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Episode 2: ESCAPE!


Back from the North Pole, the GIJoe team regroups after Cobra’s trap. Duke visits Hawk from some guidance and is introduced to Hawk’s son Scott. Cobra Commander escapes from prison and Scott hacks into Cobra’s database, drawing the attention of Overkill and his newest creation Overlord Vector.


Detailed Synopsis:

The GIJoe team has returned from the North Pole after the events of the previous episode. Apparently Cobra has hacked into their computer systems, stolen the schematics for the base, and left behind a computer virus that has wiped out all of their defensive protocols. Hi-Tech informs Duke that it will take approximately 83 hours to get the defense grid back online and additional time to repair the damage to the few mechs and the ROCC, all of which were plugged into the network at the time. Duke tells him that his pet projects will have to wait and to get to work on the base’s defenses. Duke departs the base in the RHINO copter and muses that there is one place that he can get answers about Cobra’s next move. However, he has a stop to make first.

Duke arrives at a maximum-security prison where he passes through a sophisticated identity confirmation process. Once cleared, he enters the chamber that was shown before the opening credits. He and a guard approach the vault that opens to again reveal Cobra Commander. The Commander immediately comments about Duke’s reception at the North Pole. When Duke questions him as to how he could have arranged for the attack from inside prison, the Commander laughs. The moment he was captured Operation: Spider Web was set into motion. Cobra has been functioning without him and this plan included the insertion of the virus into the Joe HQ defenses. Displaying a previously unseen strength, he breaks free from his manacles as the guard reveals himself to be Zartan. The Commander dons his new helmet as the Dreadnoks and an army of BATs enter the chamber. The Commander leaves Duke to begin Operation: Motel – “where Joes check in but they don’t check out.”


Zartan and his Dreadnoks (Buzzer, Torch, and Machete) order Duke to disarm. Zartan also insists that he remove his gauntlet. Duke presses a sequence of keys and tosses the gauntlet into a group of BATs. As the Dreadnoks gloat over their capture, the gauntlet explodes! Duke subdues two of the Noks and then leaps over the ledge. Using a grappling hook on his belt, Duke manages to slow his descent and lands in the bottom of the shaft. The Dreadnoks, presuming Duke to be lost, return to Cobra Command.

At Hackfield High School, Scott’s friends are surprised to hear that their friend is planning to stay at school all weekend to work on his project for the robot tournament. He rebuffs the advances of a young girl named Zephyr and settles down to work on his artificial intelligence/ DNA interface.

Back at GIJoe HQ, Long Range and Scarlet are unsuccessfully trying to bring the ROCC’s systems online when Duke returns and announces that Cobra Commander has escaped. In all likelihood, Cobra will be attacking very soon!

Meanwhile at the high school (later identified as the “Hackfield Science Academy”), Scott is working on his robot tournament project, a canine mechanoid named Spud. Scott is having no success with his experiments and decides to use his father’s stolen ID card to look at classified government research, thinking it will give him an edge. He deduces that his father isn’t very creative and that his password is “SCOTT”.


At the Cobra submarine, Cobra Commander returns before an assembly of his troops, including his high command. He immediately notices that Overkill is missing and contacts him over the communications network. Overkill is recovering in a rejuvenation tank (presumably from his injuries at the end of Valor vs. Venom) and uses this as his excuse. Before breaking contact, he states that he is working on “setting the new Overkill robot protocols.” He muses how once he perfects his cybernetic nano-plasm, Cobra will be his and activates his newest creation—a mechanoid called Overlord Vector.

Scott hacks into the government’s classified files and stumbles across information about Cobra BATs. Somehow he has hacked into Cobra itself! He discovers that the organization is also working on cybernetic nano-plasm and promptly downloads their data for use in Spud’s DNA interface. Overkill detects the intrusion and tracks it back to the Hackfield Science Academy. He dispatches Overlord Vector to deal with the hacker. The newly activated mechanoid departs the submarine base with a HISS tank.

Back at the Science Academy (previously identified as a high school), Scott takes a vial of the nano-plasm and pours it down Spud’s throat. He is disappointed that his stolen technology didn’t work when the only change to Spud is the exhalation of a cloud of pink gas. Overlord Vector arrives at the school and lands outside. Scott watches in fascination as the HISS opens and BATs deploy. Scott is enthralled with the robots until they attack. Suddenly, Spud springs into action dispatching the BATs with martial arts moves and newly found agility. Scott pieces together that these robots are from Cobra and that his perfected nano-plasm must have evolved Spud’s artificial intelligence. Overkill, watching the entire scenario via relay, comes to the same conclusion and also realizes that Scott has perfected the nano-plasm. He changes Overlord Vector’s directive—he is now to capture Scott and the robo-dog and bring them back to Cobra. The Cobra mechanoid advances and squares off against both Scott and Spud.


End episode 2.

To see a high quality clip of COBRA Commander's full escape scene, click here

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