ocean for unusal seismic activity and are suddenly ambushed by COBRA B.A.T.s. In stunned disbelief, the scientists can only stand there as they are overtaken...

On vacation, Duke is lounging on a beach, but his solitude does not last long as Hi-Tech radios in and relays the information to him. He's the closest teammember, so he charters a plane, flies out to the ocean and dives down deep. Duke gets more than he bargained for when he stumbles upon an underwater COBRA mining facility, searching for power stones. Duke wastes no time and after making short work of a small squad of B.A.T.s and some radio controlled sharks, he blasts his way inside.

Duke infiltrates the base, and with Hi-Tech's direction, sabotages the mining equipment so that a power drill strikes the building itself and starts bringing it down. Destro and the troops decide to evacuate, since they have harvested all of the available stones anyway...but he figures he will be leaving Duke to his death.

Duke finds the scientists and directs them where to find their sub, then chases down Destro. They tussle, and it seems as if Destro has the upper hand, but he loses the control for the sharks and Duke recovers it, turning his contraptions against him. As the scientists leave in their submersible, Duke hitches a ride to safety, where Long Range is waiting in the R.H.I.N.O. Chopper.

At Tumon Bay Beach, however, it would appear that the sharks did not finish the job, as Destro slowly emerges from the murky depths, ready to fight another day.

Points of Interest:

- It appears as if this series will be single issue focused, with no real interacting stories

- Duke appears in this issue in both his normal Sigma Suit and in the "Sea Ops Duke" gear, which is available in action figure form

- Judging by the cover and some of the B.A.T. designs inside the issue, it looks like Devil's Due used some of the older concept art as a basis for some of the art in the book. Tunnel Rat and Heavy Duty both have their more Valor Vs. Venom inspired looks, and Scarlett's Sigma Suit looks completely different.


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