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The Dragonhawk has been stolen, and Sigma 6 must go retrieve it. They trace the signal to a COBRA Island fortress, but will the small squad of Sigma's be enough to conquer this much larger force? And what happens when the entire island itself starts going up in flames?

Detailed Synopsis:

The episode opens up amidst rows of sand dunes as Tunnel Rat comes flying through in the Dune Runner. Scarlett reports that they lost contact with the Dragonhawk around this location somewhere, but they quickly come upon a destroyed COBRA base. Spirit immediately points out that all of a sudden COBRA seems to always be one step ahead of them, and Scarltt can't help but notice that all of it started when Stone and Firefly joined their team.

Meanwhile, near some jungle islands, Snake Eyes and Kamakura are doing their own investigating, using the Barricuda Jet Boat and Jet Ski to skim the surface of the water, searching for any sign of their stolen aircraft.

CLIP ONE (.wmv)

Inside the Terror Drome, COBRA Commander and Destro are discussing the failed mission to destroy the Sea Titan...but surprisingly, the Commander is not upset. He is happy that Destro provfided a suitable diversion for him to steal the Dragonhawk! Destro seems irrate that he was merely a "bluff", but COBRA Commander is not concerned with his feelings, anddemands that he go to their New Guinea headquarters and start trying to hack the Sigma System software onboard the dropship.

On board the Sea Titan, the Sigma 6 team gets a faint homing signal, that matches the emergency beacon for the Dragonhawk. Firefly is excited to go and get it, but Stone calms him down and suggests that instead of launching an all out attack (since this may be a COBRA trap) they they dispatch smaller teams. Duke leads a team to distract COBRA, while Stone himself sneaks in to retrieve the Dragonhawk dropship. At first, they seem reluctant, but all agree that it may ultimately be the best plan. They all take notice, however, when Firefly calls Stone "the best spy he's ever seen".

Destro arrives at the New Guinea base, and is told that the troopers there are having a hard time cracking the Sigma System encryption. Destro makes his demands well known...he wants the Sigma 6 technology.

The Sea Titan moves in, cloaking itself from COBRA radars, and the Quad (with Duke), VAMP (with Long Range and Firefly), and Barricuda Jet Boat (with Lt. Stone) all deploy to move in.

Stone makes the first move, sneaking inside the caves surrounding the COBRA base. He takes out a COBRA Trooper, and activates his special "Sigma Sight" ability, which scans the COBRA Trooper and then creates a holographic representation of the trooper's uniform on Stone's uniform. Within seconds, he is disguised as one of them.

CLIP TWO (.wmv)

Inside the New Guinea base, Destro receives a communication saying that the Sea Titan is outside their headquarters! Destro scans for cloaked devices, and finds the hidden sub, then launches all ground defenses. The infiltration team looks on helplessly as the missiles scream towards the sub, w/ Hi-Tech and the others on board. As fire rains down on the Sea Titan, they fire up all engines and head out, while Hi-Tech wonders how COBRA found them. Duke orders radio silence the rest of the way and they continue their mission.


CLIP FOUR (.wmv)

Destro deploys BAT's and Mechs to go finish off whatever Sigma members are left as Stone continues his infiltration. Duke, Long Range, and Firefly bring the fight to COBRA's front door, launching a full barrage of weapons fire on the base. Destro diverts all ground forces to go after them. The battle soon rages outside as Stone sneaks further and further into the base. Destro leaves the control room, but appears to re-enter soon after, and sends the Troopers away. The Troopers leave, but Destro is out in the hallway outside! They quickly realize that Stone had disguised himself as Destro, and Destro himself comes running back to the control room. He finds Stone at the controls, and the Lieutenant quickly opens fire with his pistols. The small arms fire seems helpless against Destro's magnetic field, and Stone is forced to leap through the window, down to where the Dragonhawk is being held. He starts bringing it back online, but it's going to take a little while, and Destro has other plans.

CLIP FIVE (.wmv)

Back outside, the Quad and VAMP keep blasting away.

Stone uses everything at his disposal, but it all has no effect on the mammoth COBRA agent, who moves close in. Stone would seem to be out of options...almost. Lt. Stone dials in to the Sea Titan remotely and forces it to resurface...then he takes control of the huge missile onboard...the Defiant! Without hesitation, Stone launches the huge rocket right at the island, in spite of Hi-Tech's hurried advice against it.

Inside the base, Stone informs Destro of his actions, who appears less than pleased.

Back out front, Firefly has exited the VAMP, and is making good use of his flame sticks again, roasting some BAT's, while Long Range gives him some cover. Duke fires up his Quad and moves deeper into the base to try and rescue Stone from the Defiant missile strike.

CLIP SIX (.wmv)

Inside, Stone manages to get in close and pull some sweet martial arts moves on Destro, but his success does not last long. Destro has him pinned and is about to finish him off, but Duke makes a timely appearence, slamming his Quad directly into the COBRA agent! It explodes against his forcefield, but only drives him back. Duke unloads with his pistol, but Destro continues to move in and slaps the weapon aside as if it's nothing. Looming above Duke, it looks like Destro might just have the last laugh... but he realizes too late that while he was facing off against Duke, Stone has snuck into the Dragonhawk cockpit! The Lieutenant unloads with the front chaingun and slams rapid fire into Destro. Destro brings up his magnetic field, but the gunfire pounds and pounds, and knocks him back against the wall, apparently taking him down.


Duke and Stone take off in the Dragonhawk just as the Defiant missile comes crashing down. The tunnels are ablaze as the VAMP is desperately trying to escape the base as it explodes around them, but is not going to be fast enough to avoid the debris scattering around. The Dragonhawk comes flying through the narrow tunnels, and just in time docks with the VAMP, scooping it up, and carrying it off!!


Outside, aboard the Sea Titan, the Island bay is up in flames...Hi-Tech is certain that none of the team made it in time...but they get radar lock! The Dragonhawk and VAMP are soaring through the sky, just barely escaping the island explosion in to fight another day.




Three words: Best. Episode. Ever.

Honestly, that's probably not saying a whole lot where Sigma 6 is concerned, since it doesn't exactly have a spotless track record. But the fact remains, that this episode did just about everything right. We got a ton of new vehicles introduced, like the Barricuda boat and the Dune Runner, and we got to see a LOT of Lt. Stone and Firefly, which is always good. Stone was portrayed excellently, very sneakily infiltrating the COBRA base, and using some new Sigma technology to do so (which worked quite well itself). Destro was shown as the intimidating monster that he should be, but Duke and Stone used realistic methods to overcome his challenge.

The plot wasn't anything too advanced, but it worked can see that they're trying to lead the kids in a few different directions as to who the "traitor" is, leaving some serious clues that it could be Lt. Stone. Once again, the character choices were great...I'm a huge Long Range, Stone, and Firefly fan, so can't go wrong there.

All in all, the episode was fast-paced, fun, and gave you cool new things to see every few minutes. Great work! Season Two is really off to a very impressive beginning, hopefully they'll keep it up.


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