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A large power stone is orbiting above the Earth and COBRA wants it. Zartan attempts to hijack a rocket to snag the meteor, but thanks to Scott and SPUD, Sigma 6 is onto him. The two sides clash again...who will get to the rock first?

Detailed Synopsis:

The episide starts with a shot of a large asteroid orbiting the Earth. Zartan is watching it closely as COBRA Commander radios in asking him if "Operation Blast Off" is ready to go. Zartan informs him that the rocket is all fueled up and counting down and that they'll have the rock soon...apparently that's just not any old's a Power Stone!

At Cape Douglass, a tour group of high school kids is being led around the rocket base there. General Hawk's son Scott and his familiar robot dog SPUD are part of the tour, and are finding it very captivating. Two kids separate from the group and try to get into an "employees only" section. The tour guide drags them away, but not before they peek inside and get a glimpse of something strange. Convinced that there are aliens being hidden in the rocket base, they pester the tour guide to let them look inside, but she refuses...shortly thereafter Zartan materializes behind them, looking threatening.

Scott recognizes the COBRA master of disguise immediately and SPUD launches an attack! However, SPUD doesn't get far as a piercing red laser beam blasts from the room near where they're all standing and slams the robot dog into a wall. SPUD falls in a heap, unconscious and we see a mysterious large, lumbering robot inside that room, his single large eye glowing menacingly....

We shift gears to the R.O.C.C. where Hi-Tech is on his normal "desk duty" monitoring communications. A message from Scott arrives suddenly, but it's just a series of "beeps" and "boops". At first Hi-Tech thinks the audio is messed up, but when he brings it up to Scarlett and Duke they realize that it's Morse Code...Scott is signalling SOS on his Sigma 6 communicator from Camp Douglass. The Sigma 6 team knows COBRA is somewhere in that area, so they figure that's a likely spot for them to be.

Duke and Scarlett radio in to Heavy Duty, who's been flying around in the RHINO chopper and ask him to land and make a "ground sweep" of Cape Douglass. He's not real happy about it, but he follows the requested orders. Heavy Duty goes inside and talks to the security guards, and one of them is leading him towards the "control room". However, Heavy Duty quickly realizes that it's not the control room he's been taken to! Unfortunately, it's too late, and a booby trap knocks him out. As he loses consciousness, the security guard shape-shifting into Zartan is the last thing he sees.

Back at the R.O.C.C., Hi-Tech gets the alert that Heavy Duty is knocked out, and sends the team into action.

CLIP ONE (.wmv format)

Zartan is speaking with COBRA Troopers and he verifies that B.A.T.s are on board the rocket and ready for launch. The Trooper asks what his plans for Heavy Duty are, and he reports that Heavy Duty will soon be "under fire".

Hi-Tech is in communication with the Sigma 6 team as they sneak into the rocket base. Tunnel Rat infiltrates the base through the garbage chute and lets the others in from there.

CLIP TWO (.wmv format)

Hi-Tech sends Tunnel Rat to the launch area as Duke and Scarlett monitor the B.A.T. guards. A small flying "bug" is recording the B.A.T.s guard patrols as Duke assembles his Switchfire machine gun. His targeting computer calculates the proper angles of deflection and laser power, and he lets his shots fly, which ricochet and take out the B.A.T.s in one fell swoop.

CLIP THREE (.wmv format)

Hi-Tech radios in to Duke and Scarlett to let them know what COBRA's after...a large Power Stone orbiting the Earth. He tells them that this particular stone orbits the Earth every 20 years, but this year it's come too close...if COBRA doesn't grab it, it will hit the atmosphere and burn up completely. They continue to work on infiltrating the rocket base while Tunnel Rat is using his sled to make some good time. Hi-Tech is guiding him along the passageway, but Tunnel Rat is determined to take a shortcut so he can ride his sled better. While Hi-Tech warns Tunnel Rat about taking detours, he rips on forward, completely ignoring him.

Meanwhile, Heavy Duty wakes up chained to the launch pad, directly underneath the rocket engines that are going to fire off!

Tunnel Rat continues his skating in spite of Hi-Tech's warnings, and ends up pounding through an air vent and flying end over end into a group of B.A.T.s.

Duke and Scarlett are monitoring the area where the hostages are being kept using the miniature flying camera...they're planning an insert operation when Zartan spots the small camera and orders a security sweep. It doesn't take long before Tunnel Rat is recognized, so Zartan leaves to take care of business. Duke and Scarlett are actually relieved to hear that Tunnel Rat has been spotted, because that means COBRA is distracted, and their job to get in and get the hostages out may be even easier.

Tunnel Rat narrowly escapes the B.A.T. androids and stumbles onto Heavy Duty, who is still chained up in the launch pad. But he doesn't get a chance to rescue him, as an invisible Zartan sneaks up behind him. Tunnel Rat fights back, but Zartan overpowers him, knocking him down into some water below...but not before Tunnel Rat arms some explosives, which detonate and explode!

Meanwhile, Duke and Scarlett make their rescue attempt. Setting their weapons on "stun", they cut the power and storm the control center! The Troopers are all taken down, and victory would seem to be theirs...but not for long!

CLIP FOUR (.wmv format)

COBRA's newest super robot "Overlord Vortex" moves in, blasting away with his eye laser. The hostages scatter as Duke is under assault.

Back at the launchpad, Zartan is shaking off the effects of the explosion, and just starts to gather himself, until Heavy Duty sneaks up on him and levels him with a "Power Glove" punch. Zartan slams back against a wall and it collapses on top of him. Tunnel Rat radios in to Hi-Tech, who orders the two to get to the control room as the rocket is about to launch. As they run to the launch controls, Duke continues to slip away from Vortex by the skin of his teeth. Laser fire rips through the air, but Duke takes a stand. Taking careful aim with his Switchfire pistol, he blasts Vortex just right to send him back, firing his laser up into the air. Vortex's laser tears through some ceiling decoration, and it comes slamming down on both of them.

CLIP FIVE (.wmv format)

The hostages are scrambling for freedom as Scarlett meets up with Long Range in the R.O.C.C. At the same time, Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat are arriving in the launch pad control area. Per Hi-Tech's instructions, they hook up their battle suit computer, but to everyone's surprise, Hi-Tech's computer hacking skills don't get the job done! There's an error and the countdown to rocket launch is continuing. Desperate for a solution, Heavy Duty pounds his Power Gloves into the computer console and tears it apart...amazingly, the countdown stops, just in the nick of time!

Duke surprises himself by climbing out of the wreckage okay, but unfortunately, Vortex is even more okay. The large robot lumbers out of the pile of rock and stone debris and begins firing on Duke yet again. Duke takes a stand, but it doesn't last long, and soon enough he's taking the full force of Vortex's laser blasts. Hi-Tech sees Duke's shield level dropping and gets on the horn to Long Range, giving him Duke's coordinates. Duke interrupts the radio alert and gives the team new coordinates to meet him at...and he wants them there in 30 seconds flat!

Long Range takes the R.O.C.C. right down the belly of the rocket base, and they hit the coordinates just in time!

CLIP SIX (.wmv format)

The R.O.C.C. drills into Overlord Vortex, knocking it back, then buries it with a full volley of rockets.

Vortex is down...the rocket launch was prevented, and as Sigma 6 watches on, the Power Stone asteroid burns up in the atmosphere... Mission Successful!

End episode 11

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