8" G.I. Joe - An Intel Report

A month has passed since Toy Fair 2007, and some questions still require answers, so Sigma 6 Central has looked into a few things, hoping to shed some light for fans of the 8" scale.

Combat Squad - First of all, Is this Beachhead? No, it is not. That is Desert Wolf, from the Combat Squad, series one. Beachhead will appear in the third wave of Combat Squad figures, due out near the end of the year. He is designed to closely resemble the Beachhead character we all know and love, and I think it will be a fantastic figure. Also, while recent promotional pictures have shown Shockwave without the cap he was pictured with at Toy Fair, rest assured, he does come with that familiar ball cap in final action figure form. I have seen that a number of folks are somewhat disappointed in the Combat Squad offerings...I can say with some confidence, that Combat Squad will get better as it goes along, and by the time we've got the third series in our hands, there will be some very, VERY neat figures.

Adventure Team - The verdict appears to be in, and yes, this is definitely Recondo.

Commando Assortment - This is where most of the info comes... yes, there is an upcoming assortment of Commandos, including Yakuza Storm Shadow, Samurai Snake Eyes, Red Banshee, and Flint.

- Yakuza Storm Shadow will come in some sort of "street bike gear" and is designed to sort of accessorize with...

- Red Banshee. Yes, Red Banshee is merely a new name for the Streetbike B.A.T. we've seen and heard about. He is designed with a very simplistic transformation sequence and is being considered for the younger crowd. A pretty straight forward transforming toy that also happens to work with Storm Shadow (which is a neat touch, I must say).

- Flint is a figure we don't know a whole lot about yet, but I'm fairly sure that he will not be in any kind of "Kung Fu" theme that many were hypothesizing based on that un-official leaked list.

- Samurai Snake Eyes is also in this assortment, though not much is known as of yet about him. I think it's safe to say he will be designed to play off of the Samurai Storm Shadow from Soldier Wave 3.

One thing that I've really discovered is that these unofficial lists that get "leaked" out can be dangerous due to their inaccuracies. Already we've seen some name differences and from what I've been able to learn, the list we received is in fact NOT accurate. There are releases coming out that are not on that list, and there are releases mentioned on that list that are not hitting retail. Something to definitely keep in mind as figures are announced, let's not get too hung up on what that leaked list said.

2.5" Product - I believe there is still 1 more wave of 2.5" items to hit, though due to the impending termination of the line, production numbers might be on the low side. If you see 'em in stores or online, you'll definitely want to pick them up.

General - Expect some exciting new package cap designs as these new lines hit. Yes, there will be different packaging caps for each assortment (Commando, Combat Squad, and Adventure Team). Combat Squad will have the standard weapons cases, and Adventure Team will have the wooden crates we saw at Toy Fair. The Commando Asst. will have a new and exciting packaging cap, which will be revealed shortly through the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club! Definitely something to look forward to.

I know pictures and info have been somewhat sparse in recent weeks, but that always happens in the month or two after Toy Fair. Rest assured, once convention season heats up in the summer time, I'm certain we'll start really getting a flood of great pictures again.

From the sounds of it, we've got a ton of cool stuff to look forward to in the 8" scale for 2007!

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