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COBRA has put it's fiendish plan into play, sending the massive and powerful Super B.A.T. "Zeus" on a one-way rampage to Megalo City. Even with Duke out of commision and Spirit and Tunnel Rat missing, the Sigma 6 team must gather themselves together and throw everything they've got at the powerhouse robot to even hope to stop it. Will they succeed??

Detailed Synopsis:

It's a dark and stormy night in the Bermuda triangle as the wind whips and the waves chop. On these waves a large boat bobs on the surface, mostly hidden by the storms. Duke glides in on his new "Jet Wing" and lands safely on the boat's deck, then radios in, asking to be let inside.

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Tunnel Rat trues to figure out the controls, but he can't seem to make them work...after he gets flustered, Spirit, who's standing right there, flips a single switch and pops the door open for Duke, who comes inside. Duke reports that he could not find anything outside, and we find out that ships have been disappearing in the area. Spirit seems to think it's a more natural phenomenon, though Duke and Tunnel Rat aren't so sure...soon their questions are answered as a robotic "sea monster" tears up through their boat and drags them under!

The scene shifts to Hackfield High, where Scott and SPUD are working on Scott's AI project. As Scott dozes off to sleep, we see Jinx and Kamakura monitoring him and SPUD within the school. Kamakura is complaining about the boring babysitting duty, but Jinx figures there must be a reason for it.

Back near Bermuda, the robotic sea monster is trolling down underwater, dragging the pieces of the destroyed ship behind it. A large submersed fortress is revealed as the Sigma 6 team members try to sneak out from within the wrecked boat, dragged down to this underwater salvage yard.

Meanwhile, Overkill is thinking about Scott and SPUD's AI project and is lamenting the fact that a worthless human has been able to make some impressive advancements that he himself has not even made yet. COBRA Commander interrupts his thoughts, inquiring about "Project: Brainbuster"...Overkill reluctantly tells him that his AI brain is not finished yet, and the Commander triumphantly dictates that he will just have to get one himself.

Sigma 6 members Duke, Spirit, and Tunnel Rat continue their infiltration of the underwater salvage station, and have discovered "Zeus", a humongous COBRA mech that Destro is finishing up...Zeus is powered by a super Power Stone, and has a powerful force field for protection. COBRA Commander approaches Destro, flanked by some darker colored COBRA Troopers, who carry his shield and staff. Destro informs him that Zeus is not yet complete...he still needs his brain, but the Commander is determined to launch Zeus' attack on Megalo City in 6 hours exactly! The Sigma 6 teammembers are understandably upset at this declaration. COBRA Commander demands his shield and staff from his guards, while Destro asks what is wrong. He is very rudely informed by the Commander that Sigma 6 has managed to infiltrate the base they are in, and that if he wants anything done, he'll just have to do it himself!

He calls out Duke, and the three Sigma 6 members show themselves...COBRA Commander throws himself into battle!

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COBRA Commander's dramatic leap into battle startles the Sigma 6 team, and Spirit senses some sort of "field" around him that makes him uneasy. This doesn't stop Tunnel Rat from striking, and he tosses a grenade at the blue armored COBRA leader! The explosion tears through him, but the Commander disappears, and is suddenly moving faster than their eyes can follow. He strikes Tunnel Rat down viciously, but Spirit's tomahawks and arrow barrage at least catches him somewhat off guard...but only somewhat.

CLIP THREE (.wmv format)

The battle is fierce...Tunnel Rat and Spirit are taken down, and Duke is fighting COBRA Commander with every bit of strength he has...but it still isn't enough. The Commander swiftly avoids his Switchfire blasts and appears behind him, catching him in a chokehold, then throttling him with electricity. Duke orders Spirit to grab Tunnel Rat and escape to tell the others where they are. Duke throws himself at COBRA Commander, but Spirit doesn't want to leave him there...finally, he realizes what he must do, and Spirit escapes with Tunnel Rat, leaving Duke to COBRA Commander's mercy. The Commander drills Duke with more electricity, then tosses him aside like yesterday's garbage, thinking him dead.

Back at Hackfield, Scott and SPUD are playing some frisbee...but a COBRA Stealth Battlecruiser appears! Ninja B.A.T.s descend from the hatch, sweeping up SPUD with Storm Shadow's assistance. Jinx and Kamakura leap in to try and play some defense. Storm Shadow escapes with SPUD, leaving his Ninja B.A.T.s to deal with the two apprentices. They handle them fairly well, but ultimately need Snake Eyes help on the Ninja Hovercycle to get them out of the jam.

CLIP FOUR (.wmv format)

Back in the underwater salvage yard, Spirit and Tunnel Rat are trying to sneak their way out as COBRA Troopers patrol. Meanwhile, Duke is tossed haphazardly into one of the scrapheaps, left lying near death as his Sigma 6 comm unit reports that medical attention is desperately needed.

Back at the R.O.C.C., Hi-Tech is upset that the three Sigma 6 members haven't checked in yet, but Scott does check in and lets them know what happened with SPUD and COBRA. Hi-Tech suspects an equipment failure for the communication lapse, and Scarlett wants to get a rescue party warmed up.

Back at the salvage yard, COBRA Super B.A.T. Zeus is finished and powered up. COBRA Commander demands that "Operation Globerush" begin, and Zeus slowly begins to ascend from his chamber. The first target is Megalo City, and it would seem there is nothing Sigma 6 can do to stop them. Hi-Tech quickly intercepts a video signal and sees Zeus flying low over the water by Bermuda...trajectory points the robot right towards Megalocity. Sigma 6 is gearing up to go stop the robot, but Scarlett wants to rescue Duke and the others...but a hard choice must be made.

Scarlett makes the call...Duke, Spirit, and Tunnel Rat will have to wait, their first priority will be to stop Zeus from hitting Megalocity!

Since the robot was seen early, Megalo City has already been evacuated. Sigma 6 is in full force, with the R.O.C.C., RHINO, RHINO Chopper, and R.O.C.C. mini-jet all launching, trying to stop this massive robot before he hits land.

CLIP FIVE (.wmv format)

Sigma 6 pours it on, hitting Zeus with everything they've got, but nothing is scratching it! An "Ion Shield" surrounds the large robot, defending him against pretty much whatever weapons the Joes try to use. Meanwhile, COBRA Commander intercepts radio communications and badmouths Sigma 6, telling them they'll be joining Duke soon enough!

Meanwhile, Hi-Tech scans Zeus and finds that Zeus' central processor/brain contains SPUD, Scott's robot dog! COBRA couldn't come up with their own AI, so they're using SPUD's highly advanced AI to power their killer robot. Meanwhile, Zeus fires up his Photon cannon and starts letting fly! Not even Sigma 6 can get out of the way.

CLIP SIX (.wmv format)

In a fury of Photon beam power, hovering near the city of Megalo City, COBRA's most powerful creation, Zeus, has torn apart the sky and set the very atmosphere on fire...Scarlett's RHINO chopper...the RHINO itself...even the R.O.C.C. mini-jet are swirling in streams of smoke and flame...has Sigma 6 been defeated? Is there no one left to stop this robotic slaughter? Has COBRA finally won?

To Be Continued in Episode 13, the First Season Finale!

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