The Sigma 6 Battle Files

What would happen if the Sigma 6 toys were in a slightly more mature universe? Sigma 6 Central takes a whack at working up some bio's for these awesome characters that breathe a whole new life into the toys.

These are fanfic bio's, nothing official, just something for fun.

Sigma 6


Code Name: Duke
Real Name: Hauser, Conrad S.
Sigma 6 Field Commander

Primary Specialty: Command Intelligence
Secondary Specialty: Tactics

Master Sergeant Conrad Hauser was what you would expect from your typical top-of-his class West Point graduate. Straight-edged, followed orders to a "T" and was the epitome of what the United States military looked for in their soldiers. He took great pride in his work and revelled in being "in the trenches" with his men. After graduating, Hauser breezed through Ranger school at Fort Benning and was promptly offered a spot in Officer Candidate's school, which he emphatically turned down. He saw officers as the men behind the scenes...desk jockeys who merely made the bad decisions that the field troops were forced to carry out. Sergeant Hauser didn't want to be that kind of man. Rumor has it his superiors were somewhat put off by his attitude and he was immediately sent to the middle east. If he was so fired up about field operations, that's what he was going to get.

He served several tours in numerous different middle eastern conflicts and shined in the face of adversity. His squads had a near-perfect success rate and Sergeant Hauser was truly at the top of his game. However, you can only get so far on battlefield skills and wartime savvy, and eventually, whenever he had to deal with supervisors, he got under their skin, and his bristly attitude, tempered by years of field operations, earned him the spite and disdain from many a supervising officer. Conflicts with upper echelon commanders became more and more prevelant and his duties became more and more hazardous to his health.

Meanwhile, the COBRA organization began showing it's ugly head within the shadows, and people in the United States government started to realize something had to be done. Two-star General Clayton Abernathy was appointed as the direct head of the anti-COBRA task force, and immediately determined that sanctions, diplomacy, and beurocracy were not going to do the trick here. They needed an assault force. However, not just an assault force...since COBRA itself was at this point a top secret threat so as not to alarm the general public, the U.S. Government needed an equally top secret force to stop this threat. A force of soldiers not afraid to wipe themselves from existence...not afraid to go so deep under the radar that they do not exist. Willing to sacrifice anything to fight for the freedom of their country and their countrymen.

General Abernathy, taking the code name Hawk, began searching out the perfect members of this team. Not only highly skilled an expert soldiers, but men without families, without lives, and without anything to lose. Sergeant Hauser appeared on his radar almost immediately. Hauser's life WAS the military. He had no time for a wife, for kids, or for extra caricular activities. When he wasn't at wartime he was advising those who were, or he was studying up on tactics...and best of all, Hauser was on a blacklist. The Pentagon brass wanted him buried where they didn't have to deal with him or worry about him. Just what Hawk needed.

With General Abernathy in charge, the administrative costs for Sigma 6 were properly routed through the correct secret channels and a significant budget was immediately allocated to face the secret new threat of COBRA. Using this budget, Hawk set up Sigma 6 as a testing ground of sorts for cutting edge equipment and weaponry, far beyond what was known to the public. This allowed them to operate at a high level of competence, and also gave them the ability to disavow any members captured behind enemy lines, since they were using equipment unknown to the general public at large.

Sergeant Hauser jumped at the chance to head up this team of determined, devoted individuals, and proceeded to help the General choose his team members.

Code Name: Torpedo
Real Name: Leialoha, Edward W.
Navy S.E.A.L.

Primary Specialty: Sea Operations
Secondary Specialty: Demolitions

Weapon Proficiency: Switchfire modular firearms; mini-sub; all Nato and Warsaw Pact Small Arms and Explosives

Torpedo was the man in charge of S.E.A.L. Team Eight and was personally responsible for leading many top secret operations behind enemy lines. An expert at tactical planning as well as extremely proficient at executing those planned operations. He worked hand-in-hand with the Department of Defense, and was the go-to guy when planning operations, specifically in the Middle East. Leialoha had spent many of his years as a S.E.A.L. working the Persian Gulf region and had quickly become an expert in his field. His close work with the Muslim culture gave him knowledge that he could use, and a tactical advantage. He relayed this information perfectly, until one fateful night.

Leialoha led Team Eight to an Operational Objective where they were instructed to hold tight and monitor the goings-on within. Torpedo followed his orders, but became disturbed when their objectives appeared to have hostages...and the hostages appeared to be Americans. Drawing from his vast playbook of experience when dealing with terrorists, Torpedo elected to move the team in and prepare for an extraction. But these were not normal terrorists. Team Eight decended on their targets, and quickly found, not your typical ragtag group of extremists, but an exceedingly well-equipped and highly trained squad of combatants. They wore heavy body armor and helmets, red facemasks and carried top of the line automatic weapons. The Americans that the S.E.A.L.s had gone in to save ended up being members of this terrorist organization, and immediately turned upon their would-be rescuers. The entirety of Team Eight was brutally gunned down by this unusual enemies, leaving Torpedo as the sole survivor. Shot numerous times in his body armor, as well as in his body, Torpedo slipped away and dropped into the water, barely making it back to the LZ alive.

As he healed, he studied up on this apparent new menace and searched long and hard for the mysterious snake-like logo they wore on their uniforms. His determined searching for an answer to this new, unknown danger, threw up numerous red flags high up the chain of command. Just as Torpedo finished his last physical therapy appointment and was prepared to return to a desk job, something he wanted no part of, General Clayton Abernathy caught up with him. He extended an offer to join Sigma 6, and Torpedo did not hesitate to sign up.

Code Name: Heavy Duty
Real Name: Morris, Lamont A.
Heavy Weapons Specialist

Primary Specialty: Heavy Machine Gunner
Secondary Specialty: Experimental Weaponry

Lamont Morris grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in the inner city of Chicago, Illinois, which is why, when he expressed an extreme interest in classical music at the age of 9, his parents were ecstatic. He loved the sound of the heavy bass and the deep horns, and would get immersed in Bach for hours on end. Quickly taking up the cello, Morris had found a new love. Or at least thought he did.

He rode his musical ability through High School and into college, but by his Sophomore year, he was feeling somewhat empty inside. He loved his music and loved school, where he had an affinity for physics and mechanical engineering, but he still felt like there was this hole in his life. After school one day a friend of his invited him to a shooting range after school, and he relunctantly agreed, certain that his parents would not approve. Several hours later, he had a new love.

Still, Morris was not sure how to express that love outside of merely going to the range after school (sometimes skipping music practice along the way)...however after the events of September 11, 2001, he simply knew what he had to do. Much to the severe chagrin of his parents, Morris dropped out of school in his Junior year and signed up with the Marines. Starting in basic, he simply excelled, picking up every new skill and duty as if it was something he had done for years. He began weight-lifting and coasted through his early years, finally deciding to specialise in Heavy Weapons. The feeling of the M-249 in his hands was the closest thing he could come to a cello, and the noise was pure music to his ears, even more than the Bach and Beethoven he had loved so much. But it wasn't just the shooting. Unlike the instruments he played, these machine guns were absolute marvels of mechanical engineering and he was simply fascinated by their design and operation. He quickly became very well versed in their use, function, operation, and construction, and actually began to design ways to try and make them better.

This got the attention of his commanding officers, and they immediately recommended him for an advanced project designing experimental weaponry and working on improving the weapons the military currently used. Once again, Morris excelled, his brains, brawn, and enthusiasm all combining to give the Marines just what they had wanted. A highly motivated, determined individual with the body and brains to back it up.

Morris caught the attention of someone else during all of this as well...General Clayton Abernathy. He inquired as to the family status of the young man and learned that his parents were so outraged by this change in focus, that they had practically disowned him. He had not had any contact with them in a few years. Hawk approached the young man, who was at first, quite hesitant. But as soon as Hawk showed him the liquid-cooled tri-barrel chain gun that was in prototype stage in the Sigma 6 arsenal, Morris was hooked. It was the perfect marriage...the intelligence to operate and improve the machinary, and the immense phyisical bulk needed to actually USE it. Heavy Duty came on board and is currently working with other techs behind the scenes designing Sigma 6's weaponry and equipment to be the most cutting edge it can be.

Code Name: Long Range
Real Name: Garcia, Alejandro
Marksman/Motor Pool Specialist

Primary Specialty: Sniper
Secondary Specialty: Transportation Expert

Weapon Proficiency: All known models of long range assault weaponry and sniper rifles; NATO and Warsaw pact small arms

In Garcia's hometown, there are two constants with the youth movement: cars and guns. Growing up in a low income part of Mexico, Garcia became accostamed to a life of violence very early on. When he was a young child, he and his family witnessed a ganglords murder by a rival drug kingpin...unfortunately, the drug kingpin witnessed them as well. Within the week a car bomb detonated at the family house and killed Garcia's parents before his eyes. Fearing for his own safety, the child thought it best that the world considered him dead and merely faded away, living on the streets of Mexico.

He met some friends along the way, and these friends quickly introduced him to the culture of guns and cars that shaped the rest of his life. However, he had a method to his madness as he dove deep into this culture, and spent every waking moment gaining experience and background in those two critical componants of his upcoming life. Garcia trained hard and worked hard, and within five years, he was an expert shot with a rifle and could tear down the engine block of a '75 Dodge in record time. His reasonings for this were less than noble, as he yearned for some measure of revenge against the druglord that claimed his family's life. A year later he got it.

Studying tactics as well as firearms in the years since his family's killing, Garcia snuck into the compound one night, using his youth to his advantage, squeezing in small places and narrowly escaping approaching guards. He carried a Remington long barrel with him in a black duffle bag. By the end of the night, the drug lord had a bullet between his eyes, and Garcia would never be the same again. Feeling immense guilt for what he had done, Alejandro swore to change his life. The day he turned 18 he applied for a Visa to go to the United States, and a year later he was training to be a police officer in the Alberqueque PD. He did quite well and rose up the ladder swiftly, joining the S.W.A.T. team soon after as a sniper. His success rate there was terrific, and even as he did double duty as their chief mechanic and motor pool director, he racked up quite a ring of successful arrests and take downs. In fact, the level of his skills became legendary the day he took down two suspects with one shot, missing three hostages in between. It was a once-in-a-lifetime shot, but one that came easy to the young man.

During his time at the police department, he worked with Special Investigator Charlie Iron-Knife, and the two became friends as they compared notes and talked shop often. Even as Investigator Iron-Knife moved on to bigger things, they kept in touch and Garcia often longed for the bigger picture. He was getting very good at doing what he did, but he could see the glass ceiling and wasn't sure what else might lie beyond. He took this time to study philosophical figures as well as special weapons and tactics and gained a particularly cheery outlook on life. Feeling redeemed for his work in Law Enforcement, he swore to work for the people as long as he possibly could, and as skilled as he was, he kept on improving.

This did not go unnoticed, and a few years later, Garcia found himself in the Marine Sniper School, as an instructor. He had found new life in the military and was loving what he was doing, not only his field work and his training with renowned sniper legend Cooper MacBride, but with his work in designing and engineering new weapons. His background in mechanical work and firearms combined to give him a unique outlook...and this unique outlook grabbed the attention of General Abernathy, who asked him to join Sigma 6. Long Range agreed, thinking a covert mission against a potential global threat would give him the best chance to do good.

Code Name: Spirit Iron-Knife
Real Name: Iron-Knife, Charlie

Primary Specialty: Tracker
Secondary Specialty: Intelligence

Charlie Iron-Knife grew up on a reservation in New Mexico surrounded by folks that were angry and jaded. Native Americans in his area had been put down and oppressed for many years, and they had a well-deserved chip on their shoulder. However, while most of his family and friends complained about their lives and what was missing from it, Iron-Knife decided to do something about it. Instead of complaints, he decided at an early age to put his nose to the grindstone and prove his worth. If others couldn't see him for what he was, that was their problem, but he was going to do his best to thrive and succeed in spite of what his family and friends claimed.

So, as soon as he turned 18, he left the reservation and left his life behind to join the Police. He started off as a beat cop, but quickly rose to rank of Special Investigator. He had a keen deductive mind and an amazing analytical ability that blew his superiors away. He quickly gained a reputation for an almost supernatural power of deduction and profiling as he single handedly tracked down his regions' most prolific criminals. His desire for justice was met with an equal desire for knowledge of his history and his background, however, and Iron-Knife became well-versed in the history of his people, to the point where he adorned his arms with warpaint tattoos to show his support for his people. While the senior officers of his department were not wild about this idea, his skills were simply too good to pass up, and they often looked the other way, since he was ultimately getting terrific results.

Soon, though, it became harder and harder for him to work in a hostile environment as several of his fellow officers simply could not overlook his obvious devotion to what they determined to be an ancient and purposeless culture...his refusal to "get with the times" ultimately rubbed too many people the wrong way, and when a position opened up at the federal level, they were happy to have him move on. However much he excelled in the municipal level, he did even better as a federal agent. Whether he was profiling, or running field operations, his skills, decuctive prowess, and raw physical ability seemed almost intimidating. He could outthink, outmatch, and outfight nearly everyone he faced, and he was getting great results.

Great enough so that folks took notice, and when General Abernathy put out feelers for a recon man, Long Range immediately recommended his friend, and Spirit easily passed muster. Originally, Iron-Knife was hesitant, but once he got a glimpse of the prototype techno-bow and arrow system, his desire to use the weapons of his forefathers took over, and he eagerly agreed to join.

Code Name: Snake Eyes
Real Name: Classified

Primary Specialty: Infiltration
Secondary Specialty: Silent Weapons

There is very little known about the mystery man called "Snake Eyes" and even less has been declassified. What is known is that he had a pretty normal childhood with your typical middle class family, and as the time came to go to college, needed to find a way to pay for it. He joined the ROTC to help assist in paying for school, and his father was proud of him for doing so. However, he was, again, your typical teenager and shortly after beginning college, after a particularly eventful weekend of partying, he ended up in a prison hospital, arrested for drunk driving and needing his stomach pumped. His family began their drive up to pick him up, but would never arrive, as they themselves met up on the wrong side of a drunk driver and were all killed in a horrible car accident.

"Snake Eyes" took the news badly, to put it mildly. He immediately felt responsible for what had happened to his parents and his sister, and decided then and there that he would not make the same mistake again. He immediately gave up all vices and devoted his attention 110% to the military, swearing that he would make the lives better for other people to make up for his own shortcomings. "Snake Eyes" excelled at what he did, pushing himself to all limits of his physical and mental ability and becoming one of the most notorious soldiers to ever walk through boot camp. His name was spoken in hushed whispers, but not for long...very soon, more quickly than ever before, special forces came calling and "Snake Eyes" was offered a chance to apply for Delta Force. He went for it and became one of the youngest members of Delta Force to ever have successfully joined up. Again, he excelled, tearing up the training courses, pushing himself beyond all normal limits, and again, his efforts and skills were noticed by superiors. What was noticed even more strongly, though, was his attitude. His sense of devotion, determination, and focus was completely off the charts and immediately moved him onto the short list for "Black Ops" duties. He had no family, no real friends, and he lived to push himself, so his superiors took advantage of this and sent him on the harshest missions, the dirtiest jobs, and the stuff no one else wanted to do. This is where he met Thomas Arashikage.

Tommy was also a member of Delta Force and excelled much in the same way Snake Eyes did. He came from an extremely strict Asian background, but instead of rebelling against it, he honed it and used it as motivation to become the best he could. The two became fast friends and often worked together on dark ops and wetwork missions totally off the books. In the SpecOps circles, they became known as the "Blood Brothers". They worked in perfect synch, each one complimenting the other perfectly, and each one with skills and traits that the other lacked. It was a friendship and a working relationship that seemed ordained.

However, Snake Eyes had grown to learn at that point that fate is a cruel mistress, and just when things seem perfect, is when they tend to go the most wrong. The two men got sent on a top secret mission to a small island of the coast of Japan owned by a middle-aged man. According to the U.S. intelligence, this man was a high ranking Yakuza official who was financing some middle eastern terrorist cells throughout the world. The Blood Brothers were ordered to move in and take him down. Early surveillance immediately threw some red flags, however, as Arashikage immediately recognized their target to be his uncle. Nicknamed the "Hard Master", Arashikage's uncle worked close with the Yakuza clan, but in actuality was an innocent businessman who was held at the Yakuza's mercy and forced to work with them. Tommy flatly refused to continue with the mission, but Snake Eyes stood fast to his belief in the U.S. intelligence and fully intended to complete the operation. Tommy turned on him immediately, but Snake Eyes won the brief contest, overpowering his partner and binding him, then leaving to complete the mission. He arrived and confronted the Hard Master, and immediately had second thoughts. The elder Arashikage saw a lot of his beloved nephew in Snake Eyes' spirit and they spoke for a long while...Snake Eyes felt at ease, and knew that what he was doing was a mistake...but what happened next changed his life forever.

Sent by COBRA Commander to eliminate the "Hard Master", who was believed to be turning state's evidence against his Yakuza "partners", a deadly assassin known only as "Zartan" broke into the Arashikage compound. Using state of the art optical camouflage, he easily overpowered the Delta Force commando and brutally murdered Arashikage. He vanished into the night and Snake Eyes awoke just in time to see Tommy Arashikage, who had freed himself, walk in the door with him standing over the dead body of his uncle. A battle immediately ensued, and Tommy was fueled by a blind rage that would simply not listen to reason and not look at the facts in front of him. Blaming Snake Eyes for the death of his uncle, he struck hard and fast and the fight was violent. It ended with a shotgun blast to Snake Eyes' face which tore off most of his skin, visciously scarred his facial features, and damaged his vocal chords beyond repair. Tommy left him lying in a bloody heap, thinking he had just gotten his well-deserved revenge for the murder of his innocent uncle. He dropped his webgear and disappeared into the Asian night, swearing vengeance on the United States government for this botched operation.

But Snake Eyes was not dead. Scarred for life and unable to speak, the soldier merely regained his focus as much as he could...but his place was not in Delta Force any longer. His look was now dinstinctive and could be traced back to them, and without vocal chords, his communication skills would not work well in a team environment, so he was encouraged to look elsewhere. Look he did, and he quickly became a solo operative for the National Security Agency, specializing in espionage and intelligence, and as usual, his skills were well suited to the task. While he had known Arashikage for the years that he had, he trained with him in the ancient martial arts. He learned the art of stealth, bladed combat, and a vast array of martial arts disciplines. The two men had spent nearly all of their time together during those years, and the training showed. This training helped him out immensely in his new capacity, and using his agility, martial arts, and silent weapons skills, he became an expert infiltrator and spy. Essentially the top of his class. Once the COBRA threat began showing its head, he was on the short list for people to call. General Abernathy met with him in secret, but was not hopeful, fearing that his limited communication skills would provide a large obstacle to overcome. However, he found Snake Eyes to be very easy to communicate with and very willing to do whatever was necessary to get the job done. He was invited to join Sigma 6 as the resident Commando and Espionage expert.

Code Name: Kamakura
Real Name: Collins, Sean
Silent Weapons

Primary Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Specialty: Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor

Weapon Proficiencies: Mystic sword arts and silent weapons; limited knowledge in small arms

Sean Collins was an all American kid with a determined father who left him much to live up to. Wade Collins was a father of two and a career military man, but after three tours in the Middle East, he became somewhat jaded with the current state of the United States Government. His son Sean, meanwhile only heard praise and terrific things wherever he went in his hometown about what a great man his father was and how much great stuff he was doing for his country and his life. Sean took this as motivation and began studying the martial arts at age 7. By the time he was 16, he was a black belt in three different styles and a state champion several times over, but still longed for more. On a class field trip to San Francisco, Sean left the group and ventured into Chinatown, searching for a real martial arts school...not an Americanized one. He found what he was looking for and dropped out of school, much to his father's anger and disdain. Sean Collins quickly faded from existance, devoting all of his time to training and making himself a better warrior, and eventually his family completely lost track of him.

This was the last straw for Wade Collins, who had grown increasingly impatient with his Government, and even more so when he asked for their help to locate his son. At this point Sean was 18, and if he didn't want to be found, then there was really nothing they could do. Enraged in general, the elder Collins lashed out at his superior officer, and bore the brunt of the consequences, being dishonorably discharged, and facing a possible even court martial. After all of the years of service, Wade was completely beside himself, and at this time happened upon a young recruiter for COBRA, seeking out disenfranchised people with military backgrounds throughout the country. He was promised assistance in locating his son, and joined up eagerly. Not too long afterwards, he arrived in San Francisco with some of his new friends and quickly tracked down his eldest son. Wade Collins eagerly tried to encourage his son to join up with the group, but Sean refused. In anger, his father unleashed the COBRA squad upon the school and massacred everyone within, Sean narrowly escaped.

The younger Collins was understandably concerned, and immediately contacted one of Wade Collins' close brothers-in-arms, Sergeant Wilkenson of the Army Rangers. Wilkenson, being somewhat privy to behind the scenes action in the Pentagon, passed the word up the chain to General Abernathy, who decided to meet with Sean, even though he had no practical military experience, figuring his knowledge of his father and first-hand experience with COBRA might prove useful. Snake Eyes and Kamakura hit it off well and quickly formed a Master/Apprentice type of relationship. Snake Eyes continues to work to add some military and real-world know how to Kamakura's already impressive martial arts skills to hope to create a warrior for the future. Meanwhile, Kamakura continues his own personal crusade to bring his father, and his new teammates, to justice.

Code Name: Tunnel Rat
Real Name: Lee, Nicky

Primary Specialty: Covert Operations
Secondary Specialty: Explosive Ordinance Disposal

Weapon Proficiencies: All NATO and Warsaw pact small arms and explosive devices

Nicky Lee grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in Brooklyn, but refused to let his life continue down that path. Even as a kid he was the class clown, always telling jokes, and always being good for a laugh, but inside he still felt as if his life lacked direction and focus. Even as he proceeded into high school he really didn't know what he wanted to do with his life and where he was going, but he did have an interest in civil engineering. When he was within a year of graduation, his father lost his job at a local factory, and Nicky was forced to leave school to try and help pay the bills. He became a sewer worker, and found an odd comfort within the tunnels beneath the hustling and bustling streets of New York was calm and comfortable down there.

Shortly after starting his job, he and his parents were attending a function in Manhatten, on the morning of September 11th. They were caught in Tower 1 as it came crashing down around them. Nicky Lee lost his parents, but his experience with tunnels, caverns, and crevices saved his life that day, and he was forever changed emotionally as well.

The next week, the young man joined the military and in no time was an Army Ranger in jungle operations around the world. He loved what he did, and his out-of-the-box thinking got him some high marks, but some harsh words as well. He always seemed to find creative solutions to problems, and most of the time it worked, however there were times that it didn't, and both got noticed at high levels of the U.S. Government. General Abernathy just happened to be looking for out of the box thinkers, though, and he stumbled upon Lee's files. After a quick interview, and a demonstration of his sharp wit, Hawk determined that Tunnel Rat belonged on the Sigma 6 team.

Barrel Roll
Real Name: Dwight Stall

Primary Specialty: Espionage
Seconary Specialty: Marksmanship Instructor

Dwight Stall seemed to have it all. Star High School Quarterback...cheerleader girlfriend...the perfect family. On the surface, he coasted through the early parts of his life on his well above average intelligence and inherent physical ability, getting great grades in school, playing sports and being a very popular person in school. But perhaps it was because he had it all that he felt like his life was lacking in anything substantial. After scoring 1450 on his SAT's, he was invited to Dartmouth College on full scholarship. Stall agreed to go, but two weeks after he turned eighteen he shocked everyone he knew by joining the Marines. He felt obligated with all of his skills and abilities, to put them in service of his country and his family, and suddenly he felt fulfilled.

Stall buzzed through basic and eagerly joined up with the Marine Sniper School, but he caught the eye of his superiors almost instantly, and quickly got intodoctrinated into Officer Candidate's school. His excellent physical prowess translated to the training field perfectly, and he picked up weapons operations, tactics, and basic skills remarkably quickly. As much as Stall loved to work in the field, his remarkable intelligence and tactical knowledge pushed him more into the intelligence field, but he quickly found a great middle ground, working in tactical operations for the Marine Corps.

He soon got involved with the Central Intelligence Agency as well, and found his true calling with their prototype test-weapons program. His practical thought processes and tactical knowledge led an interesting perspective to the CIA's prototype weapons agency, and he was behind such items as the Predator remote spy craft and other items. In fact, it was the follow up to the Predator that brough him his notoriaty, a single-person "Jet-Wing" air craft with a small enough form factor to infiltrate many places, but still packed with enough weaponry for offense and defense as needed. But it was tough for them to find people willing to test pilot these cutting edge mini-vehicles, so Stall did the only thing he could...he learned to fly them himself. In the five year design and implementation process, Stall became amazingly well-versed at the operation and integration of the "Jet-Wing" Rocket Assault pack, and by the time final models were produced, he could fly it with incredible skill and precision. He loved the feel of the wind whipping past him as he tore through the skies with only two metal wings and a jetpack slapped to his back...this is what he was here for, he decided then and there.

But something happened shortly that would change his perspective somewhat.

Dwight had always had a strained relationship with his brother Thomas...the younger (and smaller) Stall Brother had always had some resentment for Dwight's skills and abilities, but instead of merely working harder to try and match them, he let his resentment fester and boil, eventually just spilling into a vicious hatred of anything and everything his brother did. Where Dwight voluntarily joined the military, Thomas was shipped off to military school for his reckless disobedience and refusal to follow simple everyday rules. However, Thomas seemed to finally feel comfortable in the military, and became quite the marksman, also joining the Marine Sniper School, ironically enough. By the time he was there, though, Dwight had already joined the CIA and moved on to bigger things. Even though Thomas seemed to love the military on the surface, his twisted psychological make up made him easy to "turn" and he had apparently conspired with terrorists within the U.S from the start (more information in Blackout's Battle Files Entry). During a nighttime raid of a special weapons storage facility, Thomas was cornered and took hostages. Dwight happened to be stationed at this facility, and was asked to speak with his brother to try and negotiate hostage release. It worked to a certain extent, and Thomas allowed Dwight to replace his hostages.

The two Stall brothers' always cool relationship burned white hot in the next few minutes, and Thomas finally decided he was done. He shot his brother Dwight twice in the chest, and escaped with his stolen gear, ironically enough, most of it the foundation of what would become the "Sigma Suits" and Sigma 6 technology.

Dwight Stall somehow managed to survive the gunshot, and after a long recovery process, he found himself joined by General Clayton Abernathy. While Dwight was recovering, apparently his brother Thomas had made a publicized turn to COBRA, a terrorist organization. General Abernathy thought that perhaps Dwight's relationship with his brother might help them get inside his head and get some input into the evil organization. Not only that, but with the circumstances surrounding Dwight's shooting, he could easily be written off as dead and moved into the Sigma 6 organization. Dwight agreed readily, but only if he could bring the "Jet-Wing" along as part of the Sigma 6 arsenal. They fit together like a glove.

Real Name: Classified

Primary Specialty: Demolitions
Secondary Specialty: Electronic Warfare

Weapon Proficiencies: FSE X-36 Machine gun; Experimental "Flame Stick" weaponry and "Pyro Grenades"; A wide assortment of NATO explosive devices and advanced detonation equipment. Proficient in all current network operating systems and security

The man known currently as only "Firefly" was once a child, and an intelligent and inquisitive one to boot. Like many children his age he was infinitely interested in construction and physical sciences, but unlike many children his age, his joy came not from building, but instead from finding the best ways to DE-construct his creations. For hours on end, Firefly would tirelessly build structures out of Legos, Erector sets, and building blocks, only to study his design and find the quickest way to completely destroy what he had spent hours building. He found more joy in the few seconds of destruction than he did in the hours and hours of building it up.

His fascination with destruction continued into young adulthood, and after several run ins with his parents and the law, the young man ended up in boarding school with strict regulations and even stricter instructors. Firefly was a cocky, highly intelligent kid, and as such, raised the ire of many other kids there, including some of the larger, more intimidating kids in school. The young man found himself often confronted by the larger boys, and would be on the receiving end of many a shoving match. Firefly, being the highly intelligent opportunist became friendly with the school's physical education instructor and began trading computer services for training. While in school, Firefly quickly found his access to physical destruction severely limited...but his skills grew. He quickly found that while a physical detonation device could drop a building, someone proficient enough in computer technologies could potentially bring down an entire COUNTRY. So while he could not blow anything up, he dove into the world of code-writing and computer sciences, and parlayed this knowledge to his advantage.

While he assisted his instructor in setting up the school website and servers, he grew stronger, faster, and more skilled by the week. He trained as he thought: quick, hard, and determined. Within a few months, the larger boys had begun backing off, and those unlucky enough to confront the young man quickly learned the errors of their ways.

Ultimately, though, the young Firefly could not contain himself any longer...he began sneaking out at night and exploring his arsonist desires...his lack of access to common detonation devices made the young man more creative, and as such, enhanced his knowledge all the more. He had to think outside of the box and in doing so, grew his knowledge by leaps and bounds. Combining his computer skills with his explosive skills, Firefly became an exceptionally skilled destructive expert, and immediately gained the attention of underground mafia members and law enforcement personnel all at once. His intelligence matched his skill, so he easily evaded the authorities and kept his profile low, which only served to raise his legendary status. "The Firefly" became his call sign, and he began signing his work, and also used this name in his hacker circles, growing his reputation even more. But as A-type personalities usually do, he got ahead of himself, and gained the attention of the FBI.

Two weeks before his graduation, Firefly simply...disappeared.

The National Security Agency became very intrigued while following the mysterious "Firefly's" computer trail, and learned about his explosive skills as well. One night at his school, two agents paid him a visit and invited him to Maryland to have a little talk. Firefly was hesitent, but the NSA spooks were quite "persuasive" and he found himself on a red-eye to an NSA branch office, not knowing who these people were or what they wanted from him. After some conversation, Firefly grew to like the idea of using his skills an "authorized" way and agreed to working for the National Security Agency on a provisional basis. While Firefly began diving into the world of online warfare and network security, he began his physical field training with the NSA and took to it like a fish to water. As his mental skills assisted in the NSA's tracking of computer criminals, the NSA's training facility enabled him to grow his physical skills. He was getting paid to learn more about explosives, detonation, sabotage, firearms, and was using his computer security skills to track some of the most advanced cyber-criminals on the planet. Within a year, Firefly had honed his weaponry skills, explosive ordinance talents, and his computer skills all at once, to the point where he was one of the only NSA Agents doing desk work and field work simultaneously.

Life was good...but Firefly was always looking for a new challenge. Shortly, he found it.

His work with the NSA quickly became noticed by top operatives in the United States government and General Abernathy especially took some interest in him. While something about his cocky attitude and smug look rubbed the General the wrong way, he could not argue with his raw talent and exceptional skills, and when a COBRA virus threatened to wreack havok on the country, the General made steps to get Firefly in on the Sigma 6 team to work to stop it. The NSA and Firefly took it a step further and within a month, Firefly was deep undercover, infiltrating the COBRA organization itself, working from within to try and get a handle on this mysterious new computer virus program.

For months, Firefly disappeared completely off the radar. The NSA didn't seem exceptionally concerned, since they work constantly with deep cover agents, but General Abernathy was somewhat bothered by the sudden lack of contact. But one day, Firefly made contact and within 48 hours was back in Sigma 6 control, and COBRA's North American B.A.T. construction plan was totalled. The warehouse burned to the ground, the virus was destroyed, and COBRA, it would seem, was thrown back by years...everything came up roses.

Yet, still, something bothered the General about the whole situation. Firefly's overly cocky attitude and the relative ease with how he escaped just seemed too convenient, even though his impact on the COBRA organization was obvious. The NSA pressured the General, though, and he begrudgingly allowed Firefly back as a permenant member of the Sigma 6 team. Firefly took an immediate interest in the experimental flame-based weaponry, and became the Sigma 6 demolitions expert and saboteur.

However, the happenings of those missing months still haunts the General to this day and once in a while, he sees a look in Firefly's eye that just doesn't look quite right...

Real Name: Lewinsky, David
Technology Expert

Primary Specialty: Information Technology
Secondary Specialty: Engineering

Weapon Proficiencies: SCARR Weapons System, HOUND Sentry, all advanced weapons systems

Lewinksy was a small kid when he was born and just never really grew up.  He was an extremely smart, extremely outgoing kid and loved science and everything to go with it.  He was a child prodegy, and buzzed through high school with no problems, being on the verge of graduating when he was 12 years old.  It was at that time that his older brother, who he idolized, joined the military and became a Marine, being shipped off to Iraq shortly thereafter.

David Lewinsky was 15 years old and at the top of his class at M.I.T. when one of the officers visited his mother...his brother had been killed in action, serving his country.  This event had a dramatic event on the younger Lewinsky and he decided right there that he wanted to fight for his country as well...but at 15, he was much too young.  So, he decided to take some drastic steps.  Knowing the monitoring profile of the government with young child prodegies, he started visiting the library, checking out books on nuclear weapons, middle eastern religions, and tour guides about Washington, D.C.  After about three weeks of suspicious library activity, sure enough, the young Lewinsky got a visit from Secret Service.  He had planned for this visit and took advantage, completely wowing the two government agents with his smarts and willingness to serve his country.  He was so impressive in his presentation that the two agents passed his name onto the NSA and the National Security Agency took it from there.

Lewinsky was pushed through the M.I.T. graduation procedure and immediately indoctrinated into the NSA top secret product design and implementation program.  Specializing in experimental weaponry and advanced robotics, Hi-Tech immediately excelled in the program and begin giving dividends already.  Production began on the experimental "Hound Sentry" a specialized remote controlled artifical intelligence bio-mechanized organizm capable of security, defense, and limited offensive capabilities.  It was his "pet" so to speak before he went on to work on the "Sigma Suit" concept, designing a "second skin" interface so to speak that connected all of the wearers to a single limited WAN and satellite wireless interface for communication and monitoring of vital signs.  These cybernetic suits also boost strength and resistance to injury (to a limited extent) and have a varied assortment of built in weapons.  His prototypes were extremely successful, but also extremely expensive.  They could not be approved for wide use, but once the Sigma 6 project came under the NSA umbrella, everyone immediately knew where these suits would find the best use.

Hi-Tech loved working on these Sigma Suit prototypes and also used his skills to design a wide array of weaponry to go along with them.  In fact, the higher ups were so pleased with his performance and his weapon design that they approached him with joining the Sigma 6 team as an advisor/tech assistant.  He agreed eagerly and joined up, his job at the NSA just a front for the work he really does as a communications expert, weapons designer, and planning coordinator for the Sigma 6 team.

Lt. Stone
Real Name: Classified
Technology Expert

Primary Specialty: Intelligence
Secondary Specialty: Covert Operations

Weapon Proficiencies: All NATO and Warsaw pact small arms, Walther P42 snub-nosed revolver, XN-42 prototype Net Launching captive system

The man now known as Lt. Stone was a British born citizen, who joined up with the military as young as he possibly could and ended up in the middle east around the same time as General Abernathy and Duke.  Stone "graduated" from Special Forces and became an Apache combat pilot, quickly getting a fierce reputation as a fearless, dead-accurate pilot and door-gunner.  On a routine mission in the Middle East, his Apache found itself on the wrong side of a stolen Stinger missile launcher and he ended up on the ground far behind enemy lines, his left arm severely wounded in the crash.

Quickly he found himself taken captive by the insurgent troops and dragged off to a dark, dirty compound.

Throughout a few weeks he was tormented, tortured, beaten, and otherwise interrogated, but refused to give them any information about American campaigns or plans of attack.  Brought to the brink of death, Stone resolved himself to his fate.  But others were unwilling to write him off.

General Abernathy, a Colonel at the time, redirected his black ops team of Delta Force operatives towards the closest compound to the fallen Apache.  Although there were hundreds of enemy troops in the compound, Abernathy's small team of Delta operatives took the compound, killed or captured most of the troops and liberated Lt. Stone.  His arm was badly infected, and his left eye had been damaged in the crash, then removed as part of the interrogation process.  The fact that he did not give any information impressed everyone in the Delta Force team, and his reputation shortly grew to near mythical proportions.

After returning home, Stone's arm was aputated to stop the infection and he was immediately offered a desk job paying a high salary, but offering little excitement.  Stone wasn't sure about it until Abernathy spoke to him and encouraged his involvement saying it would pay off in the long run.  Shortly thereafter, Stone found himself as a top handler in the NSA, given the duties of recruitment and training for top Security Agency prospects.

Stone ended up back in his native Great Britain, working as a special agent for several agencies so black that not even General Abernathy knew who all of them were.  He grew proficient with a prosthetic arm, and refined his covert operations and espionage skills while acting as an international liason and handler for various security agencies in the US and abroad.

Throughout the years he helped recruit and train a number of agents, including two soldiers who would end up being Hi-Tech and Firefly, members of the Sigma 6 team.  In fact, Hi-Tech was so endeared to Lt. Stone, he began work on advanced prosthetics in his spare time while he worked on high end computer programs and advanced weaponry for the NSA.  Shortly before he got recruited to the Sigma 6 team, Hi-Tech (with Abernathy's permission, who was now a high-ranking General and someone with clout within Washington) presented Stone with a new cybernetic arm and eye.  The NSA was in the midst of attempting development of super-powered bionic prosthesis, and Stone had been recommended to be one of the first test subjects.  He eagerly agreed, and throughout a series of intensive surgeries, Stone soon became the first successful test subject of enhanced human/robot cybernetic hybrids.  His bionic eye gave him advanced night vision, sight, and detection abilities, and several hidden weapons systems were integrated within his cybernetic arm.  Although he wouldn't be using them for field use hypothetically, the NSA wanted the full suite of tests available.

Everything was going great...until Firefly.

Stone took the young man under his wing when he joined the NSA, but quickly grew leary of his attitude and was quite nervous about his potential development.  While Firefly had some incredible physical and mental talents, his cocky outlook was in stark contrast to what Lt. Stone believed in, and the two often were at odds.  But over the months, the two softened somewhat and Stone became a somewhat harsh father figure to the young, "firey" recruit.  While the incredibly talented soldier could do amazing things with his body and his fingers (as a computer specialist), his mindset rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.  For some reason, Stone seemed able to real the young man in, and kept him focused, intent, and eager to please.

Shortly, Firefly's raw talent was in the eyes of many high ranking operatives, and he was elected as the next member of Sigma 6.  Behind closed doors the young man was indoctrinated into the group, in spite of Stone's warnings to upper level decision-makers.  His skills outweighed his attitude, and the Sigma 6 command core felt like they could take the reigns and keep him under control.  However, it proved to be a harder task than they envisioned, and Firefly's cocky attitude got really old really fast.  When Sigma 6 finally got the budget to afford their very own experimental air warfare craft, General Abernathy and Duke decided to kill two birds with one "stone" so to speak.  They offered the L.T. a pilot spot on the Sigma 6 team and decided that his ability to keep Firefly in control was an added bonus.  Stone eagerly agreed to get back into the field and was only too happy to again get the chance to try and reform the "wild child" Firefly.  Will he be successful?  Only time will tell...

Grand Slam
Real Name: Barney, James J.

Primary Specialty: High Impact Weapons
Secondary Specialty: Electrical Engineering

Weapon Proficiencies: All high impact explosive weapons, including the state of the art "Kickback" rocket launcher; Nato and Warsaw pact small arms

James Barney was your typical comic book fan, science fiction fanatic, and all around geek when he was a kid.  He became infatuated with science and engineering throughout high school, and graduated with an Engineering degree from Georgia Tech.  However, Barney was not only intense about his science fiction, he was intense about his physical abilities as well, and was a devout gymrat during the day, while he would chill out and read his comics and watch his movies at night.  This didn't do wonders for his social life, but by the end of his college career he was in incredible physical shape and a highly intelligent, highly motivated individual.  All things that the United States military looked for.  Barney was from a relatively poor family in Wisconson, and as much as James wanted to go to grad school and get his Masters Degree, there just wasn't the financial backing for it.  As smart as he was, he couldn't quite swing the when the military offered to pay his way through graduate school, he couldn't help but think long and hard about it.  James Barney's father was a career Marine and encouraged his young son to go forward with his desire to join the Military, earn some college money and do good things with his life.

Shortly thereafter, Barney joined up, and before long, thoughts of the Masters program were in the rear-view mirror.  James Barney had a new life, and a new purpose, and he quickly found his place among brother soldiers, and more importantly, among high explosive ordinance.  Grand Slam joined up full time the first chance he got and relished using his size, intelligence, and natural proficiency for high impact weaponry on a daily basis.  He also came to know General Clayton Abernathy, a man he respected more than he had respected any man in his entire life.  As his skills progressed and he became tighter and tighter with the military lifestyle, General Abernathy made him a proposal, and brought up the Sigma 6 team.  Barney loved the idea.

However, joining the Sigma 6 team was a responsibility that required a total separation from his current life and his family...a sacrifice Barney simply could not make.  His parents were growing older, and he felt like he needed to be there to support them.  He did, however, assist the General in choosing the inaugural team, and as such sort of became a "founding member" of the special operations team, though not a full fledged Sigma 6 commando.  Satisfied with what he'd done, Barney went back to his military roots...however, he is always on call, and on certain missions when Heavy Duty is not available, or when the team needs an even bigger punch, Sigma 6 calls on the help of Grand Slam, and he's always happy to be there when they need him.

Real Name: Delgado, Hector X.
Naval Warfare

Primary Specialty: Aquatic Operations
Secondary Specialty: Unconventional Warfare

Weapon Proficiencies: Fathom XR2 Harpoon launcher, several different affinities of edged weapons

Shipwreck grew up in the shadows of the San Diego shipyards.  His parents died while he was very young, and he was brought in under his uncle's wing, who was a former Navy man who always loved visiting the nearby shipyards.  His uncle was a lifelong drinker, but not an angry drunk, and young Hector idolized him.  At the age of seventeen, while he was helping his uncle home from a particular rough night, the two men were approached by a gang, looking for handouts.  His uncle put up a fight, and was stabbed for his trouble...he died in the streets there, with Hector sitting there with him.  While many people might use this as an excuse to become bitter and angry with the world, Hector went in the opposite direction, using crude humor and a gruff/abrasive personality as his outlet.  With no one to stay with and nowhere to go, Hector turned to the Navy.  Faking his paperwork, young Hector joined the Navy a year earlier than he was eligable, and found himself among a crew of good people who he immediately got along with.  Shipwreck quickly gained favor of fellow sailors, though he did not appease himself to his commanding officers.  As such, he usually ended up with tours of duty in the most inhospitable, uncomfortable locations around the world.  He took every assignment in stride, even though he made sure everyone around him knew of his displeasure.

During these out of the way missions, Shipwreck got his chances to expand his skill levels in unusual fighting styles, and became an expert in the waterways.  His experience travelling the seas of the world gave him an unparalleled knowledge of shipping lanes, travel lanes, and what insidious groups used these waterways to peddle their wares and cause their problems.  His specialty became centered around international terrorism and the drug trade, and he was soon leading unconventional operations against all manner of mercenaries, smugglers, and drug runners.  He created quite the name for himself...a name that eventually was heard by Sergeant Conrad Hauser...  Duke.

Duke started looking into Shipwreck's background and discovered that he had no family, no friends...the perfect subject for the Sigma 6 program.  However, after spending some time with the brass, unconventional soldier, Duke quickly realized that he just didn't have the discipline or motivation to become a full time member of the tightly knit, highly trained Commando team.  His knowledge and fighting talents were invaluable, though, so Duke enlisted his aid as a "support staff" member, available on call for maritime operations, or certain missions that required a less delicate touch.  Shipwreck was only too willing to help, and now assists Sigma 6 on a case by case basis.

Wet Suit
Real Name: Forrest, Brian M.

Primary Specialty: Demolitions
Secondary Specialty: Underwater Warfare

Weapon Proficiencies: All NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms and explosives; Underwater combat weaponry

Brian Forrest was born and bred to be a Navy SEAL.  A book smart kid and sports loving jock, the young Forrest took an early and intense interest in the US Military, and the Navy in particular.  A potential Olympic level swimmer in high school, he loved the water, and as many high school kids do, wanted to change the world.  College was quite the learning experience for him, and he found frustration being stuck among so many people who were less intelligent, less physically gifted, and less motivated than he was.  This frustration reflected in a viewed bad personality by many of his supervisors and classmates.  He just couldn't fit in, and the Navy just kept on calling his name.

He turned eighteen in his Sophomore year and immediately looked into fighting for his country.  A while later he was excelling at his job and befriended the Team Eight SEAL leader, Edward Leialoha.  Forrest was highly impressed by his ability in the field, and his leadership accumin, and finally felt like he fit in with someone.  They both fed off of each other and drove each other to succeed further.  When Leialoha's team was ambushed, Forrest felt like he got punched in the gut.  Leialoha was reported deceased to the public at large, and Forrest became extremely motivated to uncover what had group had done this.  As he got closer and closer to uncovering the COBRA threat, higher ups in the US Government got more and more nervous, and asked Duke to look into it.  Duke found more than he bargained for.  Instead of finding a meddling soldier too curious for his own good, he found a highly trained, immensely skilled Navy SEAL, who seemed to be the perfect candidate for their team.  Duke had Torpedo himself approach Forrest about joining up, and it was just too tempting.  Even though both Torpedo and Wet Suit are known for their underwater specialties, they are both extremely accomplished land warriors as well, and round off the Sigma 6 team brilliantly.

Gung Ho
Real Name: LaFitte, Ettienne R.

Primary Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Heavy Gunner

Weapon Proficiencies: All NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms with a specialized proficiency in the "Future Soldier" weapons program, including the Tactical Battle Helmet, XM8 automatic weapons system and integrated armor and weapons system.

Ettienne LaFitte was a Cajun boy through and through, growing up in the backwood swamplands of Louisiana and learning to fight before he could ride a bike.  Growing up around alligators, swamprats, and swampboat smugglers, LaFitte had an appreciation for regulations at an early age, and sometimes took it into his own hands to keep his neighborhood "in line".  A lean, but strong young man, Ettienne would constantly get into trouble trying to maintain some law and order in his neck of the woods and ended up on the wrong end of a knife fight several times in his more impressionable years.  Desperately hoping to just keep him alive, his mother led him down a military path, and at the age of 18, Ettienne was enlisted in the Marine CORPS.  His somewhat reckless attitude was immediately put in check, and he relished the strict discipline he was suddenly a part of, swallowing the Marine CORPS credo hook line and sinker.  With only one year into his time with the Marines, he knew this was his life calling.

As LaFitte excelled throughout all of his Marine force training, he began cross training with special operations teams and met with another Marine, Wendell Metzger, who became somewhat of an idol to the younger Marine.  They formed a tight bond.  Metzger worked with the young man and led him towards the Marine Force Recon division, the Special Operations branch of the Marines.  Once again LaFitte excelled, and became a heavy machine gunner for a Force Recon squad that saw several tours of duty in the middle east and other areas of interest across the world.

During one operation to Eastern Europe, LaFitte's squad was performing intense advanced reconaissance of some Middle Eastern terrorist groups, and LaFitte personally witnessed a few highly advanced automations...something more technologically advanced than he had ever seen.  His comm-link suddenly cut off from the rest of his team, he made the instant decision to move in and attempt to capture one of these devices for further analysis.  The young Marine made his move...

He quickly found out that these automations were highly advanced weaponry, and they turned their guns on him.  Using all of his available skills and surroundings, LaFitte single handedly took out the four robotic warriors who had advanced on him, then captured the components from a fifth one and retreated back to his Force Recon team.  When he arrived back, his entire team had been decimated, with no evidence of who or what had had been quick, violent, and sudden, and Ettienne LaFitte was the only one of his squad left alive.  He called for Evac and arrived back at his military installation a short time later.  The robotic components he captured gained intense attention, and 24 hours later a black helicopter with no markings descended on the base.  The young Marine was wisked away and quickly found himself being debriefed by intelligence operatives...but instead of sending back down to his CORPS, they invited him to join a select group.  Looking into his past endeavors, they had seen just what kind of warrior he was, and they were impressed.  Their war was growing in scale, and they needed field operatives desperately...they could no longer continue this battle using their espionage techniques and covert operations, full bore field troopers were now necessary.  LaFitte's sense of adventure could not be contained, and he immediately agreed to join this fight against his new terrorist threat, and became a central part of Sigma 6's field operations.

Real Name: Mulukai, Kanji

Primary Specialty: Firefighter
Secondary Specialty: Search & Rescue

Weapon Proficiencies: Special Forces small arms, Super-Cooled Battle Axe

Kanji Mulukai was a Pacific Islander who lived in Hawaii and grew fascinated with the world of intense heat and fire as part of a childhood living amongst the volatile vocanic ranges of the U.S.'s 50th state.  He excelled at his local fire department, joined Hawaii's state firefighting agency, and became involved with the military in his younger years.

Working alongside the Hawaii Marine Force Base in Oahu, Mulukai grew interested in the combat disciplines, and in exchange for training and working with their firefighting contingent, he was allowed limited access to their training facilities and shooting ranges.  Always fascinated in the virtues of hand to hand combat, Kanji practically created his own new fighting style utilizing typical firefighting equipment.  He also grew extremely well versed in the use of various firearms and combat methods.  Growing somewhat restless with what his limited adventures on Hawaii had to offer, Kanji looked towards the National level and joined up with a National security force.  It was there that he met Sgt. Davis Rogers, who would later become Lockdown.  They became friends and worked off of each other to make themselves better combatants and better strategists.  Kanji was one of the only fellow members of this security team that appeared as driven and motivated as Rogers was, and their friendship solidified because of it.

However, a few months after Kanji joined the security force, he learned that a fire had ravaged his home in Oahu, and his family had perished in the blaze.  Griefstricken and guilt-ridden that he hadn't been on the island and able to help, Mulukai immediately returned to his former homeland and became even more intensely involved in the rigors of firefighting. 

A short time thereafter, Rogers joined the Sigma 6 team as Lockdown and when he was asked about furthering increasing the ranks, Kanji was the first name that came to his mind, especially when a Search & Rescue operative was mentioned.  A short time later, Kanji joined the team as "Inferno" and brings his unique combat/firefighting expertise to the already impressive Sigma 6 library of talents.

Real Name: Rogers, Davis K.
Primary Specialty: Law Enforcement
Secondary Specialty: Urban Operations

Bio: Davis Rogers gained some infamy as being the only Law Enforcement officer to ever hold COBRA Commander in custody.  As a senior SWAT Operative in one of the largest cities in America, Sergeant Rogers was on security detail during a visit from a foreign dignitary when the dignitary was attacked by terrorist forces.  While security converged on the assault, Sergeant Rogers made a covert insertion to a nearby abandoned warehouse, based on how the attack had been executed.  Within that warehouse, he spotted COBRA Commander himself leading the attack, apparently attempting to coerce the foreign national into providing financial support for his burgeoning terrorist organization.  Surrounded by a half dozen COBRA Troopers, Sgt. Rogers knew he had to make his move before the attack drew back to the area.  Acting quickly, Rogers, took out all six Troopers and pinned COBRA Commander down.

Calling in for backup, they took the Commander in, immediately jailed him and called Federal Authorities.  This being their first experience with COBRA Commander, however, they didn't realize the technologically advanced armor he wore also boosted his strength and provided a surge of power.  Ten minutes after he was imprisoned, the Commander launched a bloody assault on the police department, taking out several officers on duty, injuring Rogers, and was immediately evacuated by COBRA forces.

Immediately Federal authorities descended on the small office and debriefed everyone, convincing them to draw up a cover story and successfully muffled the COBRA story.  Sgt. Rogers was instantly put on a "watch list" and the people in covert ops in the federal government made it a priority to keep a close watch on him.

Several months later, Sgt. Rogers became involved with a national security force, designed to take experts from various agencies and disciplines to create security policies and counter-terrorist methods for the security of the Country.  Working with Search & Rescue and Urban Operatives from all over the country, Rogers continued to gain notoriety among the upper echelon of the National Agencies.  Not only was he tactically brilliant, he was also an incredibly skilled field downside is that he knew it.  With his expertise came a level of arrogance, and a fierce desire to be the best and to work with the best.  This intense, driven desire sort of separated him from a lot of his peers, and he soon found himself as somewhat of a loner.

Never quite growing out of his early conflict with COBRA, Sgt. Rogers, started breaking off on his own, doing his own intel on the side, and slowly drawing together a folder of research based on possible COBRA operations around the world.  He even launched a few small singlular attacks off the books on small COBRA cells, becoming almost a vigilante, personally devoted to finding out exactly what was behind the COBRA cause.  Not realizing he was being watched so closely, Rogers got more and more daring, until finally, someone had to put a stop to it.  As Rogers was preparing for another attack, somewhat larger scale in nature, Duke and Stone made their move.  Both men infiltrated Rogers' hidden command center and approached him about tackling the COBRA problem in a more official nature.  Rogers had no family ties, and had no desire to continue his official status in the law enforcement realm...he immediately agreed to work alongside Sigma 6 and joined the fight against COBRA officially, leading the Urban Operations branch of the team.

Real Name: LeClaire, Daniel M.
Primary Specialty: Jungle Warfare
Secondary Specialty: Reconaissance

Bio: Growing up in the Wisonsin wilderness, Daniel LeClaire was a veritable loner as a child.  Becoming more in tune with the surrounding forest than he was with people, LeClaire spent much of his free time becoming one with nature.  Going on his first hunting trip at six years old, the young boy had an instant bond with his wilderness surroundings, and an uncanny nack to navigate and traverse the uneven natural surfaces of mother nature.  Throughout his formative years, the young man studied nature, studied the woodlands, and buried his nose in books and in the woods.  But as introverted as he was, his sense of adventure overcame his sense of serenity, and as he grew into young adulthood, he became more and more adventurous, taking trips into the woods for days on end, relying only on nature herself to survive.  He found the experiences invigorating.  In fact, when he was a freshman in high school, a young boy scout went missing in the forests around his home, and while Law Enforcement officers spent many fruitless hours searching, young Dan LeClair followed his instincts, listened the forest "talk" and was able to track down this young boy within forty-five minutes.  Hailed as a hero, LeClair had found his calling.  He has a bond with the woods, and he knew he had to find a way to use that bond to help people.

As soon as he got old enough, he joined the Army and instantly moved into the Ranger training corps.  Specializing in jungle recon, LeClair saw nature in all parts of the world, and fully enjoyed his "job".  Training himself in advanced weaponry combat and using the jungles as a source of strength, LeClair grew more and more comfortable with his wooded surroundings and less and less comfortable with the rigors of military structure and order.  He was supremely talented and an absolute expert at what he did...he had an amazing ability to traverse through any jungle unheard and unseen, and his combat expertise was second to none.  However he grew more and more restless with the military life outside of his field operations, and when his current time of duty was up, he took an honorable discharge.

Retrieting to different corners of the globe, Daniel became a mercenary of sorts, paying for his sparse lifestyle by leading tours through wilderness, or retrieving desired artifacts for high-paying investors.  He eventually made his home base in the barren Outback of Australia, using his expertise in jungle operations as an archeologist and overall "adventurer".  His company, nicknamed the "Adventure Team" became notorious for their ability to insert themselves into any environment and any corner of the globe to track down rare minerals, hard to find animals, and other interesting artifacts.

A couple of years into this operation, LeClair was approached by a military man named Joe Colton who wanted to accompany him on a particular hunting trip, searching for a Silverback gorilla...this gorilla was rumored to have been genetically experimented on by an unknown terrorist organization in a desire to create overpowering genetically advanced animals who could serve their purposes.  The two tracked this gorilla to a remote jungle location, but stumbled upon a hidden COBRA research installation.  Attacked by COBRA forces, the two retreated, though they managed to disable the laboratory station while they were at it and set back COBRA's genetic experiments for years.  Somewhat satisfied with this outcome, Dan retreated back to his homebase, only to find COBRA waiting.  They leveled his Adventure Team headquarters, killed all of his staffmembers and captured all of the animals in the shelter they had devised there.  In essence, they stamped out everything that Daniel LeClair loved about his life and left him unsure of his future and enraged about what had occurred.

Hearing about LeClair from General Colton, Hawk passed the word on to Duke, who made his approach to LeClair.  The former Adventure Team specialist listened to what Duke had to say about Sigma 6...initially he was very much against the military structure, but Duke ensured him their team was unlike any other paramilitary organization in the world.  He spoke to him about their fight against COBRA, and Daniel agreed, to an extent.  As of this point, LeClair is not a full fledged member of the Sigma 6 organization, but he is a reserve field operations specialist who works in various operations with them throughout the world.  He assists them in Long Range Reconaissance, infantry operations, and in some ways is their "eyes and ears" in the field.  To date he has run point or assisted on many, many remote field operations against COBRA, and is slowly taking his pound of flesh from what they did to his past life.

Real Name: Faireborn, Dashiell R.

Primary Specialty: Espionage
Seconday Specialty: Covert Operations

Bio: Dash Faireborn was a poster boy for the US Military, and everything they were looking for in an officer.  He was a Rhodes Scholar, highly intelligent and highly motivated.  While pursuing his degree in English Literature, he grew somewhat bored and disenfranchised with higher education and turned his attention towards the military.  He excelled in Officer Candidate School and quickly gained the attention of his superiors...within months he was tagged for possible positions in Intelligence.  Even as he progressed through Officer School, he never lost sight of maintaining his physical condition, though, and went out of his way to enlist the aid of local instructors to further his own personal knowledge of the martial arts and unarmed combat.  Just as he was about to enter Special Forces School and get indoctrinated into the United States upper echelon of Special Operations, he was approached by an Intelligence Agency and asked to come work with them.  They offered him any spot in the world where he could be stationed, and his love of English Literature brought him to England.

Working with the SAS, Faireborn learned more and more about the art of combat, espionage and covert operations, and once again was in the spotlight of a lot of his superiors, including Lieutenant Zacharia Stone.  Lieutenant Stone was American born, but had lived in England most of his life, working for the U.S. Special Forces.  He was tagged to operate in the Middle East, but before doing that, he was training the SAS and acting as a leaison between United States and European Special Forces troopers.  He and Dash got along swimmingly, and immediately, he was a mentor to the somewhat younger Officer.  Faireborn's smarts were only matched by his skills in the field, and he was soon known as "Agent Panther" for his stealth infiltration skills and quickness in combat training.  It was a hokey nickname, that much Dash knew, but he let it slide.

As the Lieutenant and Officer Faireborn continued their work, over in Scotland a young female intelligence officer was beginning her own career.  Alison Hart-Burnett had recently graduated from Trinity College in Dublin and had been stationed in Scotland working with the British Intelligence Agency Scotland Yard.  She, like Dash, was extremely smart, extremely motivated, and driven to succeed.  The two crossed paths and almost immediately became attached at the hip.  Zach and Dash now had a third person in their little group, and all three of them grew to become one of the most well-respected trio's in the Intelligence World.  They were smart, they were skilled, and they rarely made mistakes.  Of course, as things go, Dash and Alison took little time in becoming more than friends.  Shortly, they were engaged, and if anything, this relationship actually made the trio stronger.  They worked off of each other in various covert operations missions, espionage duties, and even got in some light combat trouble along the way.  Things were going well.

But it wouldn't last long.  The two intelligence operatives got handed the job of a lifetime...a mission that could define their careers.  A top secret industrial arms supplier was rumored to be working to finance an underground international terrorist organization.  Supplying weapons and technology, inciting arms races in neighboring countries, and doing many other unseemly things.  The company was even, but the National Security Agency not only needed their best, they needed operatives that appeared native to the European region.  Faireborn and Hart-Burnett were those two agents.  They needed to go deep undercover, find whatever intel they could, and potentially bring down this organization known as MARS.  It didn't take long for the two to get behind that steel curtain, but what they found was staggering.  MARS wasn't a simple arms supplier, they had state of the art technology, robotic devices that were decades beyond what was commonly known...a seemingly unlimited budget and a cadre of extremely highly skilled and fully devoted workers.  MARS spread far wider and far deeper than they had even imagined, and it suddenly seemed as if this operation might be more than even these two could chew.

In fact, that is exactly what it was.  Not only were the workers highly skilled and well trained, but the security staff was, too, and within two weeks, their cover had been blown wide open.

It all went south late one night as they attempted to hack into a workstation and were immediately accosted by armed guards wearing heavy armor.  The two attempted to escape, but a firefight broke would be a firefight that would be etched forever in the mind of Dashiell Faireborn.  It ended with a large explosion, and the apparent end of two lives.  But that was only half true.

Within minutes, Alison had been cut down by the onslaught of gunfire...already wounded, and knowing he had little choice, Faireborn set off an explosion to cover their exit.  He escaped with Alison, leaving only a smoking crater in his wake.  Enough blood was at the scene to indicate that the detonation had claimed both of their lives, but when the smoke cleared, only Alison was dead.  Faireborn carried her body for twelve miles.

Once he was certain that he was far enough away, he took a few minutes to grieve.  Grieve for his comrade in arms...grieve for his closest friend...grieve for his fiance.  He wept for twenty minutes, then all that was left was the anger.  Right then and there, he swore to fight MARS until the bitter end, and he swore that whatever it took, he would bring down the arms dealer and whoever was in charge there.  Thinking this his mission of vengeance would be more easily accomplished if he were "dead", he simply vanished from existance, his death written off as a blown intelligence gathering operation.  Lt. Stone was devastated, and with nothing more keeping him where he was, he joined the United States Special Forces in the Middle East to begin a series of events that would change his own life.

But Faireborn's story doesn't end there.  Over the years, his reputation grew to legend.  As a black ops operative, a mercenary for hire, and a vigilante striking against the MARS conglomerate, rumors, innuendo, and stories grew to mythical proportions.  He became a legend in the mercenary-for-hire circles and as he travelled the world, learning unique fighting styles and training himself in the use of various weapons and devices, Dashiell took on a new codename.  As a sort of homage to his old friend Lt. Stone, he took the name "Flint".  He hoped that perhaps one day Stone would come across these stories of an underground operative and perhaps realize who it was.  This day would come, but not as Flint suspected.

A few years later, Lt. Stone, now an operative for Sigma 6, was on a mission in Asia.  A MARS subsidiary was getting dangerously close to producing weapons of mass destruction, and he led a quick strike op to take down this branch office.  They ran into Sky BAT's, COBRA Troopers, and some of Destro's new Iron Grenadiers...but Stone quickly realized that they were being watched.  Scanning the area with his new bionic eye, Stone saw a man standing in the woods, just watching...a quick DNA/body type analysis took place, and right then and there he knew his friend was alive.  After taking down the MARS cell, Stone walked the perimeter, scanning for his friend...and he found him.  The two fought briefly until Stone convinced his friend who he was, and how much help they required fighting against this new COBRA threat.  He told Flint all about Destro, all about COBRA, and all about this new ultra top secret high-tech strike force that was put together to battle this very enemy.  Stone offered a place on the team.  Flint had been going solo for years now...fueled only by rage and a desire for revenge, he had almost forgotten how it felt working towards a purpose, working with a team.  Reluctantly, he agreed.

Now Flint serves as a field commander for the Sigma 6 Covert Ops Espionage squad, leading deep cover missions throughout the world, and taking MARS down, one small piece at a time.  Slowly but surely, Flint is coming back into his own, never for a second forgetting what he's lost, but always looking ahead to what he can still accomplish.  By his last breath, MARS will be taken down...and if it takes his entire life, Destro will pay.


Real Name: Metzger, Wendell A.
Primary Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Grenadier

Bio: A former high school and college linebacker and captain of the wrestling team, Wendell Metzger has always had a larger than life presence and a larger than life attitude to go along with it.  Even at a relatively young age, Metzger demanded nothing but perfection from everyone he worked with an trained with, and didn't make many friends along the way.  He was big on structure and big on routine, and because of that, he excelled in his athletic career, and when he joined the Marines, he excelled in that regard as well. Quickly accelarating through the ranks, Metzger became a weaponry specialist in Marine Force Recon and moved on to be a Sergeant and Squad Leader for many field operations around the globe.  Throughout his years in the Marines he served with many others, including Conrad Hauser, who learned to appreciate Metzger's somewhat abrupt and fierce attitude, and his strong desire for perfection from those around him.

When Sgt. Metzger moved on to become a drill sergeant and instructor for Force Recon, he quickly became the bane of existent to any new recruit, except for one Ettienne LaFitte.  He saw something special in the young, energetic, motivated Marine, and immediately took him under his wing, guiding him through his time in the CORPS and eventually leading him onto Marine Force Recon himself.  They were both equally motivated and equally driven to succeed, often times at the sacrifice of those around them.  This brought them together, almost like a familial bond.

When Sgt. Hauser used Metzger as a "recruiter" so to speak, the first person Metzger recommended for the Sigma 6 field ops program was LaFitte, who impressed him to the point that he just knew he'd be a perfect fit.  LaFitte's experience with the COBRA robotic warriors was just the icing on the cake.

Now, while Metzger still spends much of his time with Marine Force Recon, he also assists Sigma 6 with their field operations maneuvers and advanced recon/weapons training.  Taking the codename Leatherneck, Metzger is one of the elders on the team, and adds his seasoned knowledge and expertise to each operation, providing invaluable support in the field, and useful training behind the scenes.

Real Name: Faria, Jason A.

Primary Specialty: Special Weapons and Tactics
Secondary Specialty: Urban Operations

Bio: Black Ops specialists are the darkest of dark...many missions they provide are totally off the books and under the cover of darkness, often not even validated by the United States government.  When Faria was just starting out in the Detroit Police Department, he never dreamed eventually he'd be providing support fire and infiltration capabilities for a black ops team, but that's exactly what happened.

As a younger officer, Faria was a force on the streets, walking his beat and collaring criminals at a record rate.  His street smarts, raw athletic ability, and seemingly ingrained weapon skills served him exceptionally well, and even has he brought down several high profile crooks, he started making enemies in the crime families in the Detroit area.  Faria graduated to a Detective, then moved instantly onto Urban field operations and the Detroit SWAT division, but his name was already nearly infamous in the Detroit metropolitan city limits.  In the interest of survival, Faria took his training to an absurd level, becoming intimately familiar with every form of convention tactical firearms, self-defense, martial arts, and stealth tactics.  He was determined to not become just another casualty in the ongoing mob/Police conflict in inner city Detroit.  When his family became a target of the criminal's wrath, however, he knew he had to take some drastic steps to ensure their safety.  With his parents and brother's safety at a top priority in his mind, he made a decision...he was moving federal.

Making sure his family knew the truth, Faria's "departure" was arranged by the Michigan State FBI division, and he faded from existance in the Detroit area, a supposed casual of a SWAT infiltration gone bad.  Faria instead moved on into the National Scene, briefly working for the President's Secret Service detachment, however the lack of real action had him craving something more.  He soon found himself in the Army and training for Delta Squad, specializing in urban operations deep behind Middle Eastern enemy lines.  Always working under the cover of darkness, Faria became exceptionally adept at nighttime operations, close quarters combat, and infiltration, all within an urban environment.

While working with Delta, Faria's name came across the desk of Duke and Lt. Stone, and both were impressed with what they saw.  They spoke to Lockdown about him, and Lockdown had heard nothing but great things about Jason Faria, all within the Law Enforcement community.  He gave him his highest recommendation, and they sent him off to recruit the Black Ops urban specialist.

Lockdown arrived at the Military base of operations for Faria's tiny Delta unit and took some time to talk to the man.  At first, Faria was hesitant, but it didn't take him long to change his mind.  COBRA was in the area, attempting to recruit some of the local flavor to their cause, and suddenly the Delta installation was under attack by COBRA Sky B.A.T.s.  Lockdown and Faria teamed up to fight off the threat and Lockdown convinced the Black Ops specialist that the COBRA threat was real, and that it had to be stopped.  Sigma 6 needed more urban operatives, and Faria was tops on their list.  He accepted the offer and joined the Sigma 6 Special Operations Unit with Lockdown and Inferno, dedicated to stopping COBRA in the streets

Desert Wolf
Real Name: Carlosino, Maxwell G.

Primary Specialty: Desert Operations
Secondary Specialty: Infantry

Bio: Carlosino was an inner city kid from the Houston suberbs who grew up in poverty resisting the drug push at every corner.  Even has other members of his family fell into the traps of drugs and alcohol, Carlosino went to the library, the gym, and the shooting range.  When he needed to relax he trained instead of smoking or drinking and he became a better man for it.  He pushed himself through high school, avoiding the gangs, and fighting back against the bullies and tough guys who thougnt he was a wuss for not taking part in the darker sides of inner city schools.  He aced his way through high school, and prepared to go to college, but was unfortunately met with nothing but disdain from his family.  Accused of thinking he was too good for them, and labelled as a "deserter" he was cast from their home and left with pretty much nothing.  He applied for several jobs, but couldn't land anything based on his background and superficial prejudices...he had nowhere to go, except the army.  Within the Army, Carlosino found the family he'd always been looking for, finding instant comeraderie and friendship within his unit.  He relished his training and increased his skill levels at a surprising pace.  In no time he was off to Ranger school at Fort Benning.

Specializing in long range reconaissance and sniper training, Carlosino made a new set of friends in the Army Ranger corps and eagerly drank up every bit of field action he could get.  He especially loved the Desert operations he was sent on, as he felt right at home in the hot, dry climate of the deserts of the world.  He loved the sun, and being surrounded by inner city strife his entire young life, he loved the open quietness that the desert provided.  He was soon volunteering for whatever desert missions he could find.

A couple of years into his tour, his Army Ranger squad stumbled upon a highly advanced research station that was obviously out of their purvue.  Advanced robotic sentries were visible, and the weapons throughout the installation were like something none of them had ever seen.  Notifying their superior officer, he called in a few favors, and 24 hours later, Carlosino was leading a team of Secret Operatives towards this installation, serving as their eyes and ears through the desert.  They reached the edifice, but were greeted by a horde of robotic warriors that were firing energy weapons that were out of some science fiction movie.  Carlosino used his sniper training and combat skills to good use, working alongside these other advanced operatives, fighting back the robotic warriors and destroying the facility.  After the success of the mission, one of the men he was working with, Sgt. Barney was so impressed, he contacted his superiors immediately upon return to the base and recommended that Carlosino get an immediate transfer and become the Sigma 6 Desert Specialist.  The request was approved and Carlosino joined the team.

With a desire to succeed and do great things with his life, Carlosino has a rather large chip on his shoulder.  Many forces stood before him along the way, and while he was able to overcome all obstacles, they left a lasting impact, forever turning him against authority figures and people who might say "no" along the way.  He's an angry young man, but a determined young man, and could easily do great things with the Sigma 6 team.


COBRA Commander
Real Name: Unknown
COBRA Supreme Leader

Primary Specialty: Dictator
Secondary Specialty: Advanced Weapons and Tactics

Current Status: At Large

Not much is known about the enigmatic COBRA Commander, who has only been seen wearing a mask, and who's background has only been hypothosized. He appeared suddenly several years ago to lead a small island nation in revolt, and in turn took over that country and has been leading it ever since. With a vast array of lawyers, diplomats, and accountants at his beck and call, to this point COBRA Commander has kept the world at bay while planning dark things under his breath. It's been a challenge, but so far the countries of the world have managed to keep this island, and COBRA's existance, a secret to the world, but as COBRA's plans keep on getting larger and more daring, the revealing of their existence is inevitable.

One of Spirit's main tasks since joining the Sigma 6 team is an extensive psychological profile on COBRA Commander, and so far he has determined that he is most likely of American origin, and quite possibly a disgruntled former soldier or Government employee. He seems to have a limitless knowledge of the American governing body and justice system, and the suits that he employs know just which laws to site and which precidense have been set. It is rumored that he has a vast army of secret troops both at this "COBRA Island" facility and even within the governments of the world. These sleeper agents feed him information, supply him with tactical and legal advice, and protect him from any legal roadblocks that might arise. His equipment is rumored to come from MARS Agencies, a global weapons supplier, but for whatever reason the most advanced and unique equipment seems reserved for COBRA's use. Their weapons and gear are beyond state of the art, using near-alien mechanical design and implementation. Without government regulations and guidelines, the COBRA scientists are free to use any testing methods they desire and as such, have surged ahead of most of the general public in their knowledge and use of advanced weaponry. Rumor even has it that they supplant their troop squads with robotic android troopers.

COBRA Commander himself is a puzzle and a man who remains a mystery. However he has an obvious vicious charisma that reels his followers in and gets them to stay, even at risk of their own lives. His ultimate goal is unknown, but his methods and designs are only too clear, and Sigma 6 must do whatever they can to stop him.


Real Name: Destro, James McCullen
COBRA Weapons Supplier

Primary Specialty: Advanced Weaponry
Secondary Specialty: Tactical Operations

Current Status: At Large

At one point MARS, Inc. was a reputable manufacturer and distrubitor of high end weapons and technology.  The company formed in the ashes of World War II, supposedly as an offshoot of the German engineering conglomerate, and the long-rumored almost alien technology of the Nazi underground was immediately hidden and shunted off to James Destro's Scotland castle headquarters.  Rumor has it that there were scores of highly advanced technology within Hitler's SS laboratories, although none was ever found by Allied Forces...mostly because Destro and his European connections moved with the equipment before Allied forces overtook Berlin.

Destro used this highly advanced technology to get MARS started up and the type of resources they had immediately gave them a strong advantage, although Destro was an honorable man and operated his company in a completely legal and straight-forward way, turning his small operation into a worldwide superpower.  His son was born (unfortunately resulting in the death of his mother at childbirth) a few decades later, and the elder Destro immediately began grooming him for operation MARS as he grew older, and Destro the younger took to his lessons eagerly.  The younger man was smart, willing, and hungry for knowledge, and his father was ecstatic to see his enthusiasm showing through.

The younger Destro grew into his position well as MARS continued to go above and beyond, each technological advancement leaps and bounds over the past one.  Advanced Artificial Intelligence was a major successful endeavor and robotics were amazingly more intricate and elaborate when produced by MARS...something they definitely took advantage of with all of their government, and non-government contracts.  In fact, once MARS started expanding and started dealing with some less than reputable clients, many governments looked the other way, considering how important MARS was to their state of being and country's security.  The United States was especially interested in their offerings, and was considering contracting out through MARS for production of their "Sigma Suits", cybernetic suits designed for infantry wear to increase the abilities and communication of foot soldiers in combat.  But MARS was running out of time and needed to get some test subjects together to verify their suit's structural integrity.  Time grew short and the wild electric instability of the prototype suits made finding willing volunteers impossible, so one night, the younger Destro took it upon himself to put one of the suits through it's paces.  It was a life-changing experience.  The suit fit like a glove, and it felt amazing just to wear it...but a sudden strange power surge sent electricity charging through his body, and he stumbled, then fell into one of the magne-electric power cores MARS had providing their power to this installation.  The Power Core exploded, and the resulting surge fused the raw cybernetic nature of the prototype suit to Destro's very nervous system. Electricty crackled and tore through the laboratory, throwing Destro into a bank of computers and nearly killing him.  He lay there, smoldering, until he was found by maintenance workers who had rushed in to see what had happened. Apparently the intense magentic related power surge had given Destro the raw power of the suit fused to his body...a bizarre magnetic field rippled around his body and drilled into the maintenance workers, crushing their bodies against a nearby wall.  Destro was simultaneously horrified and elated.  The feeling of the raw power eminating from his very skin was almost intoxicating...and it quickly went to his head.  The desire for personal power to match his physical power overtook him instantly, and he knew then and there that MARS would belong to him.

When the United States turned down their bid for the Sigma Suits and elected to go "in house" that was the straw that broke the camel's back.  His father tried to calm him down and assure him that it was not a big deal, but Destro simply could not hold his power in and his rage took over...when he was done, his own father was crushed and broken, lying dead at his feet, and MARS belonged to him.

Angered at the United States for reneging on their deal, Destro immediately turned towards less mainstream clientele, and soon enough ran into COBRA Commander.  MARS as a company was faltering somewhat, and their reputation was suffering, so Destro needed something drastic to get MARS back in the black...COBRA Commander offered an exclusive contract with an impressive take of COBRA money as well as unlimted resources and potential was almost too good to be true.  The fact that Destro almost immediately fell for the Baroness DeCobray, one of COBRA Commander's most trusted advisors, only helped seal the deal.  The working relationship between COBRA Commander and Destro is a perfect suit for both sides...Destro gets the resources and money he needs, and COBRA gets some of the most amazing state of the art technology available to the world.  Android Robot Troopers, elaborate security systems and amazing AI all work together to give COBRA one of the most imposing battle forces on the planet.

Destro had always been an honorable man, and still is to a fault.  However, when the unstable magnetic force that surges through his body runs out of control, he is unpredictable, powerful, and dangerous.  He has incredible power and unparalleled ambition...a terrifying combination.



Real Name: Unknown

Primary Specialty: Master of Disguise
Secondary Specialty: Intelligence

Current Status: At Large

Zartan's true identity is a secret that he will likely take to his grave.  Rumors persist that he was once a special forces soldier for the Australian Special Air Service who did odd jobs on the side for extra money.  He became so used to the lavish lifestyle that he was enjoying that he recruited a small biker gang and planned an ambush on his own convoy in an attempt to steal some top secret armored technology.  Rumors were that Zartan himself killed a number of his own teammembers during the assault, but those rumors could never be confirmed, and since no SAS troopers were listed as survivors of the brutal ambush, his true identity is still a mystery.  It is thought in intelligence circles that the SAS covered up his involvement in order to protect the integrity of their organization, but at this point that is just heresay.

The next few years, the man now known as Zartan was simply invisible.  The biker gang, now known as the Dreadnoks, grew exponentially in notoriety and reputation, but Zartan himself quickly became a mythical underground "Boogeyman" who was used to scare unknowing gangsters and wannabe crooks in the dirty corners of Australia.

Meanwhile, half a world away, the young James McCullen Destro had taken over MARS, and was gaining some notoriety of it's own among the terrorist and mercenary circles.  Zartan became infatuated with the MARS "Wraith Armor" and armored suit that was reported to enhance the user's strength and even provide limited invisibility.  Zartan's desire for remaining unknown was almost too much for him...he travelled to Scotland and killed a top ranking MARS executive, planning to work his way into the organization and steal the armor from within.  His disguise was seamless, and he became a full fledged employee of MARS for a few months, working his way closer and closer, until he finally made his move.  Late one night, Zartan moved in and successfully liberated the armored suit, killing over a dozen of Destro's personal guards while he was at it.  He used the armor to escape and vanished into the night.  Destro was enraged to say the least, but without knowing the true identity of the thief, there was little he could do.

Even as further rumors mentioned a vicious mercenary that used stealth and strength to accomplish his evil missions, Destro grew angrier and angrier, just knowing that it was his armor this mysterious man was using to earn his living.  However this mercenary had perfected his impersonation abilities, and made his living off of being a master of disguise, never revealing his true identity.  Apparently his time spent masquerading the MARS executive sparked a fire in him, and he grew to love taking the identity of others.

But even a man with Zartan's evil ambition has their limits.  He had earned a wealth of cash and made the most out of his new stealth armor...he needed one more more big operation to bankroll his retirement.  That's when he was approached by COBRA Commander to assassinate a man wanted by the Yakuza.  COBRA Commander was just getting COBRA off of it's feet, and he needed the support of the Japanese Mafia in order to get recruits and get his feet set in Eastern Asia.  He offered Zartan a wild sum of money to impersonate a higher ranked American soldier, then try to turn his own soldiers into killing machines.  When that didn't work, Zartan took matters into his own hands and killed the man himself, but not before it was witnessed by a Delta Force operative who would later become Sigma 6 member Snake Eyes.  The man he killed was Thomas Arashikage's uncle, who would later become "Storm Shadow".  To this day, Storm Shadow does not know who really killed his uncle.

Zartan finished the job, and COBRA Commander was significantly impressed with his performance...impressed enough that he offered Zartan a full time job.  Zartan was not interested and declined the offer, but COBRA Commander found him a bit too valuable to let him go that easily.  The Commander informed Zartan that he knew who he was...he knew his backstory, he knew his involvement in the Wraith armor theft...he knew everything.  And if Zartan did not work with him, COBRA Commander would notify both Destro and Storm Shadow of what Zartan had done...his life would be essentially over.  The two came to an agreement, and Zartan agreed to a limited partnership where COBRA Commander could enlist his aid whenever he needed it, but he would not be a fulltime member.  He also insisted that his three top Dreadnoks get their pockets filled as well.  The agreement was made, and COBRA Commander enlisted the aid of the top mercenary on the planet.


Ninja B.A.T.
Real Name: N/A
Android Trooper

Primary Specialty: Frontline Combat
Secondary Specialty: Cannon Fodder

Current Status: In Use by COBRA Armies of the world

What is there to say about an android trooper with the equivilent martial arts skill of a 4th Dan Black Belt in three different martial arts disciplines? This robot is also imbued with enhanced strength and speed as well as several mechanical marvels built within.

Folks who know about the Ninja B.A.T still remain dubious, wondering if it really is a robotic being, or if it's merely an advanced suit of armor over an accomplished martial artist, but the few conflicts that there have been, the result was definitely not human. They can run and glide on their foot-thrusters at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, and while the thrusters cannot make them fly per se, they can propel them up to forty feet in the air. Their metal hide is designed to be sloped and aerodynamic, allowing them to move quickly and silently through any terrain.

The optic sensors of the Ninja B.A.T. contain a built-in infrared and heat-tracking system, designed to follow the movements of enemy soldiers and track them down no matter where they hide. They can deploy their weapons, either laser rifles or beam-swords, with lighting quick ease and cut through some of the strongest armor out there. A central processing unit buried deep within their head chooses from the vast database of stored martial arts techniques and decides which to use in each situation with a sudden quickness and ferocity. However fast, strong, and deadly as these androids are, however, they are not very smart, and are ultimately not very strong. To keep up their fast speed, their armor must be light and thin, and as a result if they are struck, they are usually damaged fairly easily. They specialize in attacking in vast numbers, but are relatively easy to fool and not hard to wreck.

The mere fact that MARS has the ability to construct these beasts is a marvel in and of itself. The man behind MARS is a mystery, but James Destro could prove to be even more dangerous to the world than even COBRA Commander himself.

Code Name: Slice
Real Name: Unknown

Primary Specialty: Espionage
Secondary Specialty: Silent Weapons

Current Status: At Large

The man who would come to be known as Slice grew up in Great Britain as the son of a museum curator/archealogist father and a martial artist mother. He got the best of both worlds and even at an early age was fascinated with ancient medievil weaponry and held his first black belt by age 10. Shortly after his 12th birthday, a botched raid by British Special Forces killed his parents and left him an orphan, and his life would change forever.

The young boy was immediately incensed at the British government, blaming them squarely for the death of his parents, and right then and there became determined to fight back however he could. He continued to dive into his martial arts training, even as his rage and hatred were barely kept in check. Several outburts in class landed him out on the streets and he ran from every foster home he was placed into. Finally at age 15 he managed to slip away for good and disappeared into the London streets.

Soon after he caught up with some members of the Irish Republican Army and was greeted with open arms. There he learned the ins and outs of armed warfare and did his part to train them in some of the more esoteric weapons he had learned about over the years. He took great pride in his skills with the sword, and even though it was an ancient art, he studied it religiously, using a broadsword that used to belong to his father. He remained with the IRA for several years, but grew bored with the all talk and no action life they were living, yearning for something more. That something would soon come as he heard word of an Austrailian Mercenary group headed up by Sebastian Bludd, a former SAS operative. It sounded like just what he was looking for, and he managed to track down the group and impressed Bludd so much that he became his first lieutenant. In this group, he focused on firearm training as well as skills with his sword and quickly became one of the most skilled warriors in the crew...but that didn't last.

A few years after joining, the Bluddhounds had a mix up with Delta Force in the wet jungles of Southeast Asia. An operative known only as Snake Eyes single handedly took down Bludd himself (severely injuring him in the process) and fought Slice to a standstill. The group itself was decimated and Bludd was no longer able to lead the team. Slice took three bullets to the chest and dropped from sight for several years.

But Snake Eyes had left his mark in other ways as well...Slice was immediately intimidated by his appearence, with his slanted medievil visor and armored look, and decided that to succeed in his merc duties, he had to take things up a notch. His love for medievil armor and weapons came through in his choice of costumes, and soon, he began working solo, doing mostly spy gigs with the occasional assassination thrown in. His armor did the trick, sending those who faced him scattering in confusion and fear, while he was able to take them out using his silenced machine gun and modified broadsword. That tri-blade sword became his trademark, and he wielded it proudly.

Not long afterwards, COBRA Commander was looking for operatives, and Sebastian Bludd was high on the list of recruits. Bludd was currently unable to assist in his state of injury, and he recommended Slice for the job. The Commander got in touch with Slice, and upon learning that the enigmatic Snake Eyes was a part of this new Sigma 6 anti-COBRA task force, he happily joined up for a chance to fight against the man who had taken him and his previous leader down. It didn't hurt that COBRA Commander offered him exclusive use of the MARS produced "Air Brake" flightpack system, which Slice quickly became proficient with. He now fights alongside COBRA as one of their top operatives against the governments of the world.

Code Name: Storm Shadow
Real Name: Thomas Arashikage

Primary Specialty: Assassin
Secondary Specialty: Bodyguard

Thomas Arashikage grew up in a small island off the coast of Japan, raised by his uncle, who was a successful businessman by day, but who ran a secret family dojo by night. His uncle was fiercely strict and Tommy was expected to abide by his stringent rules and guidelines, and for the most part he agreed. Tommy relished in the structure in his life and thoroughly enjoyed the martial arts training he received in the family dojo. The Arahiskage training center was known throughout the Japanese underground and had many infamous clients, including several members of local Yakuza, Japanese Mafia, clans. This became known to the Japanese Government, and they pressured the elder Arashikage to work with them against the Yakuza to supply them with information and help them bring them down.

Tommy's uncle grew fearful for his safety, so arranged for him to go to the United States as a young man and further his training at another secret Arashikage Dojo in San Francisco, operated by the world-reknowned "Blind Master". Tommy obliged reluctantly, but flourished in his new environment. His freedom in the United States drove him even further to meet his training goals with the prospect of doing whatever he wanted to do with his life. His determination drove him harder and harder until he got to the point where he couldn't do any more...he spoke with his uncle, who had become quite worried about his connections with the Yakuza and wanted Tommy to move out of touch...or as out of touch as possible. The young Arashikage wasn't certain where to go or what direction to move in, but stumbled upon a recruitment center in a small building in San Francisco. He joined up on a whim and never looked back.

His terrific physical conditioning, discipline and training helped him in his new venture and he had great success in every aspect of his duties with the U.S. Armed Forces. He quickly moved to the Special Forces and ended up in the Black Ops division of Delta Force. While there he worked with the soldier who would later become Snake Eyes. The two worked together to near-perfection, each one with skills and traits that the other one lacked and each one worked off of the other expertly. They were such an effective duo they earned the nickname "The Blood Brothers" for their wetworks operations and dark ops missions.

However, things would not work out forever. A couple of years after starting their venture, they got an assassination mission for a Japanese man with ties to the Yakuza. Tommy was already leary about the mission, and shortly he discovered that their target was none other than his uncle. He tried desperately to convince Snake Eyes that his uncle was an innocent caught in the crossfire, but Snake Eyes had the utmost faith in U.S. Intelligence. They came to blows, and Snake Eyes eventually took down his blood brother and tied him up to prevent him from interfering, then moved out to complete their objective. Upon monitoring the middle aged man, he came to the quick realization that this man was not what U.S. Intelligence claimed he was and immediately had second thoughts, choosing to move in and talk to him personally before doing the job. After a few hours of discussion, Snake Eyes realized what a mistake had been made, and prepared to leave...but suddenly, the enigmatic Zartan, a freelance assassin working for COBRA moved in and slaughtered the elder Arashikage in cold blood after taking down Snake Eyes rather effortlessly. Snake Eyes awoke and ran to the Hard Master's side just in time for a freed Tommy to come through the door and witness what he believed was the aftermath of his uncle's murder by someone he considered a brother. The two clashed again, and Snake Eyes was so desperate to explain what happened that Thomas easily gained the upper hand. Pinning Snake Eyes to the ground with a loaded shotgun, Thomas demanded that he admit he killed his uncle. Snake Eyes refused and Storm Shadow fired the shotgun at point blank range into Snake Eyes' screaming face. The weapon tore apart his blood brother's face and annihilated his vocal chords, leaving him scarred, deformed, and mute. Tommy spat upon what he believed was his one-time partner's corpse, dropped the weapon on his prone body, and walked out, swearing revenge on the government that would order the murder of an innocent man. He was never seen least not as Thomas Arashikage.

Tommy roamed the land as a freelance mercenary, taking jobs that he knew would cause the United States some hardship. His discipline and determination served him well in this regard and he was exceptionally successful. It wasn't long before COBRA Commander physically sought him out.

The Commander had originally put the contract out on Storm Shadow's uncle, knowing that he was about to turn evidence against his Yakuza partners. He needed to get in good with them, as they had promised him some fresh young blood to fill his organization. So the Commander ordered Zartan, a world reknowned Master of Disguise, to impersonate Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes' commanding officer in the field and order the hit. Once Snake Eyes refused the duty, Zartan had to take matters into his own hands, but the end result was still perfect. The Hard Master was dead, and Storm Shadow, one of the deadliest men on the planet, had a violent grudge against the government that helped train him. It wasn't long before the Commander made contact with Arashikage, told him all of the right things and very quickly Arashikage had joined the COBRA cause, going by the Americanized translation of his last name, Storm Shadow.

He stays with COBRA to this day, but is unaware that Snake Eyes is still alive and on the Sigma 6 team.

Sky B.A.T.
Real Name: N/A
Android Trooper

Primary Specialty: Infantry/Combat Operations
Secondary Specialty: Air to Ground Assault

Current Status: Deployed all around the world to represent COBRA Infantry Forces

The Sky B.A.T. is also commonly referred to as just the B.A.T. or Battle Android Trooper. While not the backbone of the COBRA Infantry, B.A.T.s are used sparingly throughout the world for particular hazardous missions and minor insertions. These models are very simple and very vulnerable to attack and destruction...they're basically the bottom rung of the COBRA ladder. Hastily programmed for very basic seek and destroy missions, the android troopers essentially can walk and shoot a weapon, or run and shoot a weapon, and not much else. Thus, they're not exceptionally useful for more complex operations. However, there is something to be said for gaining a psychological advantage over the enemy, and when humanoid robots drop from the sky on kamikaze gliders and drag themselves to their targets on jagged stumps...well, it tends to have an effect on the enemy.

While not nearly on the skill or technological level of the Ninja B.A.T., the Sky B.A.T. is very cheap to produce, quick to repair, and easy to deploy. In some cases certain Sky B.A.T.s get a neuro-processor upgrade, giving them more advanced flying and aero-combat abilities, making further use of their gliders. Still, they are not on the same level as human pilots, but what they lack in smarts they more than make up for in numbers and in straight firepower. The twin phase blast weapons mounted on the arm are extremely powerful and can reduce a hapless person to a smoldering pile in a matter of seconds...yet another psychologically damaging side effect of the Sky B.A.T. attack.

Whether you see these guys running at you from the forest, or dropping at you from the sky, pick your targets and take them out as quickly as possible! Once their numbers grow, they seem to have a "pack" sensibility and will coordinate attack strategies with each other. Pretty easy to handle one on one, but the more there are, the tougher they are to stop. Like the Ninja B.A.T.s, these aerodynamic androids are assembled and sold by MARS, Incorporated. Where James Destro gets the money and the resources is not known, but the effects of his technology are. Be cautious.

Code Name: Black Dragon
Real Name: Unknown

Primary Specialty: Covert Operations
Secondary Specialty: Assassination

"Black Dragon" is more than just a is a worldwide organization of almost mythical proportions. The Black Dragons are rumored to have been in existance since the turn of the 20th century and have always operated out of Asia, primarilly Japan. The group is rumored to be the father of the modern day Yakuza, and as powerful as the Yakuza is, they are merely a fraction of what the Black Dragons are, meaning a secret, insidious organization spread throughout the free world. Rumor even has it that when COBRA Commander first started up his band of technological terrorists, he had to get permission from the lead members of the Black Dragon to do so, and to this day still pays stipends to them for the priviledge of operating. However, even though he pays his dues, that doesn't stop the Dragons from inserting one of their own into the COBRA organization to make certain everyone plays by the rules. While this man is called "Black Dragon" rest assured, he is but one of scores of Dragon operatives serving under a larger, more powerful entity.

Regardless, even this Black Dragon has a storied past.

Black Dragon was a young Korean man living in Japan when he first stumbled upon the Black Dragons. He was already a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 10, and when the small shop his uncle owned was approached by thugs requesting protection money, he stood up to them, even as a young kid. They didn't take him seriously, and as they were about to kill his uncle for disobeying, the young Dragon-to-be instead ended their lives with a machete that his uncle kept for his own protection. After the messy job had been finished and his uncle investigated the bodies, he saw one of the infamous Dragon tattoos on the chest of one of the corpses. He knew their life was over at that point. However, when another Black Dragon operative stopped by the next day, instead of being enraged, he was quite impressed with the way the young boy had dispatched the two thugs. He had shown a cold-heartedness not often seen in a child of that age, and his skill was evident. The operative promised to spare his uncle if the boy joined them, and he reluctantly agreed. However, his reluctance did not last long, and he actually felt himself quite enjoying the new life. Action, intrigue, the time he was 16, the boy was a highly respected agent for the most powerful organization in Asia, and he wasn't afraid to show it.

The young man prospered, and soon was given direct control of one of the largest Yakuza clans in Japan...a clan that had run into some problems, and he was asked to turn it around. Black Dragon made connections with an old man by the name of Arashikage, and forced him into serving the Yakuza...a job this man (known as the Hard Master) hated with a deep rooted passion. Regardless of how much he hated it, however the Hard Master still went along, for the good of his family, and his business.

As time went on, the Hard Master and Black Dragon became more and more at was obvious to the Dragon that his heart would not remain on their side for long, and that perhaps things would have to move forward. Working the typical Black Dragon magic, this operative contacted COBRA Commander, informing him that the elder Arashikage was about to turn states evidence on the COBRA usual, the Dragons went out of their way to get other organizations to do their dirty work for them, so as not to drag their own names through the mud. COBRA Commander was more than willing to get the dirty deed done, and though some curveballs came along the way, shortly thereafter the Hard Master was dead.

While monitoring the ensuing events, the Black Dragons became enamored with the Hard Masters young nephew, Thomas. He was a boy of great skill...and great ruthlessness. His fierce battle with his former friend after finding his uncle dead was quickly becoming legend in the darker circles of organized crime, and the elder Black Dragon wanted him to work for them. However, COBRA Commander's strength has always been his twisted charisma, and Storm Shadow fell in line with him, and grew close to the Commander, much to the Dragons' chagrin. So this Black Dragon was ordered to leave his Yakuza post and join COBRA's ranks as an assassin and Covert Ops specialist. While COBRA Commander assumed the Dragons merely wanted to keep pace with their top organizations, Black Dragon's only real purpose in the COBRA organization is to get Storm Shadow on their side. He is often seeing training and working side by side with the COBRA ninja, trying to coerce him to work with the Dragons and free him from COBRA's clutches. What lengths the Black Dragon will go to in order to get this accomplished is not known.

Real Name: Unknown

Primary Specialty: Explosive Weaponry
Secondary Specialty: Experimental Weaponry

COBRA is obviously not the only evil terrorist organization in existence, and Inferno was one of the founding members of a rival gang, S.K.A.R. (Soldiers of Kaos, Anarchy, and Ruin). Made up of former military advisors and soldiers finally fed up with the political ambitions of the men in charge, and determined to overthrow the more political beurocrats and put their own people in charge in order to get the world in "order". Inferno, a former member of the South African military, got caught up in with the S.K.A.R. organization, and found himself at home as an explosives expert and flamethrower expert. S.K.A.R. was on the fast track to becoming a major player in the terrorist hierarchy, but they got on the wrong side of COBRA, and with one fell swoop, COBRA swept in, decimated S.K.A.R. and grabbed some of their more colorful members for their own use. Inferno was high on that list.

Inferno, as reported, was a member of South Africa Special Forces League, but quickly became disinfranchised with how the government was run and how it was using it's military. Even as he excelled in demolitions and experimental weaponry, and built his body into a mountain of muscle, he became more and more upset. In order to mask his deep-rooted problems with the country he was serving, he became a jovial prankster, using some of his test-weapons as practical jokes, which had mixed results.

In fact one of his practical jokes went awry one day, when he packed a little more punch into a smoke bomb than he had went off, killing one of his commanding officers. Security attempted to bring him in to face the music for his crime, but four of them ended up dead, three of them injured, and Inferno escaped into the night, showing up a few months later, leading an assault by S.K.A.R. on the South African Embassies in Kenya. S.K.A.R.'s budget allowed him to experiment even further with his over-the-top weaponry and he invented a deadly dangerous flamethrower that uses a special type of fuel for all sorts of different effects.

Now, he uses those skills (both behind the design and behind the flamethrower itself) as he works for COBRA. He is now one of Destro's top aides within COBRA, helping him with design schematics and testing his latest prototype weapons. Of course, whenever COBRA needs dirty work done, he can be counted on to get his hands quite messy as well, using his massive build, increased strength, and his state of the art flamethrower to do whatever COBRA Commander asks of him.

Real Name: Classified

Primary Specialty: Sabotage and Espionage
Secondary Specialty: Close Quarters Combat

Most of Firefly's background is known to the United States government based on his previous intel files, but they still can't determine exactly where he went wrong.  If you'd asked General Abernathy or Lt. Stone, they would have both told you that his time spent undercover for the COBRA organization twisted him beyond any recognition or repair, but that could never be proven.  All they knew was that Firefly had always been tough to control...a cocky, self-proclaimed "Expert" in computer operations and demolitions.  He gained his knowledge in the hacker field, and while the upper levels of the government thought having someone with a dubious moral fiber might help the team get in the terrorists' heads a little bit, it backfired...badly.

Shortly after he returned to the Sigma 6 team, Firefly immediately started acting less cocky and self-assured than ever before.  He was quite willing to follow orders, eagerly accepted even the most dirty of jobs, and started fitting right in as a determined and motivated member of the Sigma 6 team.  The change was quite obvious.  At first Duke and Stone thought it a bit odd, but wrote it off as his experience undercover with COBRA.  Perhaps seeing the "other side" opened his eyes a bit and made him appreciate what he had.  Perhaps...

General Abernathy wasn't quite convinced, but there was no sign and no indication that Firefly was anything but a dedicated member of the Sigma 6 team.  Slowly his attitude adjustment faded from memory.

COBRA Commander was patient.  Sigma 6 had been a thorn in his side for a short while, but had not made a major impact on operations as of yet.  However, they were getting closer.  Frequent attacks on B.A.T. factories and crippling blows to MARS facilities started setting COBRA back in more ways than one, to the point that other terrorists started seeing some vulnerabilities.  The Commander could not have that.  While his initial intention had been to use Firefly to his benefit for the long term, he decided the time to strike was now.  Using secret coded messages, he relayed intel to Firefly and ordered him to officially break his cover, steal all of the Sigma 6 tech that he can, and return to the COBRA fold.  Firefly was only too happy to comply.

Firefly waited until late at night, with limited staff on duty and he moved in, quickly disabling the vehicles and security system with a hidden rootkit virus he had installed.  He downloaded the bulk of the data on the Sigmanet network to a portable hard drive, and prepared his escape...but was intercepted.  Lt. Stone, the man on duty noticed strange activity in the server room and came face to face with the first traitor to the Sigma 6 cause.  The fight was vicious...the two men traded blows, but Stone couldn't help but try and bring Firefly to his senses...the traitor was not so inclined.  The battle ended with Stone shot three times and bleeding on the floor as Firefly evacuated the premesis before the rest of the team could approach.

Stone's wounds were grave, but his cybernetic components helped the healing process...normally fatal gunshots healed well.  He had healed physically, but not mentally.  Stone took it to heart that one of his recruits, one of his boys had turned on the team and betrayed them all.  He made it his central focus in life to track Firefly down and stop him one way or another, no matter what it takes.  Meanwhile, Firefly now stands by COBRA Commander's side as one of his top ranked mercenaries, and the man that single-handedly brought Sigma 6 it's biggest defeat.

Real Name: Thomas Stall

Primary Specialty: Assassin
Secondary Specialty: Marksmanship Instructor

Thomas Stall was the younger brother of the local track star, football quarterback, and straight A student, and did not take it well. Often rediculed in school because of his short stature and gangly physique, Thomas developed an attitude early on in life, and it carries through to this day.

While his brother was joining the Marine Sniper School, Thomas was bitter and angry, and approached by COBRA recruiters about joining their cause. It was decided then and there that he would be COBRA's first "sleeper agent" joining the US Military to aid the terrorist organization from within.

Stall took to the military well, feeling comfortable for the first time with a gun in his hand and the battlefield below his feet. He did not excel...he was not a motivated soldier, but he loved shooting, and began training himself in that regard until he was one of his squad's top-scoring shots. He got good enough to be offered a spot in special forces, and he accepted. In SpecOps he didn't stand out quite so much, but he was a squad sniper and pretty good at it...but as always, COBRA came calling. COBRA intelligence had scoped out a secret military installation that had reportedly contained advanced technology samples, and ordered Blackout to retrieve some of the items. Surprisingly, he eagerly agreed, seeming to relish the chance to fight back against the military that to this point his brother had excelled in and he had really not.

Unfortunately for Stall, he was caught in the act, and had to take hostages...and it just so happened that this particular installation was the same one that his brother Dwight was stationed in. Members of the negotiating team asked Dwight to go in and try to talk some sense into his brother, and he readily agreed. Thomas agreed to release hostages, and soon he and his brother were alone inside, hashing out their differences...Thomas responded the only way he knew how and drilled two shots into Dwight's center mass, then escaped into the night, with a handful of items being stored there...prototype equipment for the new Sigma 6 team. The modular "Switchfire" weapons system, a few Sigma suits and other assorted gear was now in COBRA's hands. But COBRA Commander had wanted more. He let Stall keep the items he had found and kept him on as a COBRA agent. Blackout proved his worth on the shooting range, and had a tendancy to take the dirty jobs that others did not want. He had, at last, found respect and a kind of twisted honor among thieves. Meanwhile, his brother Dwight survived the gunshots and got an invitation to join the Sigma 6 team, unknown to him...

Iron Grenadier
Real Name: N/A
COBRA Shock Trooper

Primary Specialty: Advanced Infantry
Secondary Specialty: Heavy Weapons

Bio: With it's strong place in the Arms manufacturing industry, MARS, Inc. had it's own personal security force.  Mostly comprised of highly trained and motivated individual from the European Special Forces and Mercenary corps, these men are men that sacrifice honor and patriotism for dollars and power.  The "Iron Grenadier" security forces served under Destro's ancestors going back a few hundred years, but only in recent time have they become the central backbone of COBRA's special forces Shock Troops.

When the current Destro allied himself with COBRA Commander, he offered up the services of his personal security force, as long as he could use COBRA's resources to equip, train, and reimburse his troopers, and the deal was made.

Destro is not merely satisfied with having the best equipped troopers, though...he needs and wants troopers that are the most highly motivated and skilled as humanly possible.  For this reason, Destro is working with Firefly to train and equip these special operations Shock Troops, and using the most highly advanced technology and equipment possible, he has created a veritable army of intensely driven and supremely well-skilled combat operatives.  The Iron Grenadiers guard MARS Headquarters and serve COBRA's whims as their human Shock Troops and support units for their COBRA Troopers and Battle Android Troopers.  Each Grenadier is an expert in firearms and high explosives, an accomplished martial artist and highly detailed tactician.  They are invaluable components of the COBRA organization now and a force to be reckoned with for every military operative on the planet.

Red Banshee
Real Name: N/A
COBRA Fast Assault Android

Primary Specialty: Fast Attack Automation
Secondary Specialty: Transportation

Bio: In his ever-continuing desire to further enhance his Battle Android Troopers, Destro has designed the prototype "Red Banshee", a robotic warrior designed to be a ruthless, brutal, non-intelligent fast attack killing machine.  While the SKy B.A.T.s represent the base infantry of the COBRA cause, the Red Banshees are designed to be advanced combat troopers.  Moving in on a military force in speedbike mode, then quickly converting into an insect-like bladed weapon of destruction, the Red Banshees are used as whirlwinds of destruction, designed only in that regard.  While they have limited artificial intelligence, that AI is designed only with base combat and killing protocols, sacrificing power to the cerebral core for quickly reacting servos, and super-sharp attack blades.

Destro's need for a quick acting killer dictated his desire to go with a more insect-like android, something that didn't need to be humanoid and is designed to move and kill in the most efficient method possible.  They're not especially durable or steady on their feet, and in full on frontal combat, the Red Banshee would not last long against any counter-attack, but used in the quick strike and kill methodology that they're designed for, the Banshees can be an incredible weapon of destruction.  Their insect like appearence and eerie, high-pitched squeal as they rip towards their victims are used as sources of intimidation and psychological warfare.  Never seen on the front lines, the Banshees serve their own insidious purpose, and so far Destro has been pleased with the results.


Dark Ninja Master
Real Name: Unknown
Mystical Warrior

Primary Specialty: N/A
Secondary Specialty: N/A

Bio: For years COBRA Commander has worked hard to get any military tactical advantage that he possibly can.  As a relatively small terrorist organization, the Commander is extremely dependant on advanced technology and unusual methods in order to proceed with his massive scale operations.  Through his work with MARS, the Commander has designed and executed a huge backbone of artificial android foot-troops with which to do battle, but it has proven to not be quite enough.  Now he has dipped into the more supernatural realm.

In an effort to increase the power of his technological monstrosities even more, the Commander has attempted to tap into the untold power of the elements themselves, using a mixture of science and natural energies to fuse his armor with the "Windfire" technology, giving his air chariot and his new armor the power of the elements.  But science has not been enough to give him the power he craves.  As such, he has started looking into the dark arts of the magical age, and collecting artifacts that supposedly have the powers he craves.  Combatting the Adventure Team all over the globe (and eventually utterly destroying the backbone of that organization), COBRA Commander finally gathered together twelve elemental artifacts, many of them oriental in nature.  Bringing them together in a cave in the lower Himalayas, he donned his Windfire armor, said the proper chants and combined these potent elements into one single volatile mixture.  Lightning and energy crackled within the cave, a miniature hurricane tossed rock and debris in all directions...COBRA Commander was tossed like a ragdoll and ended up in a crumpled heap outside of the cave.  When he awoke, a mysterious white figure walked slowly from the settling fog.  His very body seemed to ripple with energy as his hair whipped around his head as if it had a life of it's own.  COBRA Commander sent his entire squad of Ninja B.A.T.s and Sky B.A.T.s after this mysterious new figure, and in about forty seconds he reduced them to so much mangled metal.  Pulling on all of the power reserves in his new Windblade armor, COBRA Commander launched his own attack, and actually stood toe to toe with this mysterious Dark Ninja Master, but ultimately retreated to his new Air Chariot and escaped.

When he arrived back at the COBRA Compond, Storm Shadow, already somewhat disillusioned with the COBRA cause, was incensed that COBRA Commander had desecrated the ancient ninja spirits by retrieving these artifacts and calling forth this mysterious spirit.  With a snarl, he left COBRA to seek out this spirit on his own.

Now the Dark Ninja Master is slowly hunting down the remaining members of the Ninja clan on earth...the artifacts, taken from ancient ninja families, including the Arashikage, and he draws his power from those artifacts.  Now, he needs to hunt down the remaining members of these clans and wants to draw their power into him to give him even more power.

The Dark Ninja Master is a complete and total enigma.  It is still not known if he truly is a supernatural, mystical entity, or if he is merely a pale-skinned monk who happened to be hidden out in the cave that COBRA Commander was using for his experiments, and somehow got caught in the "overflow".  Regardless of his true history, the Dark Ninja Master comes across as a supremely powerful almost mystical entity with superhuman speed, unnatural strength, and a seemingly endless reserve of energy for combat.  The air around him crackles with energy, and he seems almost able to harness that energy in battle, and his martial arts skills are simply astounding.  Whether it's science, magic, or merely highly advanced optical illusion, the Dark Ninja Master is a formidable opponent and won't stop until he has eradicated all rival ninja from the globe.  Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes have even pushed aside their differences to do whatever they can to stop his rampage across the world.  When he fights, he is almost like an uncaged wild animal, it may take the combined forces of Sigma 6 and COBRA to bring him down...

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