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Season one has come and gone, and Sigma 6 lives to fight another battle here in Season Two! As COBRA hunts down the Plasma Field Generator in London, the Sigmas travel across the ocean to stop their evil plans. With the help of some new faces and new vehicles, Duke, Scarlett, and Snake Eyes halt COBRA...for now. But who is that sneaking in the shadows? It would appear not everyone is who they seem to be...

Detailed Synopsis:

Season Two opeans in London, England...Big Ben, the infamous clock tower, to be exact. It's late at night, and a mysterious figure stands perched atop a tall antenna in the midst of the capital of England. What are his plans, and who does he pledge his allegience to?

CLIP ONE (.wmv format)

Next we find COBRA Commander in his top secret "Terror Drome". He's speaking to Zartan, who is on assignment in London trying to procure a "Plasma Field Generator", something that is necessary to the completion of COBRA's latest scheme, the "Terror Drome project".

Zartan is deployed and the Commander instructs Storm Shadow to go to London himself and inform COBRA agents there that the "hour of awakening has come".

Back on American soill, Duke is testing out the new "Panther Quad" alongside Scarlett and Hi-Tech. The test run doesn't last long as Sigma 6 receives a coded message from a mysterious benefactor, instructing them that COBRA is planning operations in London. Hi-Tech suspects the Plasma Field Generator is the target and they deploy immediately.

Meanwhile, in England, the Dreadnoks blast out of the Royal Generation Academy of Physics, the Plasma Field Generator already in their slimy clutches. Their victory is short lived however, as Duke moves in with the new Quad and shoots the Generator free from Machete's motorcycle. He scoops it up and Sigma 6 begins a counter attack!

CLIP TWO (.wmv format)

Snake Eyes arrives on the scene on the Ninja Hovercycle while Scarlett whips overhead in the RHINO copter. The Dreadnoks are outmatched and outclassed. However, the Sigma 6 team ends up separated as they take alternate routes to track down the Dreadnoks. Duke finds himself isolated from his teammembers, and a mysterious figure in the shadows decides to take advantage of the situation!

CLIP THREE (.wmv format)

This mysterious attacker takes potshots at the Sigma 6 leader, eventually sending him and his Quad smashing into the rock formation and lying unconscious.

Back at the battle, Machete faces off against Snake Eyes while Scarlett lays down some serious gunfire at Buzzer and Torch, who are desperately looking for any kind of cover they can find. Suddenly a COBRA airship decloaks in the sky, unloading an entire barrage of missiles at Scarlett. She takes a hit to the copter and goes spiralling to the ground as the ship bears down on Snake Eyes. Zartan orders direct fire upon the Sigma 6 ninja, and anti-surface charges make quick work of the hovercycle. Snake Eyes is pinned on a cliff with the ship closing in, when suddenly missiles appear out of nowhere and strike the airship! A small, nimble, green dropship comes tearing into view, launching more rockets and gunfire at the large COBRA behemoth. Zartan orders the crew to turn and face this new menace.

CLIP FOUR (.wmv format)

The new vehicle is too quick for the airship to get a bead on, and weaves in and out of return fire, plastering the COBRA aircraft with a barrage of gunfire. Zartan decides upon unconventional methods, directing the boosters to fire in reverse and drop the airship to get some distance. They do so, and just when it appears they will be able to smoke this new aircraft with a full compliment of rockets, shields deploy all over this new green aircraft, blocking all missile fire! Unsure what to do next, the airship crew drops "jammers" and zooms away, living to fight another day. Down on the ground, Machete spots the fallen Plasma Field Generator (which flew from the Quad when it crashed from sniper fire)...the Dreadnoks scoop it up and take off to meet up with Zartan.

Duke, Scarlett, and Snake Eyes all meet up, comparing notes, and Scarlett shows Duke the new aircraft that came to their rescue. Hi-Tech intervenes and sends them a communication informing them that they've just received another coded message to meet at some preset coordinates. Duke orders Scarlett and Snake Eyes to attempt to find the Plasma Field Generator while he goes to these coordinates to meet up with their mysterious helper.

Meanwhile, the airship crew has done some repairs to the ship, and is ready to head back to COBRA with the Generator...but Zartan has other plans. He wants to use the generator to shield the ship and go back to take down the new aircraft that so recently humiliated him.

At the preset coordinates, Duke appears, riding the Quad, and finds an old friend.

CLIP FIVE (.wmv format)

Standing at the edge of a cliff, Lt. Stone greets Duke, and the two apparently know each other. But before they can get too re-aquainted, Zartan's massive COBRA airship decloaks and bears down on them! Duke immediately calls Scarlett for assistance while Stone heads for the Dragonhawk to fight back. But the airship has the Plasma Field Generator on their side and shields immediately form around the ship.

The Dragonhawk moves in and engages the airship, but is immediately outmatched. However, Lt. Stone has an ace up his sleeve, and calls in to his cohort Firefly. He directs him to prep offensive weapons!

CLIP SIX (.wmv format)

Stone moves the Dragonhawk out over the water. Duke wonders what he is doing as there is no cover to be had over the open ocean...but very quickly, it becomes obvious that Stone knows something no one else does. He's got friends under that water! Lt. Stone lures the airship over the ocean where Firefly unloads with high powered laser weapons that strike the COBRA airship with a barrage of direct shots. Under the rage of these lasers, the Plasma powered shields are totally shattered, shocking the ship's crew inside.

The source of the laser fire becomes apparent as a huge submersible base emerges from the rocky waters and floats on the surface of the ocean. Firefly is happy that they successfully brought down the shields, but Stone is unhappy because their aiming vectors were slightly off. Had their target been true, the ship should have been destroyed totally. As it is, the COBRA aircraft is bearing back down on them. Zartan is planning on crashing the airship directly into the submarine, sinking them both! But the sub crew has other plans and activates all weapons systems, and impressive display of rocket pods all up and down this massive water-borne vessel. The unstoppable barrage of homing rockets crashes in on the airship, and Zartan finally decides that discretion is the better part of valor, and an escape pod launches just as the airship blasts into pieces and comes down into the water below.

A short time later, Duke and the team meet on the water base to discuss events with Lt. Stone...

CLIP SEVEN (.wmv format)

Duke and Stone evidently did some "Ops Training" together, and apparently General Hawk has been working on this as well, as the "Sea Titan" is revealed to be one of his secret projects. Now that it's fully operational, Lt. Stone and Firefly will be joining the Sigma 6 crew and together they will be serving aboard the vessel and fighting COBRA from anywhere in the world!

THE END... (or is it?)



We're trying something new here at Sigma 6 Central this season, giving our opinions and thoughts about each episode of Sigma 6 Season Two as it airs.

So far, we're off to a great start. Episode One manages to introduce new characters, get a new COBRA scheme under way, bring us lots of action and intrigue, and entertain us all at once. We jump into Season Two with both feet forward and immediately Hasbro and Gonzo seem like they've learned some things from Season One and are really trying to bring some great things to the table here for Season Two. The whole potential traitor storyline, as well as the apparent integration of toys into the cartoon more fluidly, really makes this look like a season to watch.

So far do we think that Sigma 6 has made a huge turn in the right direction? Well, it's tough to tell based on one episode, but this episode was very entertaining, and by the looks of the previews I think the season will continue to be a hit. Lots of vehicle action (which were some of the coolest scenes in the first season), introductions of some more new toy-based characters (like Sigma Strike Duke and Hi-Tech in his Sigma Suit) and some great action all look like they're going to shape up to make a fun second season. So far we're off to a great start.


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