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With COBRA Commander out of prison, he gathers together the troops and prepares for the first step in their mission: the destruction of G.I. Joe Headquarters! While the overlod Vector bares down on Scott Abernathy and SPUD, COBRA warms up "Thor's Hammer" and prepares for the assault.

While Snake Eyes runs to Scott's rescue, a powerful plasma blast bares down on the G.I. Joe Arizona HQ with all Joe members inside...who will survive?


Detailed Synopsis:

We start off in COBRA's submarine base where COBRA Commander gathers together his upper echelon and his troops for a vigerous meeting about their newest operation.


Meanwhile, Overlord Vector makes his move! Trapped inside the school, Scott and SPUD are cornered by Overkill's large killer robo-snake, who quickly blows down a wall and moves in to capture them. Running frantically through the hallways, Scott and SPUD appear to be far outmatched, the robot dog taking hard hits from Overlord Vector's claws. As they get attacked and persued, amazingly SPUD starts "learning" new tricks to try and help them evade Vector's killer weapons.

As a last resort, SPUD launches himself at Overlord Vector, but is easily swatted aside and seriously damaged. The two retreat to an empty locker, desperately hoping to avoid detection. Scott realizes he has the communicator with him and suddenly a thought occurs.

Meanwhile, deep below the Ocean, COBRA Commander continues briefing his troops about the new plan:

COBRA Commander continues to order his BATs into position, and they raise the deadly "Thor's Hammer" plasma cannon, a massive weapon that emerges from the submarine itself. A battle platform extends from the sub and the COBRA BATs, Mechs, and HISSes being walking towards the G.I. Joe Arizona HQ, being accompanied by some odd spheres on tank treads that look oddly menacing.

We go back to G.I. Joe HQ where Duke supervises the "clean up" from COBRA's computer virus. Things do not look good. As Duke and Scarlett discuss what must be done, Scott interrupts them with a frantic communication:

They've lost the signal, and Overlord Vector is tearing into the lockers. Duke and Scarlett track the signal to the Hackfield Science Academy, but Duke is needed at the base. Duke decides this is a mission best done quickly and's a job for Snake Eyes.

Scott and SPUD slowly leave the locker, attempting to make their escape, but Overlord Vector is waiting for them, and swoops down, ready to strike!


Back at the Joe base, Hi-Tech gets some odd readings, and doesn't like what he sees. COBRA's attack has been launched and the alert goes out:

Back at base, Destro, Baroness, and COBRA Commander are relishing in their impending victory as the Thor Hammer begins to power up and prepare for the opening salvo against the Joes.

Meanwhile, at Hackfield Science Academy, Overlord Vector has captured Scott and SPUD and is carting them off to his master...but is he alone?

Back in Arizona, the Joes are frantically analyzing the COBRA troops as they come towards them. The odd spheres' purpose eludes them, but as BATs close in, they become more confident about their success. The Headquarter's defense lasers are apparently more than enough to take care of some COBRA BATs. Lasers emerge from all over the HQ and target in on the BATs... but wait.

The BATs stop. Just out of range. COBRA Commander orders the Thor Hammer to fire at 80%! He doesn't want them to be destroyed all at once, so he launches a lower-powered frontal assault. Hi-Tech sees the impending blast and tries to figure out a way to save their skin...until Scarlett realizes that the trajectory is off. At the rate of fire, the plasma beam won't even hit them.

Duke realizes it first...the spheres! They're designed to act as deflectors to re-direct the Thor Hammer plasma blast.

What can they do? Their computers are only at a fraction of their normal power, so they're not sure what they can do. They pull in the defense lasers and start redirecting all energy to their shields. Still, being as low on power as they are, with their shields hold up? Hi-Tech has a sudden epiphany. He decides to use a "quantum flux" technique to de-stabalize the shields and disperse the energy of the plasma blast. There's no way for them to block it, so they decide to try and spread it out.

The laser hits...


...and the shields hold.

But COBRA Commander decides this is not a valid option. Just as the Thor Hammer is about to go into phase two and into "COBRA Coast" phase, the Commander pulls the cannon back into position and fires a second shot at the Headquarters! Destro warns him that their own troops will be caught in the crossfire, but he launches the assault anyway. The Joes slowly start waking up and quickly realize that not only is another plasma beam on the way, but the COBRA BATs have launched their attacks, too. There's no other choice. They must evacuate!

They board the ROCC and the RHINO and blast their way out of their own base, desperately trying to save their lives.

Apparently just in time, as the beam hits and the base is utterly and completely destroyed! The shockwaves quickly spiral out from ground zero...the RHINO loads into the ROCC for protection just as a blast of dirt and pure power overwhelm them....

To Be Continued....


End episode 3.

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