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A Power Stopne has been located in Kyoto, Japan, near where Snake Eyes and Kamakura trained to be ninja. The Sigma 6 Ninja team of Snake Eyes, Kamakura, and Jinx must travel to Japan to retrieve the stone, but before they get it, they'll have to tangle with Storm Shadow and the Dreadnoks!

Detailed Synopsis:

The episode starts off in the R.O.C.C. as the Sigma 6 team gets briefed by Duke and Scarlett. The entire team is there, including Jinx and Kamakura in brand spanking new Sigma Suits. Duke mentions that they've found COBRA activity heading towards the Arashikage Mountains in Japan, where they're on the hunt for a Power Stone. It is revealed that this is Snake Eyes' homeland and where he is from. Kamakura was also trained in the area of the shrine, where the Power Stone is located, and the team decides it is time to move in, to try to get there ahead of COBRA.

Hi-Tech starts to go through the Mission Protocols, but Scarlett and Duke decide the decision is easy...they will send the Sigma 6 Ninja Team of Kamakura, Jinx, and Snake Eye.

CLIP ONE (.wmv format)

In Japan, the Dreadnoks make their appearence known by walking down the street in garrish Komonos...a disguise Machete says he learned about from watching a lot of Samauri movies. The locals don't appear to be impressed. The Dreadnoks head for the hills to locate the Power Stone while Jinx, Kamakura, and Snake Eyes zip through the forest on tree branches and on the back of the Ninja Hovercycle.

They reach the stone first, but someone is there waiting for them.

CLIP TWO (.wmv format)

Storm Shadow drops from the trees, and faces down the three ninjas, challenging Snake Eyes to a duel of the three elements: Steel, Air, and Water! As the two ninja masters clash, Jinx and Kamakura gather themselves just in time for the Dreadnoks to mount their attack! Motorcycles roar out of the surrounding trees and the two apprentice ninjas find themselves quickly outmatched. In a matter of moments, the Dreadnoks have stolen the Power Stone and disappeared into the trees on their bikes.

CLIP THREE (.wmv format)

Kamakura and Jinx decide to make things right, and take off after the Dreadnoks who had just beaten them easily. As they head out after the Dreadnoks, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow scale buildings, clashing swords left and right. They strike at each other viciously through temples and then find themselves hurling through the sky in the "Test of Air"...Finally they come crashing down on top of a tall tower in the middle of downtown, swords drawn and ready to continue this epic battle!

Back in the forest, Jinx and Kamakura are screaming along on the Ninja Hovercycle. They find the Dreadnoks and prepare to attack.

We then move back to the tower where Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow continue their "Test of Air" up high on the tower, joined by a solid steel chain. They clash swords, and both strike their targets, tearing Storm Shadow's uniform, and shattering Snake Eyes' visor!

CLIP FOUR (.wmv format)

As the two warriors face off on the tower, they flash back to their the move that combined all three elements into one: the Kagami Triangle. This advanced technique uses both participants as they combine their sword talents to transcend the elements themselves and strike the killing blow on their target. Back in the past, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow are attempting this technique in front of their master...they're striking a falling log over a waterfall.

At first it looks as if their technique is near flawless, but both of them sustain injuries in the technique. Their Master tells them their moves lack precision and that is why they were injured trying this advanced technique. They must try again.

We flash back to modern day where Storm Shadow admonishes Snake Eyes. They could have achieved perfection, they could have mastered the Kagami Triangle, but Snake Eyes betrayed their clan and betrayed their master, and so they were never able to surpass this technique. Storm Shadow lashes out at Snake Eyes for "betraying their clan" and knocks him from the tower! However, his grapple is firmly attached, and he swings to relative safety. The COBRA Ninja runs straight down the face of the tower, ready to finish this fight.

Back in the forest, the Dreadnoks are riding their motorcycles, Power Stone in grasp. But suddenly, gunfire erupts from above and the two Ninja apprentices decend on the Hovercycle (in hover mode), weapons firing! Kamakura proves to be a bad shot with the Uzi, so he whips out his staff and gets ready to fight the only way he knows how. Lashing out with the Naganaki, he makes quick work of the Dreadnoks' weapons, swinging from the flying cycle and striking fast.

CLIP FIVE (.wmv format)

The Dreadnoks radio in to COBRA HQ and instruct them to unleash the Ninja B.A.T.s and the new vicious "Virus Mech"! The COBRA Troopers inform the Dreadnoks that the Virus Mech is in for repairs, but they order them to send it out anyway, and the Troopers reluctantly agree. Soon the forest is alive with COBRA robotic troopers, all screaming through the trees straight for the two ninja! Jinx and Kamakura aren't phased, and they zoom in, weapons blazing. The Ninja B.A.T.s are dealt with easily, but suddenly, Virus comes out of the trees. But Jinx starts blasting it with the hovercycle, proving that the Virus was in for repairs for a simply wasn't ready for combat. Buzzer has a brainstorm, though, and detonates the Power Stone near the troubled android, and the energy surge hits the large COBRA robot, transforming it into a huge, uncontrollable weapon of destruction. It's first target is the Dreadnoks themselves and Buzzer learns quickly that perhaps that wasn't the best idea.

The two Ninja roll in on the hoverbike, deftly avoiding the Virus guns, and then grab the Power Stone. But Kamakura gets nailed by Virus and sent sprawling...Jinx is determined to save him!

Back with Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes at a Japanese temple, the two are continuing their face off, battle scars showing through their torn uniforms. They are undertaking the Test of Water, and Storm Shadow is determined to show Snake Eyes who is the true heir to Arashikage. But Hi-Tech radios in! He cannot reach Jinx or Kamakura on the radio, and informs Snake Eyes that they're in trouble. Snake Eyes buckles down and continues the Test of Water, but Storm Shadow can tell his heart is not in it, and, disgusted with Snake Eyes' performance, tells him to go "save his flunkies".

Meanwhile, Jinx crashes the hovercycle into Virus and leaps to Kamakura's rescue, but both of them are somewhat worse for wear. Virus closes in, ready to land the final blow, but Snake Eyes arrives just in time, striking out with his tonfa sword, and dropping the large attack robot! He runs to the two ninja's side, but suddenly Virus is healed and slowly stands back up, ready for more. Snake Eyes activates his tonfa sword and prepares for attack!

CLIP SIX (.wmv format)

Snake Eyes tears up Virus with his powered tonfa sword and Virus falls apart, scattering screws and bits everywhere. He stands there triumphantly, until Virus starts restoring itself thanks to the power of the Power Stones! It loads it's guns and starts to renew the attack...but Storm Shadow arrives! He tells Snake Eyes he is not using all of his power when attacking Virus...he's only using one element. He vows that if they can successfully complete the mysterious Kagami Triangle, Virus will be destroyed! Jinx is reluctant, but Snake Eyes agrees. The two sword brothers strike!

CLIP SEVEN (.wmv format)

Back on the COBRA Battlecruiser, the Dreadnoks are trying to squirm out of responsibility for losing the Power Stone, but it's just not happening.

Back in Japan, Storm Shadow continues to instruct the ninja apprentice in the true meaning of ninja, and accusing Snake Eyes of betrayal. He directs his blade to his sword brother, preparing to continue this endless conflict...but something in Snake Eyes' look, reminds him of their master, and it holds his steel. Storm Shadow stares down Snake Eyes, but ultimately flashes back to their childhood together as brothers, and cannot bring himself to attack. At least, not yet.

Storm Shadow lowers his sword, promises to be repaid some day, then exits into the forest...

End episode 10

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