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EPISODE TWO - Invasion

SSigma 6 is all aboard their new Sea Titan watercraft headquarters, but there is a spy onboard. A computer virus cripples their defensive systems just as Destro launches an all out attack...will the team make it through this?

Detailed Synopsis:

COBRA Commander sits in his Terror Drome and hears the good news that his virus (one programmed to strike Sigma 6's new headquarters, the Sea Titan) is within 6 hours of deployment...he is quite pleased and starts making steps to contact Destro and have him launch an attack with the new "Vulture Jets".

Back on the Sea Titan, Lt. Stone is speaking with Hi-Tech about the functions and capabilities of the huge attack craft. Hi-Tech makes some of his trademark alterations, and makes some effort to connect all onboard computer systems to the new Sigma network. Hi-Tech starts bringing all Sigma systems online.

Destro gets the communication from COBRA Commander, who interrupts his testing of the new jets. The Commander wants Destro to divert his testing to Sigma 6's headquarters and launch the jets at them, skipping the testing process entirely. Destro reluctantly agrees and they change course, heading for the Sea Titan's coordinates.

Back aboard the battleship, Firefly, Tunnel Rat, and Heavy Duty are "infiltrating" the kitchen, trying to liberate some late night snacks. They're busted by Stone, Duke, and Scarlett. Shoirtly therafter, Hi-Tech finishing linking the Sigma system to the R.O.C.C. Long Range is sent off by Hi-Tech to go check out his new Sigma 6 attack vehicle, the VAMP! Long Range meets Stone in the motor pool, who lays out the great features of his new jeep.

CLIP ONE (.wmv)

Firefly, Tunnel Rat, and Heavy Duty are getting some sun up on the ship, and the two quickly become buddies with Firefly, the new Sigma 6 agent. Firefly gives them a bit of background on Stone, though he leaves almost everything to their imagination...he apparently is fairly fond of Stone's leadership, even though they all think he's a little "stiff".

Back aboard Destro's Airship, the countdown continues, and Destro launches the Vulture Jets! They come screaming from the Airship, and take up stations around the large COBRA aircraft.

CLIP TWO (.wmv)

Back at Sigma 6 HQ, a mysterious figure installs a computer chip inside the Dragonhawk. Hi-Tech is finishing up the Sigma system link-up, but hasn't gotten to linking up the Dragonhawk or VAMP yet. Turns out they won't have a chance, as their defense grid suddenly lights up with the COBRA air attack closing in. All crewmembers are deployed to battle stations at "full alert", preparing for the incoming assault. Duke starts activating the Sigma 6 control to fire up the Sigma computer system just as the Vulture Jets enter their defense grid. Scarlett launches a full barrage of homing missiles...or tries to. Suddenly, the launch systems fail and the telltale COBRA symbol screams over all computer consoles...the virus is active! This virus locks down all bulkhead doors, trapping most of the Sigma 6 team within the headquarters.

Destro takes the opportunity to direct a full on attack with his jets!

Down inside, Long Range and Stone are in the hanger deck, and they discover that the Dragonhawk and VAMP were not tied into the Sigma System, so they are still usable. Up in the control room, Hi-Tech activates the manual override to open the hanger deck. The Vulture Squadron comes around for another sweep, and Destro directs them to deploy Sky BAT's and attack the bridge itself!

Sky BAT's land on the Sea Titan, unloading with their weapons, but the Dragonhawk and VAMP are waiting for them. Sliding gracefully through the sky, the Dragonhawk whips back and forth, sending Sky BAT's and Vulture Jets crashing to the water below. Long Range is tearing around in the VAMP, down on the deck, doing his own share of damage as well, until a BAT brackets his VAMP with missiles, and the jeep flips. Up in the air, the acrobatic Dragonhawk isn't quite acrobatic enough to avoid all incoming fire, and gets some superficial damage to it as it tries to evade return fire. Destro is quite pleased.


Hi-Tech is trying to reboot the system, but Sky BAT's move in, attacking the control room. Long Range helps out by tagging a few BAT's with his sniper rifle, but he can't get them all. One more soars towards the bridge, and is just about to attack...but more gunfire explodes from below and takes him down. Firefly has arrived!

CLIP FOUR (.wmv)

Sky BAT's launch their own missiles, trying to take out the newcomer, who unleashes his flame sticks and defends himself. Moving like lightning, Firefly starts ripping through the Sky BAT's with his flame sticks and pure fighting skill. Firefly buys just enough time for Hi-Tech to finish running the Sigma system reboot.

Destro brings the airship in, hoping to make a final, crushing blow, but the Sigma System reboots and the floating headquarters transforms into an offensive juggernaut! It launches a barrage of weapons fire and the Vulture jets are completely annihiliated under the onslaught. Destro is indignant, but gets even more worried when the Sea Titan turns its Orien cannon on the airship itself and unloads. The Orien misses, but it totally disables the airship and it comes hurtling towards the ocean surface...Destro and his crew eject in an escape pod just before the airship explodes into the surface of the ocean and sinks deep below.

Meanwhile, Hi-Tech informs Duke and Scarlett that the virus was installed on their system locally...from inside.

As if that's not bad enough, without warning, Stone's unmanned Dragonhawk suddenly fires it's thrusters and takes off into the sky, leaving the team worried about COBRA hacking into their Sigma looks like the COBRA spy has struck again.




Well, this episode started off somewhat off key. I enjoyed the COBRA parts at the beginning, but the bizarre comedic elements of Tunnel Rat and Heavy Duty as always, leave a lot to be desired and take away a lot of personality from the characters. By looking at the toy, you'd think Heavy Duty and Tunnel Rat were dead serious, battle hardened commandos, but they come across almost rediculously inept on the cartoon.

However, these comedic elements seem to come few and far between, which is great. As soon as they're out of the way and we get into the action, this episode picks up immensely. The battle scenes are fantastic, with some very nicely animated Firebats (I have no idea why they're called Vulture Jets) launching an all out attack on the helpless Sea Titan down below. We get introduced to the VAMP, which is always quite cool, and the Dragonhawk performs more of his arial feats, which look nearly perfect. The focus on Long Range, Firefly, and Lt. Stone was very much appreciated, as they are, without a doubt, my favorite characters on the team, and they are portrayed quite well. Firefly's big entrance works perfectly, and seeing him just standing there firing his twin machine guns was a pretty neat image. Long Range provides some awesome support, both inside and outside of his VAMP, and when it comes to the action sequences themselves, this episode really shines.

Gonzo seems to be hitting a stride with their vehicle battles, and I'm happy to see that as a focus in this season. The BAT's look great in CGI, the VAMP rocks, and I love the Dragonhawk, too. Some of the characterizations still leave a lot to be desired, but if you're just looking for a neat action toon, so far this season, Sigma 6 has delivered. Definitely a big upgrade from Season One.


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