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The Sigma 6 team has been grounded and Zeus is looming over Megalo will the powerless Joes rise up to stop this beast, and what other sinister back up plan does COBRA Commander have in the wings? This is it! The Season One finale!

Detailed Synopsis:

Zeus hovers over the Atlantic Ocean, slowly cruising towards Megalo City. He reaches the border and lands with a resounding boom. Kamakura brings the R.O.C.C. to a stop on the bridge, and tries to call out to the Sigma 6 team. Kamakura and Jinx decide they must go look for the rest of the team, but Snake Eyes is one step ahead of them, taking off ofhis Ninja Hovercycle to try and figure out what happened to the team.

The scene shifts to the roken and downed RHINO Chopper where Zeus is quickly coming towards. Scarlett awakens inside of the helicopter, and tries to get out, but the canopy is jammed and she's trapped inside. Zeus bears down on her, threatening to crush her inside the metal tomb.

Snake Eyes finds her first, deftly swerving his Ninja Hovercycle through the air, blasting open her canopy, and rescuing her just in the nick of time! They dodge a barrage of laser fire, Snake Eyes drops her off on the roof of a building and takes off. Zeus tears down towards Scarlett, but she deftly hops off the roof and slides underneath a van on the ground, barely avoiding an avalanche of shrapnel.

CLIP ONE (.wmv format)

Zeus passes Scarlett on by and spots Snake Eyes' Hovercycle. He warms up his laser beam and prepares to fire, but his power is suddenly cut and dies out in mid-air.

Back at the COBRA undersea base, COBRA Commander is infuriated that the laser beam cut out in midair. Destro informs him that power must be conserved as the Power Stone within Zeus is not limitless, there is a finite amount of power the stone has and if they want Zeus to have the most impact, he will need a short breather to recharge. COBRA Commander reluctantly gives them "fifteen minutes" but orders Zeus to move in position over Tribune Square...that will be the next attack.

Meanwhile, down below, Spirit and Tunnel Rat are fighting their way out of the COBRA base. Tunnel Rat has located one of COBRA's cruisers, and Spirit follows him into the tunnels below. Tunnel Rat hesitates for a minute, almost not willing to leave Duke...but Spirit reminds him that orders are orders, and they must follow they continue on.

CLIP TWO (.wmv format)

Meanwhile, Duke is on the garbage compactor conveyer belt as it slowly moves towards a hammer system to crush it all and use the material to construct COBRA super-robots. He seems to awaken just as the hammer is about to drop.

Hi-Tech slowly awakens as Scarlett calls him Comm system and orders him to scan the robot to detect a weak spot. Scarlett calls around and rounds up Long Range and Heavy Duty, then tells them to meet uptown where they will intercept the robot. Heavy Duty has a hurt leg, so their speed will be slow, and Snake Eyes can't be reached, so Scarlett calls the ROCC, hoping that Kamakura and Jinx might have had better luck. Zeus crosses the bridge, collapsing it into the sea. The Sigma 6 team members are in chaos trying to figure out what they're going to do...but Scarlett takes control of the situation, getting everyone in synch and ordering them all to wait for Hi-Tech's analysis and then they'll make their move.

A COBRA Stealth Battleship cruises overhead, monitoring Zeus' progress, with Zartan on board. But Zartan's not the only one on board as Spirit and Tunnel Rat emerge from a doorway, take down the two guards, then Spirit grabs Zartan in a headlock.

Down on the ground, Hi-Tech completes analysis of the Zeus power robot and calls in the information to Scarlett. The plan is to concentrate their fire at a central location to refocus shield energy in that one spot, which will destabalize the shield and potentially collapse it. Once the shield crashes, they will take out the Power Stone and the robot will be all done. Hi-Tech analyzed the perfect location to synch their fire from and has re-built their weapons settings for optimal power and range. Hi-Tech flashes the location and attack information to everyone's gauntlets, and they begin to move into position.

CLIP THREE (.wmv format)

Spirit and Tunnel Rat land the battle cruiser, then blow it up, moving in to meet up with the rest of the team. The Joes are all moving into their spots. Everyone falls in just in time as Hi-Tech counts down to firing time!

CLIP FOUR (.wmv format)

Time's ticking away...but the clock hits, and the team launches their all out assault! But is it enough? The weapons fire strikes and the shield was much stronger than Hi-Tech had calculated! The weapons blast into the shield, and the shield buckles, but it holds tight...meanwhile, everyone's guns are smoking, overheating and shutting down. It looks like Hi-Tech's plan might not work...but Snake Eyes has other ideas.

He brings his Hovercycle down the street, into the air, and slams it into the weakened shield, creating a small enough hole for him to slip through!

CLIP FIVE (.wmv format)

Snake Eyes dashes inside the Zeus' robot, and is quickly inside the head, where SPUD is latched in acting as Zeus' AI. But defense systems quickly come into play and trap Snake Eyes in an electricity net before he can get any further.

Back in COBRA HQ, Zeus' weapons systems have all come online, and COBRA Commander orders him to fire all missiles into the City! Sigma 6 is horrified as thousands of rocket pods open up within Zeus' arms and missiles streak out in streams of smoke and would appear all is lost!

Inside Zeus, Snake Eyes desperately struggles with the electricity net, trying hard to break free...he extends a hand to SPUD, and suddenly a spark of recognition appears within the robotic dog...he sees Snake Eyes, recognizes him, and just for a second, the electricity net weakens. Snake Eyes uses that split second to throw his tonfa sword and strikes the control system strapping SPUD in and turning him to COBRA's will. It explodes, and with the control system blown, SPUD regains his core consciousness. Realizing that Zeus was about to destroy the city SPUD controls the large robot to send out a vicious volley of anti-rocket laser fire, blanketing the sky. The lasers intercept the falling rockets and blow them all up, safely above the city buildings, and Megalo City is unscathed!

This expanse of raw power drains Zeus completely, and the large robot collapses to the city streets below. Snake Eyes and SPUD emerge from the fallen robot, none the worse for wear.

But the battle has not been won yet. COBRA Commander sends a video signal from Zeus and informs the Joes that he has a sinister backup plan! He has a failsafe in place to detonate the Power Stone and still level the entire city, with Sigma 6 inside! As he is just about to press the button, laser fire erupts and destroys the switch, right in his hand!! Who dares??

CLIP SIX (.wmv format)

Duke tosses off his COBRA Trooper disguise and pounds laser fire into COBRA Commander's Power Stone, destroying it. The explosion rips through the Commander himself and sends him flying from the upper level. Duke leaps down to give chase, calling his Jet Wing to him...he flies in to greet COBRA Commander in battle to the finish! COBRA Commander prepares to unleash his electricity-field, but is dismayed to discover that the Power Stone explosion must have damaged his power suit! With no power suit advantage, Duke challenges the Commander to a straight up fight to the finish...COBRA Commander agrees eagerly, and the two start their final battle!

CLIP SEVEN (.wmv format)

The fight is furious and pretty evenly matched...but Duke, in the end, is just a little quicker, and a little more skilled, and after a volley of punches, kicks, dodges, and strikes, he knocks COBRA Commander back on his heels, denting his power armor. But the Commander refuses defeat, as an explosion rips through the chamber. When the smoke clears, a COBRA Stealth Battlecruiser hovers there by an open doorway, and COBRA Commander stands proudly within, next to Destro and the Baroness. He informs Duke that this entire base will be flooded in a matter of minutes, and bids Duke a fond farewell, taking up into the shaft to exit the underwater fortress.

But Duke isn't beaten that easily...thanks to his Sea Ops gear, and his Jet Wing, he slips out of the underwater base, and coasts easily to the surface...and to safety.

The team reconvenes at Megalo City, and Duke tells the team just how proud he is of his team...they handled the threat well and saved the city...but with COBRA Commander and COBRA still out on the loose, just how safe can the city, or the world, ever be?

End of Season One. Stay tuned this fall for Season Two of Sigma 6, which WILL BE COMING regardless of what rumors you've heard!

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