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The G.I. Joe Headquarters is destroyed...Snake Eyes has gone off on his own after Hawk's son, and COBRA's diabolical "COBRA Coast" plan is in full efect. Has the Joe team lost the war? How can they hope to stand up against these odds?

Hi-Tech comes up with a way. Displaying his new concept, the "Sigma Suit", H-Tech gathers the Joes together, and they promise to make one last assault on COBRA's submersible last try to stop this plot once and for all. Duke takes off first, with the rest of the Joes in the R.O.C.C. ready to back him up. But what does Duke find when he gets to COBRA's base? A battle between sword brothers and a master of optical camouflage....

Detailed Synopsis:

AS the plasma blast tears apart the Joe headquarters, the R.O.C.C. barely escapes getting blown to pieces. As the Joes gather themselves, watching over the rubble of their former HQ, they make a pact to stop COBRA once and for all, using the R.O.C.C. (dubbed "The Rock") as their base of operations.


Overlord Vector glides through the air, slowly approaching the COBRA sub, the HISS firmly clutched underneath him. He lands softly inside, but not before a black blur zips from the HISS and melts into the shadows...Snake Eyes is here.

Scott desperately slams on the door, trying to talk his way out of this, but ultimately realizes he is helpless to escape.

Meanwhile, in the R.O.C.C., Hi-Tech goes over his top secret plans that he was able to upload into the R.O.C.C.'s memory banks before the base was destroyed. As he combs through computer files, Scarlett informs the team that she was able to track the trajectory of the plasma beam right back to COBRA's submarine base. As the Joes begin talking through a plan, Kamakura winces...turns out he was injured in battle. The Joes order him to receive medical attention and leave the extraction of Snake Eyes and the attack on COBRA base to them.

Inside the base, Snake Eyes crawls through air ducts and silently observes his Overkill bears down on Scott, threatening to literally pull his memories from his brain...taking the chance to leave his brain a "jelly" in the process. He wants to know how Scott mutated his protoplasm, but the truth hurts...when he tries forcing the memories from Scott, he discovers that the changing of the protplasm was merely an accident, and Scott does not know the process. Overkill is infuriated, and is about to destroy Scott as his usefullness is no longer required. Suddenly, Snake Eyes leaps to the rescue, taking on Overlord Vector, man to "man":

In another part of the sub, COBRA Commander is monitoring the smoldering remains of the G.I. Joe HQ with pleasure. But there is an intruder alert, and Snake Eyes' image comes on screen as he fights off squads of B.A.T.s in Scott's defense. COBRA Commander sends Storm Shadow off to take care of him. After Storm Shadow leaves, COBRA Commander and Destro reveal the deadly "COBRA Coast" mission! It's objective: to fire the Thor Hammer into a faultline, causing a seismic shock powerful enough to literally separate the Eastern Seaboard from the rest of the United States. After achieving this, COBRA will move in and take the new country for themselves.


Back near the Arizona HQ, Duke sends Jinx and Kamakura to receive medical attention while he and Scarlett talk about this potential "final mission". Back inside, Hi-Tech has polished off the last touches on his mystery invention. Everyone gathers together as Hi-Tech introduces the "Sigma Suit". This skin-tight battle suit is designed to repel laser blasts and incorporate the latest in technology and weaponry. They like the looks of the Sigma Suit, but Tunnel Rat instantly hates the name, quickly making fun of it. However, his joke is turned around, and suddenly Duke has used his term to re-name the team... "Sigma 6" is born:

Just as Duke is finalizing their new moniker, Scott radios in from the submarine base. He tells him that they are inside COBRA's base, and a ninja has arrived to try and rescue him...the Joes quickly realize the mystery ninja is Snake Eyes. Scott has hacked into COBRA's computer system and is sending the Joes schematics just as Snake Eyes blasts through squads and squads of B.A.T. troopers.

Duke begins barking his orders...He's grabbing two Sigma Suits and planning to attack. Scott sends the data he's uncovered so far, and the Joes finally realize how diabolical COBRA's new plan really is.

Back in the sub, Snake Eyes tears through the B.A.T.s while Scott and Spud do their thing. Scott again logs into the COBRA system and begins forcing the submarine to surface for the team to intercept them. Duke plans to move in first to infiltrate the sub under water and create a distraction...meanwhile Scarlett will lead the R.O.C.C. team to intercept when the submarine is forced to surface. Duke puts on the new Sigma Suit, and moves out:

Duke takes an extra suit and goes over the plan of attack with Hi-Tech. Tunnel Rat has apparently modified the Rhino chopper for submersive deployment and Duke takes off towards the submarine base.

Back in the base, Snake Eyes is tearing through B.A.T.s until Storm Shadow suddenly appears, sword in hand, and ready for a fight.


Duke recaps the mission with Scarlett, and then converts the Rhino copter to dive mode and plunges deep into the Ocean. He deftly avoids torpedo fire for a short while, but cannot avoid them forever. Without warning, the converted Rhino copter is completely destroyed! But it was all part of Duke's plan, and he's shown floating nearby in his wet suit, and then he swiftly swims into the COBRA headquarters:

Duke plants some explosives and runs into the belly of the beast as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow fight tooth and nail. While Scott and SPUD continue to hack into COBRA's network the two sword brothers go at it in the background, clashing sword against sword, and fist against foot. The Thor Hammer continues to draw power and prepare to launch while the COBRA high command feels Duke's explosion and quickly locates him running through the hallways. COBRA Commander is not impressed and lets Duke get to Overkill's chamber simply so he has the pleasure of watching him fall. Duke arrives in the midst of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow's confrontation with a surprise present for the Joe Commando:

Duke attempts to hold off Storm Shadow while Snake Eyes digs into the Sigma Suit, but quickly the Dreadnoks arrive and start blasting away at him. Duke's Sigma Suit holds off their laser fire and his tracking goggles give him incredible accuracy, and he quickly sends the Dreadnoks scattering. They leave it to Storm Shadow to stop him, but the COBRA ninja moves in, Snake Eyes appears, now dressed in his Sigma Suit and ready for some REAL battle!

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow go at it while Scott continues his work against COBRA's network, with Duke standing watch...but Duke doesn't see Zartan sneak in until it's too late:

Duke and Zartan trade blows while Snake Eyes does some field testing on his Sigma Suit, taking the fight directly down Storm Shadow's throat. Dashing over walls and clanging swords, the two fight valiently, but ultimately, Snake Eyes gets the better of him. With a nice spin kick, quick sword slash, and a snappy grapple maneuver, Storm Shadow is sent hurtling down a deep black shaft, screaming all the way.

Duke's fight, meanwhile, isn't going nearly as swimmingly. Zartan's morphing in and out of sight, but Duke's goggles pick him up and he lashes out with a finishing blow. Zartan is down and out. Just as Zartan falls, Scott finally breaks through COBRA's defenses and takes control of the sub, forcing it to surface!

Out in the "real world", Scarlett is leading the R.O.C.C. team and with Long Range behind the driver's seat, the large, lumbering, mobile Joe fortress makes an amazing leap of faith off of the cliff's edge. The sub surfaces just in time, under Scott's control, and the R.O.C.C. lands swiftly on top of it. Missiles launch, smoke bellows, and the R.O.C.C. is bringing the fight to COBRA!

To Be Continued....

End episode 4.

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