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The R.O.C.C. has arrived just in time, landing on the COBRA sub-surface headquarters and ready to do battle. But the submarine is only the tip of the iceberg as the COBRA hierarchy dispatches to meet the Joes in man-to-man combat as the Thor's Hammer prepares to launch in insidious COBRA Coast attack...

Detailed Synopsis:

Duke, Scott, and SPUD are relieved to see the R.O.C.C. skid into the belly of the beast as it lands on the submarine and begins coming down after them. The R.O.C.C. roars down the main hallway towards the COBRA troops inside as blast doors begin slamming shut in a desperate attempt to keep the mobile headquarters from reaching it's goal. Long Range does some fancy driving (and shows a nice use of firepower) and evades the first door, but they quickly realize that they may not be so lucky with the next one. It's shutting quickly, and the R.O.C.C. isn't known for it's speed. Scarlett thinks fast and decides to try something rash.

Scarlett's gamble is a surprising success as they squeeze through the last door and appear to be home free. But the Dreadnoks strike fast, tearing up behind them on motorcycles sporting rocket launchers. Not having a good rear targeting interface, Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat must improvise.

Swiftly evading the Dreadnok attack, the R.O.C.C. and the RHINO continue on ahead, while Duke is pinned down by a large force of BATs. Duke calls in Scarlett and she comes in full force, kamikaze-style, slamming the mini-jet into the crowd of BATs, sending robot limbs flying. The R.O.C.C. and RHINO are close behind, letting go with their cannons and missile launchers. Soon, the room is clear.

In the COBRA Command center, Destro and the Baroness watch from the monitor...just as Destro is ready to divert all BAT forces to the room to exterminate the intruders, COBRA Commander stops him. He wants to entertain the Joes...personally. Sigma 6 is wiping out the last of the BATs as Duke preps the team. Hi-Tech runs them through the mission specs, and identifies three power generators that supply energy to the cannon. They need to split up the team to take out all three generators. The teams break up: Duke, Scarlett & Snake Eyes, and Heavy Duty & Tunnel Rat. They quickly dispatch as Scott and SPUD start hacking into the COBRA computer systems again.

Tunnel Rat and Heavy Duty quickly run into a thick metal door blocking their way. Heavy Duty clears it quickly with his power gloves and the two near the first generator. Meanwhile Scarlett and Snake Eyes approach generator number two. As they unload into it and take the generator down, Snake Eyes is suddenly felled by the Baroness! Scarlett turns the tables, but one Baroness quickly becomes a dozen, and Scarlett appears to be outnumbered.

Back at the first generator, Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat are fighting off a squad of BATs. Heavy Duty's heavy plasma cannon is making pretty quick use of them as Tunnel Rat tosses explosives from afar. They're feeling good, but the feeling doesn't last long as Destro makes a sudden appearence. And it's not the Destro we all know...this one apparently has "micro circuitry running through his body" giving him control over metal objects and enabling him to project an electromagnetic field.

Meanwhile, Duke goes after the last generator...and meets up with someone himself:

We leave Duke and COBRA Commander and return to Scarlett's adventures against the Baroness. She is obviously outmatched as the Baroness projects holograms of herself all over the room. Scarlett fires wildly, but hits nothing but air. But even half unconscious, Snake Eyes throws his whipstar, which lands in a conspicuous place. Scarlett looks, and comes to a sudden realization. Baroness is just about to gun Snake Eyes down, but Scarlett blasts her. She has discovered the secret to the real Baroness, with Snake Eyes' help. His whipstar landed in Scarlett's shadow:

Just in time, Baroness activates a detonator, which blocks her off from Scarlett, and she quickly escapes.

Meanwhile, Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat continue to tangle with Destro, who is pretty much out of their league. He tosses them around with ease, until Heavy Duty realizes just what use his power gloves might have. He advises Tunnel Rat to get some charges ready and he leaps forward, grappling with Destro hand-to-hand. The Power Gloves and Destro's electro-magnetic field clash violently with each other, temporarilly disrupting the field:

Surely that's the end of Heavy Duty?

Not quite. Apparently Destro pushed him away and supercharged his field, disrupting the blast. Heavy Duty is hurt, but still alive, and Destro lives to fight another day as well.

Back at the last generator, Duke and COBRA Commander continue their clash, fighting technology vs. technology. Duke tosses a grenade and lands a punch, but the forcefield holds...but Duke has other plans. He uses a severed electric cable to interrupt the forcefield, and successfully disrupts it! But as COBRA Commander slaps him aside and begins to gloat, Duke points out the thermal grenade Christmas present he left just behind the Commander. It goes off with a blast and collapses a section of wall on the hapless Commander...who is apparently an android duplicate. The robot informs Duke that the generators were mere decoys to keep the Joes busy while the cannon warms up. Once the cannon fires, the base itself will self destruct, taking everyone with it!

Hi-Tech fights his guilt over not seeing through the fake plan, but doesn't have much chance as Scott and SPUD have escaped and are running straight for the cannon power source. Hi-Tech discovers the location as well, so Duke begins running after him as the rest of Sigma 6 forms up on the R.O.C.C. for the quick escape. Hi-Tech desperately tries to find a power interrupt for the Thor's Hammer, but is having no looks like someone needs to pull the plug directly. Scott tries, but just can't make it happen, and the cannon is about to fire. SPUD must take drastic action. So he "leaks hydrolic fluid" on the cannon power supply and shorts it out. The cannon's sudden power discharge collapses the ceiling, but Duke is there to free Scott and SPUD. The R.O.C.C. blasts it's way out of the sub and lands in the water, revealing that it is an amphibious vehicle...but what about Duke, Scott, and SPUD? Did they survive?

Suddenly the R.O.C.C. mini-jet crashes through the water! The three are safe and sound. Celebrations erupt, but COBRA's plans are far from stopped:

End episode 5. End Mini-Series

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