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As Destro's trail goes cold outside of Las Vegas, the Sigma 6 team members decide that perhaps it is time for some R&R. Their break is short-lived, however, once Destro is spotted in one of the casinos. Scarlett and Tunnel Rat team up together to track him down and foil his latest plot.

Detailed Synopsis:

Just on the outskirts of Las Vegas, the R.O.C.C. sits at a stop and Duke gives the teammembers the rundown inside. They are trailing Destro, but his tracks have gone stone cold within the confines of the city, so Duke decides this would be a good time to take some much needed rest and relaxation. The other teammembers agree wholeheartedly, and episode eight's "vacation" begins!

As Tunnel Rat gives the others a lesson in fashion, Scarlett appears in a jaw-dropping evening gown. Duke doesn't quite have her sense of style and when he shows up in business casual, Tunnel Rat gives him a little makeover. Scarlett and Heavy Duty hit the dance floor, but it's not long before they spot their prey roaming around the casino! Destro has been found. Duke immediately orders everyone back to the R.O.C.C. for briefing.

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Meanwhile Scarlett does some of her own behind-the-scenes reconaissance and is able to deploy a "fly-cam" insect-sized flying camera which can sneak in behind enemy lines and spy on the ir activity. The mini-cam follows Destro and two of his compatriots as they descend deep below the hotel inside a high speed elevator. Apparently Destro is in charge of assembling a second Thorhammer cannon to replace the one that got destroyed back in Episode Five. This one is much smaller, but potentially just as powerful.

Scarlett zooms in the fly-cam and they see that the new Thorhammer is being powered by a Power Stone, and they decide it needs to be stopped, and now. Considering the location of this new base and weapon, Duke opts to go the infiltration route and orders Tunnel Rat to meet up with first he's not very open to the idea of interrupting their R&R, but ultimately decides the chance to team up with the team hottie is too good to pass up. Duke deploys Snake Eyes on the Ninja Hovercycle as backup, just in case, and Heavy Duty takes off with Tunnel Rat in the RHINO Chopper. Over the streets of Las Vegas, Tunnel Rat steps out into the wind.

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Tunnel Rat makes quite the non-covert entrance, coasting down on his parachute and landing on a car, setting of the alarm. He tosses Scarlett her Sigma Suit on the way down.

Scarlett and Tunnel Rat dash off towards the casino, Scarlett is not the least bit pleased with her new partner. Duke tells Heavy Duty he hopes their contrasting styles will compliment each other, but Heavy Duty isn't convinced.

The two operatives successfully sneak into the casino, and are about to avoid a COBRA Trooper patrol...but Tunnel Rat's bizarre appetite for insects gets the better of him, and they have to do it the hard way...

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Thanks to Scarlett, the two avoid certain disaster, but COBRA now knows they are there!

Meanwhile, further down below, Destro is conversing with COBRA Commander over a video feed, and the Commander is not the least bit pleased that construction of this new Thorhammer is not proceeding on schedule. Destro's explanations don't seem to be cutting it, and the Commander demands that the cannon be completed immediately. Destro relays these orders to the Troopers underground.

Scarlett and Tunnel Rat are looking down from one of the air vents, and decide the time has come to try and get deeper down inside the compound. There is an elaborate maze of laser defenses within the air duct, but Hi-Tech hacks into the system to cut power, but only for 30 seconds. After a mishap with some "paint charges" Tunnel Rat gets the grate open and Hi-Tech cuts power to the ducts. Using his Sledpack, Tunnel Rat and Scarlett charge into the duct system at full speed.

With Tunnel Rat at the controls of his Sledpack, you can only imagine what might go wrong. He pretty much misses every turn, and they end up plowing through a grate opening, high in the air above the Thorhammer cannon assembly line. Luckily Scarlett reacts quickly and punches a grapple-arrow into the wall, saving them both...Tunnel Rat swings over onto a pipe attached to the wall, but it peels off and drops him right down in front of Destro's face. Tunnel Rat accidently reveals that Scarlett is there with him, and Destro prepares to exterminate him, but the redhead drops down from her grapple and swings into action!

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As Scarlett and Tunnel Rat narrowly escape the B.A.T. attack, Destro himself actually takes a few of the androids out to keep them from destroying the Thorhammer cannon that their gunfire is travelling dangerously close to. Scarlett and Tunnel Rat have a little heart to heart while they remain hidden...Scarlett strokes Tunnel Rat's ego a little bit, makes him feel better about himself for screwing up all the time, and they decide to take the plunge and take down Destro. Tunnel Rat charges forward and launches a grenade, striking Destro front and center. Of course he makes a common mistake and throws his "Happy Birthday Confetti Grenade" instead of the actual explosive stuff. Destro is not amused and orders his troopers to "Wipe them out."

As some Troopers fire on the Joes, another hapless soldier asks Destro whether or not they're going to get cake, since it appears to be his Birthday. Destro does not take this well, and abuses the Trooper, but in the midst of the well-meaning abuse, the Trooper strikes a control console and the Thorhammer begins operation. With the blast doors closed, the Thorhammer has nowhere to go and brings the entire complex crashing down around them. Destro strolls out calmly with the Troopers instructing them to tell COBRA Commander it was "sabotage" and that the real truth must never be revealed.

Tunnel Rat finds an escape route and actually does something right for a change, bringing the two out into the Vegas sky on a geyser in front of one of the casinos. Safe and sound, and with Destro's Power Stone stolen in her pocket, Scarlett and Tunnel Rat are successful in stopping another COBRA plot.

End episode 8

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