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CODE NAME: Firefly

Specialty: Demolitions


FIREFLY is an expert in the art of sabotage and specializes in explosive devices that disable electronic systems. He worked in covert ops on missions involving computer espionage and was brought onto the SIGMA 6 Team to destroy a sophisticated computer virus created by COBRA to destabilize the world economy. He infiltrated the evil organization and blew up the base's central electronics core, stopping the virus from being transmitted and ending all computerized COBRA activity for over a year. He became a permanet member of the SIGMA 6 Team to provide his expertise in fighting the COBRA B.A.T. troops. His Innovative Devices have provided the team with powerful weapons to deplete the ranks of these dangerous robots.

Weapons and Equipment:

-Spinblast trap: Delivers an explosive electric current to incapacitate its contact point.

-FSE Blaster (Flame Stick Enhanced): Fires standard ammunition and is modified with flame sticks for heat-blasting bayonet function.

-SB Flame Stick (Slow Burn): Emits slow-burning flames for prolonged heat assault.

-CE Flame Stick (Contact Explosion): Emits Charged Flames that explode on contact.


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