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Episode Nine: POLAR

Sigma 6 is on the hunt for the Power Stones, and they've tracked some down at COBRA's Ice Fortress in the South Pole. Duke, Heavy Duty, and Scarlett launch their assault in the Ice Sabres, but quickly find out that the base is filled to the brim with BATs! Hopelessly outnumbered, can the three Joe teammembers fight off the BATs and recover the stones?

Detailed Synopsis:

We start off in the frozen tundra of the South Pole as Duke, Scarlett, and Heavy Duty cruise over the snowfields in their Ice Sabres. Hi-Tech fills them in on the fact that COBRA has an advanced mining fortress way out here and they need to stop them.

The scene shifts to the R.O.C.C. where Hi-Tech is first briefing the Joe Command structure...his satellite tracking system has located COBRA moving gear to the South Pole and Overkill himself has constructed a mining facility under the ice. They surmise that there must be Power Stones in the area, and that they should move in. Hi-Tech gives them the lowdown on COBRA's drilling system, and points out the best places to hit it in order to destroy the drill without detonating the Power Stones in the area.

Hi-Tech brings up the Joe profiles, and they determine that Scarlett, Duke, and Heavy Duty would be the best troops suited for Operation: Ice Storm!

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Back to the present time and in the South Pole, Duke is surveilling the COBRA mining facility. Inside, Overkill is speaking with COBRA Commander, who is quite upset that the timetable for recovering the Power Stones is taking longer than expected. They have an argument about the benefits of organics versus technology, and as COBRA Commander signs off, Overkill promises to make him pay once he finds those Power Stones.

Duke and the others make their plans...Scarlett and Heavy Duty are to be decoys, attacking from the front with their Ice Sabres. The surprise attack will draw the BATs to the front door, and then Duke will slide down from the top of the mountain and destroy the drill. It seems like a valid plan, even though there are only three of them against a veritable army of android troopers.

As Scarlett and Heavy Duty prepare to attack, Duke sneaks in from the side...

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Duke takes out the sentry and uses one of Hi-Tech's grappling hook launchers to begin his climb to the top of COBRA's mountain fortress. Meanwhile, Scarlett and Heavy Duty are doing their part to start distracting! Overkill is told of an attack from the two Ice Sabres, and he orders the massive BAT army to attack.

CLIP THREE (.wmv format)

Claw Mechs, Sky B.A.T.s, and Ground B.A.T.s all come pouring out of the massive ice mountain fortress, straight at the two Ice Sabres. Scarlett and Heavy Duty swing around and take off, the COBRA androids in close pursuit. But their job is done...the robots are following them instead of manning the fortress, leaving it relatively unguarded for Duke's insert mission. Scarlett and Heavy Duty relay the message to Duke, who is climbing up the face of the mountain. Scarlett and Heavy Duty are concerned because the B.A.T.s are quickly gaining on them, but Duke has bigger worries. His grapple hook starts giving way, and he's close to falling! But Duke thinks quickly and runs across the face of the mountain, then jumps and lands on a cliff edge just in time.

Meanwhile, the two Ice Sabres are tearing across the snow, B.A.T.s close behind. Heavy Duty takes it upon himself to veer from their course and try to draw some fire. He spins around and takes down a load of Sky B.A.T.s, but the ground troops move in and make short work of his vehicle, flipping it into a swirl of flame and smoke. Scarlett moves to his aid as Heavy Duty uses the broken door of his Ice Sabre as a makeshift snowboard, whipping down the slope, and firing his plasma cannon. He tears through a bunch of the androids as we switch scenes to see Duke continue scaling the mountain.

CLIP FOUR (.wmv format)

Duke reaches the summit and radios in to Scarlett and Heavy Duty, but they do not respond. The Joe leader slides down through the top exhaust vent of the fortress, takes down a squad of B.A.T.s, and then grapples down into the top exhaust. However, the grapple again starts to fail, and Duke finds himself stuck in the exhaust as the scalding steam is about to be ventilated out. Desperate, he jumps for an auxhilary vent, almost misses his mark, but catches his fall with a knife, and zips up the side ladder to safety.

Meanwhile, Overkill suddenly realizes what the Sigma 6 plan is...the B.A.T.s have rolled out of radio range going after the Ice Sabres, and Overkill quickly surmises that he's been duped. Security scans reveal that Duke is in the mining facility, by the drill, where he's arming the charges to destroy the drill. Overkill orders that Overlord Vector terminate his maintenance protocols and go after Duke instead! Scarlett and Heavy Duty get back within radio range and discover that Duke is at Vector's mercy, so they bear back down on the fortress and head back to give him some backup. Overkill orders his troops to load the Power Stones on the COBRA Battlecruiser and to take off before the charges detonate. The troops obey the orders, but there is no time to get the stones, so they take off without them, planning on the ensuing explosion to clean up their mess for them. Meanwhile, Duke and Overlord Vector are shooting it out.

CLIP FIVE (.wmv format)

Scarlett and Heavy Duty scream in on their Ice Sabre just in time to see Duke and Vector fighting it out. Duke gets knocked for a loop, but Scarlett saves him in the knick of time with a grapple arrow from her crossbow. Scarlett radios in to Heavy Duty to arm his cannon with plasma and shoot for the ice dome in the ceiling. As Vector screeches in towards Duke and Scarlett, Heavy Duty unloads with his weapon and strikes the ceiling, collapsing the ice dome down on top of the killer robot. The Ice Sabre tears out of the fortress as the charges detonate and completely wipe out the ice fortress and mining facility. Overkill and the troops barely escape, but the Joes have scored the Power Stones and all is well.

End episode 9

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