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Commando Scale Artwork

Mission Scale Artwork


We've been very lucky to come across some exclusive artwork for the Sigma 6 cartoon, and we'd like to share it here with you. There are some pretty cool designs for some upcoming new B.A.T.'s and some designs you've probably seen before:

The standard B.A.T. without and with wings

The recognizable Ninja B.A.T. and Overkill's supreme weapon, Overlord Vector

Unknown; possibly heavy armored B.A.T.s?

Another mysterious unknown B.A.T.

The mech based on the COBRA Pulverizer. Perhaps the never-released "CLAW Mech"?

Saw glipses of this in the promo art from the Convention, but here's a more close up picture. What is it? If anyone knows, they're not talking!

The ever-popular H.I.S.S., although in a different color scheme

And of course, we have the trusty Sigma 6 team as well:

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