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The COBRA Spy has been revealed! He makes his final move and captures the Sigma 6 team...only Duke and Hi-Tech are left. But with Duke's new P.O.W.E.R. armor, that might be enough...

Detailed Synopsis:

The episode starts in a Megalocity Alleyway. Heavy Duty, Tunnel Rat, and Firefly are being sent in to meet up with a COBRA agent who supposedly wants to defect. Tunnel Rat makes a loud greeting, and the agent slips away, for fear of being discovered. The chase is on, as they all split up to track down this mysterious COBRA. Firefly suddenly disappears, and the agent reappears...but it's apparently someone that Tunnel Rat and Heavy Duty know. They talk to him briefly, but he launches a sudden attack and takes them both out.

The scene shiofts to the Sea Titan Sigma 6 headquarters where Duke is giving the new P.O.W.E.R. armor a whirl. Duke's got the high powered plasma cannon strapped to the armor and is ready to test (though Scarlett doesn't seem wild about the idea). Duke and Hi-Tech put the plasma cannon (and the armor) to the test with impressive results.

CLIP ONE (.wmv)

Wihle the oversized cannon provides some very over the top impact, the armor itself suffers some serious mechanical complications, forcing Hi-Tech to shut down the armor. Scarlett runs out to get Duke out of the armor while Hi-Tech activates fire supression tools.

Duke is a little worse for wear, though Scarlett gets him out without major problems.

Meanwhile, at the COBRA Terror Drome, the COBRA big wigs are meeting together to try and figure out where COBRA Commander disappeared to. Storm Shadow appears and invites them to a celebration...a celebration for the destruction of Sigma 6!

Back at the Sea Titan, Hi-Tech has lost contact with every single other member of Sigma 6...they all went off simultaneously...except for Lt. Stone, who is still activated for some reason. Even though Scarlett and Hi-Tech are quite suspicious of him, Duke decides they should at least track Stone down and see what they can find. Scarlett fires up the RHINO copter and decides to meet with Stone and figure out what's going on. While she flies away, she suspects Stone might be a COBRA spy. Duke asks Hi-Tech to start working through repairs on the P.O.W.E.R. Armor.

A short time later, Scarlett arrives in Megalo City and meets up with Stone...they both run into a little surprise!

CLIP TWO (.wmv)

Firefly stumbles from the alley, immediately accusing Stone of being a traitor. Scarlett must make a split-second decision, so she turns on Stone, raising her weapon towards him and accusing him of betraying the Sigma 6 team! Stone begs for her to trust him, but she reacts by blasting the weapon from his hand.

Firefly uses this chance to show his true colors! He grabs Scarlett and forces her to raise her crossbow towards the Lieutenant...after a few taunting words, Stone is gunned down.


Back at the Sea Titan, H.O.U.N.D. reports some bad news...Scarlett and Stone's signal links just disappeared. Duke hears the news and rushes to the bridge.

Now we see "Augustus Island"...apparently some sort of ancient arena. Thousands upon thousands of BAT's line the streets as COBRA Commander marches through the crowd on his motorcade. Sigma 6 is tied up, captured, and COBRA Commander applauds the efforts of Firefly, his new spy! The Commander asks Firefly to get Duke and Hi-Tech to the island, trying to snare them into a trap.

Back at the Titan, all of the Sigma links are back online...immediately Duke and Hi-Tech suspect a trap. Duke needs to move quick, so he asks Hi-Tech to program the coordinates into the P.O.W.E.R. Armor. Hi-Tech isn't at all happy about it...but Duke is insistent. He asks Hi-Tech to convert the Defiant missile to carry a passenger. He's going after COBRA...alone. Duke moves quickly, getting to the missile and strapping himself into the armor that's contained within. Hi-Tech advises him not to use the Plasma Cannon, and locks him down for launch. The rocket shoots off into orbit.

Back on the Island, the Sigma 6 members are tied up in the detention center. Scarlett feels responsible, since she turned on Stone and thought he was the traitor. Stone reassures her that Firefly is the real person at fault here. He tells her that Duke and him suspected Firefly as a spy for a long time and were working on a trap for him...but they were too late. However, Stone seems to have a plan to get them all out of this.

CLIP FOUR (.wmv)

High above, the rocket is re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. It's a very bumpy ride as Duke screams down towards the island, and COBRA Commander spots him right away. The rocket eases to the surface, surrounded by BAT's, but Duke makes his presence known.

CLIP FIVE (.wmv)

His pulse cannon erupts immediately, chewing through the BAT ranks, though the armor almost immediately starts running "hot". BAT's continue to pile on as Duke tries hard to fight back, but the Plasma Shield Firewall starts overheating. Duke requests using the Plasma Cannon as the BAT's pile on and pile would seem the end is near...the suit is melting down. But Duke's isn't done yet. He routes power to his Plasma Cannon and lets it rip! It immediately annihilates all of the BAT's within 10 feet of Duke in his massive P.O.W.E.R. armor, and all systems come back online.

Duke calmly walks through the wall of fire, staring down the COBRA castle and COBRA Commander himself. The fight is on.

CLIP SIX (.wmv)




Not a bad episode from start to end, though some periods of over-acting on the part of Hi-Tech's voice actor left me cringing as I watched the episode.

The opening sequence was pretty cool, covering a mysterious COBRA agent, which then in turn takes out the team. I did like that, and the part where Firefly is actually revealed as the traitor was handled nicely, too. I do wish Stone had some more after effects of the laser blasts, but this is a kid's show, after all.

Firefly comes across pretty mean, which is good, and I enjoy the "Duke's last stand" kind of feeling that the episode left me with. Duke's use of the P.O.W.E.R. Armor was nice, it was a cool tie in to the toy, though his battle with the BAT's seemed kind of forced. I mean, there are thousands of BATs there, and none of them are armed? Huh? It also didn't really explain why Duke's suit suddenly started working okay after it looked like he would be fried. And of course the "Why, Duke, WHHYYYYYYY???" from Hi-Tech definitely didn't help matters.

Not a bad episode...looking forward to part two, where we'll hopefully see more of Stone (and Stone's robotic arm).

The Good:

- Firefly's personality and the twist of Scarlett thinking Stone was the traitor.
- The P.O.W.E.R. Armor looks very cool and was used well
- COBRA Commander's obvious ability to take out the entire Sigma 6 team

The Bad:

- Hi-Tech's voice actor's over-acting tendancies
- The Sigma Strike Duke/BAT battle was pretty neat, but could have been better with more weapons being used

Overall a pretty action-packed and fun episode, though not the best of the season. Looking forward to seeing what happens in the continuation next week.

Next Week on Sigma 6!

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