Sigma 6 - A 2006 Convention Report

Along with all of the pictures I've been taking for the convention, we've also been getting lots and lots of great information from the Hasbro reps here at the show as well. Here is a lowdown of the info we have so far.

Commando Wave 4

Release Date: September/October, 2006

Key Points (per figure):
Lt. Stone - Removable COBRA Trooper disguise and Zartan mask, removable beret, wide assortment of weapons
COBRA Commander - Removable Battle Helmet, flame theme weapons that may be re-used down the line. No battle damage chest-spinning action.
Zartan - Hood looks cloth in appearence, but it's overlayed over a molded piece so it fits VERY well. Nice bow/crossbow weapons compliment
Snake Eyes w/ Timber - Arctic themed Snake Eyes, Timber is fully articulated and will be appearing in the cartoon.
Storm Shadow - To recoup some tooling costs, Storm Shadow was produced with no new tooling (one of the few figures that has happened with). Some more classic colors, but all re-used weaponry and accessories. I'm not positive this one is being released with all of these others, but I believe so.

Soldier Wave 3

Release Date: September/October, 2006

Key Points (per figure):
Kamakura - Cloth "wingpack" type of thing with built-in sword sheaths.
Spirit - Rubberized vest, snake is either a pet or a captured snake of some kind. Headsculpt is very similar to Commando
Tunnel Rat - His pictured accessories may or may not all be included with the final figure. He was originally slated as a Commando, but swapped to Soldier when CC was made a Commando, so they're not sure all of his gear will fit. His large backpack will have play-doh inside to simulate plastic explosives.

Future Offerings

Release Date(s) early 2007, may hit just in time for the end of '06

Key Points (per figure):
Grand Slam - His rocket launcher is HUGE and has a great recoil action which actually ejects a shell casing when the rocket fires. Very, very cool.
Unknown Storm Shadow - His backpack is a "flightpack" which spins his razor shurikens when activated. The future ninjas of the line will have DOUBLE JOINTED KNEES AND ELBOWS for added poseability!!!
Unknown Snake Eyes - His helicopter pack spins when activated. The future ninjas of the line will have DOUBLE JOINTED KNEES AND ELBOWS for added poseability!!!
Unknown Duke - His oversized laser rifle has a real recoiling firing action

Firefly - Obviously based on his Sigma 6 uniform, though much more sinister. Flame stick fires a rocket, flame gauntlets are removable, plan is to include TWO machine guns as it was supposed to originally. Also have a possible "chainsaw" accessory that will be included.
Shipwreck - Went with a monkey instead of a parrot because it has more potential for cartoon characterization. They consulted a real tattoo artist who will be painting Shipwreck's tattoos eventually (although the sample at the Con was unpainted).

General 8" Notes:

- Those items on the new packaging are blinking red lights to draw attention to the items on store shelves. According to market research, kids completely "went nuts" for the packaging and were immediately drawn to them.

- The plan from here on is to better stagger Commando and Soldier releases so that new product is more consistently on store shelves.

- Flint and a COBRA Trooper are being seriously considered for additions to the line. Rumor has it, there may already be a Soldier Class COBRA Trooper in the works for early 2007, though the design will be based more on the classic COBRA Viper look than the look in the cartoon.

- Lt. Stone is British and works with Firefly in England before Sigma 6 ends up there to use their state of the art craft as a base of operations.

- The design team loves the idea of making a Scarlett figure, but is still working out a way to make it possible to do so. No real change on that front. Females will be making a strong appearence in the 2.5" line and they will use the sales of those items as a measuring stick to how well the 8" stuff might potentially do. So, if you want to see Scarlett in 8" form, buy up all the female 2.5" sets you see! ;)

- They will be striving VERY hard to expand the cast more and have less of a focus on Duke and Snake Eyes. Already we saw Stone, Zartan, Shipwreck, and Grand Slam here on display, so I'd definitely agree with them.

- Hasbro has some great thoughts in mind for future B.A.T. troopers, though they could not reveal any concrete details.

General 2.5" Notes:

- Change in scale was brought about by extensive kid testing and they found that kids really preferred the smaller to handle vehicles to the larger 3 3/4" ones. The smaller scale also gives them a lot more flexibility with elaborate vehicle designs and larger vehicles which will still come in at a reasonable price point.

- The figures are meant to represent a modern day "Green Army Men" feel. Some will be stylized statue-like action figures, some will be articulated. The focus is 100% meant to be on the vehicles, with the figures only as a compliment to them.

- Dragonhawk's motorcycle deployment is AWESOME. The turbines rotate, and when the crate drops, it pops open automatically and the Ninja Lightning TEARS across the floor/table. Very, very cool.

- Expect some serious female presence in the 2.5" line. Scarlett was present, as well as the Baroness, and a Jinx prototype was seen at the first roundtable.

-RHINO copter is a scaled down version of the original.

- Mission manuals are little mission layouts within the packaging that give kids an idea of what to use their Joes for, what missions to go on. They're very cool.

- Keep your eyes on S6C, we will have a sneak preview of a 2.5" set here within the coming days.

General Cartoon Notes:

- Hasbro is going to renew a focus on story for the second season. They understand the frustration with some of the plot points of flow of Season One and are going to try to take a big leap forward with season two. The first episode was premiered at the Con, and I can say without hesitation that they have made good strides.

- Premier Episode will be in September. Sigma 6, without a headquarters, heads to England to investigate COBRA's latest threat. While there, they get attacked by a COBRA Battleship, but are saved at the last minute by a state of the art helicopter and expert pilot. The pilot is Lieutenant Stone, who works with his personal agent Firefly and the European military. When they stop COBRA's attack, Sigma 6 joins up with this European contingent and Stone and Firefly come onto the team. They are not shown in Sigma 6 uniform in the first episode, the first episode features Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Stone, Firefly, Zartan (and the Dreadnoks) primarilly. COBRA Commander makes an appearence of course (in his classic look, not the new black one).

- Lots of heavy duty vehicle action!


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