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The COBRA Coast mission is at the bottom of the ocean with the submarine and the Thor's Hammer plasma cannon...but as we saw in the last episode, COBRA still has something up their sleeves...something called the power stones! Luckily, it appears that Sigma 6 knows about these stones as well and will stop at nothing to protect them from COBRA's evil clutches. Thankfully a new member joins the team: Spirit! He brings Billy, his Falcon, and his tracking skills to the Joe team ready to stop COBRA.

As Hi-Tech works out the kinks of the new Hovercycle, the Joes are looking for the power stones...COBRA has the same ideas, and it becomes a race to see who will reach them first! Lots of Ninja intrigue and non-stop action as the Race begins!

Detailed Synopsis:

We strart the episode with a quick recap...basically, there are Power Stones and COBRA wants 'em. The Joes know they want 'em, and they plan to stop 'em!

We see Spirit's friend, Billy the Falcon soaring high in the sky, his eyes scanning the horizon, looking for trouble from underneath his metallic skullcap. He sees a massive COBRA airship cutting through the clouds, but there is action on the ground as well, as a mysterious intruder zips through the grass amongst the swampland base of the G.I. Joe team. Inside the camp, the Joes are discussing the Power Stones and the best course of action available to locate the Power Stones in their vicinity...they are concerned about scanner strength. Duke offers to go see if Hi-Tech needs some help working on the ninja hoverbike so he can get focused on the scanner issues.

Hi-Tech is absorbed with his work, not noticing a silent intruder coming up behind him:

Storm Shadow easily escapes with the bike, but luckily Hi-Tech has a spare. The next day, Snake Eyes is taking it for a test run...

Tunnel Rat and Heavy Duty enjoy a short lunch break, but it's interrupted by the arrival of Spirit's falcon, who has bad news to report in regards to the incoming COBRA airship. They decide to break up the team:

Hi-Tech quickly transfers coordinates to Snake Eyes, who's orders are to run intercept for Duke's team in the RHINO. As they move in towards the airship, they are quickly detected and the airship launches the "Liquidizer" a weapon designed to trap moving vehicles in a wave of thick muck. The RHINO is quickly halted and the Joes seem helpless to stop the incoming mud from swallowing the vehicle whole. The team could easily escape, but they cannot afford to lose the RHINO, so they decide to stick it out and try to get it out. Luckily Spirit and Long Range are still at the R.O.C.C., so they take up tracking duties and launch their surveillance towards the COBRA air ship.

Meanwhile, Snake Eyes heads for his intercept course, but is quickly intercepted himself:

As the two ninjas clash, the RHINO continues to try and escape it's sticky capture. The Copter is jammed in place, and they seem to be stuck for good...but Tunnel Rat gets a smart idea, and dives into the mud, explosives in hand.

The COBRA airship touches down in the swamplands, and quickly begins their scans for the Power Stones. They use wavecasters to evaporate the nearby water supplies and continue to look for the elusive stones.

In the R.O.C.C., Spirit and Long Range skid to a halt and decide to continue on foot, powering up their Sigma Suits and preparing for battle. Spirit quietly absorbs the environment, and hears Billy talking to him over the wind...they locate the COBRA ship and head out towards it.

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow continue their battle, as Snake Eyes uses Storm Shadow's own weapons against him. Using a smoke bomb for cover, he leaps on his bike and quickly escapes. And as this happens, the COBRA airship locates the power stones! Long Range and Spirit move in for "Operation Stone Grab" as Snake Eyes comes towards them on the ninja hoverbike. Switching to hover mode, the silent Joe ninja bares down on Long Range and Spirit, ready to help.

Back at the RHINO, Hi-Tech comes up with a smart idea. He decides to combine the explosive force of Tunnel Rat's charges with the RHINO chopper's rotors. Neither one is enough to escape the mud, but the combination of the two might just do the trick! Using Hi-Tech's advice, the Joes fire up the chopper as Hi-Tech detonates the explosives from the base camp. The RHINO jars itself loose and the Joes are free. They leave Tunnel Rat and take off towards the COBRA air ship, which is taking off with the Power Stones.

However, Long Range isn't about to let them get away with it:

The Power Stones are knocked free, right towards Snake Eyes' grasp...but wait! Storm Shadow flies in and scoops the stone right from Snake Eyes' clutches. As the airship launches a volley of fire at Snake Eyes, Long Range takes some potshots at it. The Baroness is not amused and turns her attention towards the two Sigma 6 members, ready to completely annihilate them.

Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes continue their bike chase on the highway, tearing in between cars and exchanging sword clashes.

Back in the swamps, Long Range and Spirit huddle behind some rubble, just waiting for the death blow from above as the air ship hovers towards them, powering up their cannons. Just as all looks lost, the RHINO charges in, launchers blazing! All missiles hit the airship dead on, killing their weapons systems and damaging the aircraft. As the COBRA's relunctantly flee the scene, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow continue to battle on the bikes...Snake Eyes quickly gets the upper hand, seriously damaging Storm Shadow's his bike skids out of control off of a bridge, Snake Eyes abandons his own ride, and using his jet pack, scoops up his sword brother and barely saves him from certain death. The impending explosion knocks them both for a loop, and when Snake Eyes comes to, a surprise awaits him:

Snake Eyes can only graciously accept the Power Stone and wonder just how much honor his sword brother still has left.

Back at base camp, Sigma 6 studies the Power Stones, completely forgetting about Tunnel Rat in the swamps. As he gripes about being out past his "dinner time", the episode ends.

End episode 6

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