Full Season One Episode Guide
(Thanks to this post by David Thornton for the information!)

Episode 1 - COBRA Strike

After the capture of Cobra Commander, the Cobra forces are plotting a new scheme to release their imprisoned leader and crush the GI Joe team. The Joes investigate a tower and fortress in the arctic and it turns out to be the Cobra fortress!! Duke almost gets blasted into space and the Joes learn about the all-new submersible Cobra mobile fortress and their all-new evil schemes to rule the world!

Episode 2 - Escape

Cobra Commander breaks out of prison and goes on the offensive. Duke gets the GI Joe team pulled together to stop the menace of Cobra once and for all. We're introduced to Scott and his friends. Scott, the son of General Hawk, is trying to build a robotic dog named SPUDD and is having a hard time until he hacks into the GI Joe mainframe...there he learns about Cobra. With a little digging, he hacks into a Cobra database and is able to bring SPUDD online.. of course... Overkill sees all of this....

Episode 3 - Capture

Scott activates his robotic Dog SPUDD using a concoction called the Mechanical protoplasm that he downloaded via the hidden and encrypted Cobra server. Overkill sees this and sends his Overlord Vector BAT to capture Scott and recreate the formula for his evil plans. The GI Joe ninjas arrive and stop the BATS from destroying Scott and his creation. At the end, Scott is stolen by the BATS!!!

Episode 4 - Reveal

Scott is abducted by Overkill's robotic minions and it's up to GI Joe to rescue him. Snake eyes hides aboard a Cobra transport and gets trapped in the Cobra base. Hi-Tech debuts to the Joes the Sigma Gear system and Duke begins his infiltration of the Cobra base.

Episode 5 - Sigma

Duke meets up with Scott and Snake Eyes within the Cobra fortress. Duke hands Snake Eyes a Sigma Suit and they begin to battle their way out. Meanwhile, the other Joes are fighting their way into the Cobra base. Soon, all the Joes are captured by Cobra Commander as he orates about his master plan to cut the East Coast off of the US top make the Cobra Coast! The Sigma Six team, with the aid of Scott and SPUDD, are able to stop Cobra's laser, blow up the Cobra fortress and escape!

Episode 6 - Race

The Power Stones are revealed! It seems that there are mysterious natural stones that have amazing technological powers that both Cobra and GI Joe are on the hunt for. In this episode, Zartan finds a Power Stone in the deep jungle and it's up to Spirit and Snake Eyes to team up to stop the evil master of disguise!

Episode 7

In the Everglades, a Power Stone is located by Cobra and the Baroness and Storm Shadow are sent to collect it. Storm Shadow takes a detour and steals a prototype GI Joe hover motorcycle and soon the chase is on. While Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes have a furious motorcycle battle over the swamps, the Sigma Six tem of Spirit, Duke, Scarlett and long Haul stop the Baroness from acquiring the Power Stone.

Episode 8

The vacation episode! The Sigma team decides it's time for some R&R and they got to Las Vegas for some time off. As soon as they get there, though, they see that Destro is using his casino as a front for developing a super laser. Scarlett and Tunnel Rat must infiltrate the casino and stop Destro before he can finish his master plan!

Episode 9

Duke and the Sigma Six team must got to the Antarctic to infiltrate Cobra's ice fortress. As Duke climbs perilous ice mountains to break into the fortress, the rest of the Joe team are fighting their way through legions of Cobra BATS with the Sigma Six Ice Saber vehicles.

Episode 10

It's Ninja versus Ninja in this episode. A Power Stone is discovered in a temple on Mount Arashikage and Storm Shadow goes to collect. A massive battle ensues as Snake Eyes takes on his sworn enemy and blood brother Storm Shadow for possession of the Stone. Meanwhile, Jinx and Kamakura show the Dreadnoks that it's not good to tangle with a deadly dup of Ninjas!

Episode 11

While Scott and his pals are visiting a Rocket Base, Cobra takes over and plans on sending a massive rocket into space to wreak havoc on the Earth. Heavy Duty must sneak in, and help out the kids. With Tunnel Rat, Scarlett and Duke on the scene as well, the Cobra Forces abandon their plans.

Episode 12

The final battle! In the first part of this exciting two-part episode the Cobra forces begin to create their ultimate weapon of destruction utilizing he power Stones - The ZEUS Device! A giant mech of unstoppable power, this mechanical monster spells certain doom for the Gi Joe Sigma Sic team!

Episode 13

In the final episode of season 1 the GI Joe Sigma Six team must come together and use their amazing gear and incredible skills to not only defeat and deactivate the rampaging ZEUS mech, but to stop Cobra at all costs. With seconds on the clock, the inestimable GI Joe Sigma Six team save the day!

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